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About Seaside Sundays

Gemma is a mother of 2 whose first- hand experience with infertility and trouble getting pregnant have driven her to help
other couples through inspirational posts, research-based information and resources. 

In additional to supporting women at all stages of motherhood, she is keep to promote working from home options for everyone and used her experience as both a Certified Travel Consultant and a Certified Wedding and Destination Wedding Planner to encourage and inspire. 

She has been blogging for four years and recently opened an Etsy store selling trackers and planners for fertility. 

Gemma is a certified fitness trainer specializing in mindful techniques to reduce stress.

Seaside Sundays has been featured in a number of publications including:

Woman’s Day

Breastfeeding Magazine

Making Sense Of Cents

Personal Information

I have 2 daughters who keep me busy. After going through primary infertility, I was able to get pregnant after 4 IUIs and 2 IVFs. I embraced a whole body approach to fertility after realizing that diet may play a part in egg quality. 

If you have any questions or want me to direct you to resources specific to your situation, you may contact me at any time:

Training & Experience

  • Certified Travel Consultant
  • Certified Fitness Trainer with LA Fitness
  • Professional Wedding Planner with WPIC
  • Completed courses on nutrition and yoga for fertility with HIPP.


Work With Me

There are a variety of services and collaborations that I offer:

  • Giveaways
  • Guest Contributors on Seaside Sundays
  • Sponsored Blog Posts 
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts 
  • Social Media Shout Outs 

Please email 

My Favorite Posts

Fertility Tips here you can find all my posts about fertility and getting pregnant.

I research all my posts and consult with experts such as fertility doctors, Acupuncturists and naturopaths as well as reading many medical journals. Bear in mind that I am not a doctor so my posts are based on my experience and research. 

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Seaside Sundays - frugal living, fertility tips and parenting hacks for busy women.