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Fertility Tips

I didn’t start out to create a blog full of fertility tips but sometimes life chooses you, not the other way round.

My husband and I tried everything to get pregnant.


I’m a research geek and I read every book, every article, and listened to every podcast out there when I was TTC.

Most of it didn’t work.

Fertility tips

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Honestly? I got a little bit sick of the one size fits all approach from my RE. It seems that, regardless of your diagnosis, you follow the same path with few exceptions. Clomid, IUI, injectables, IVF.

I started wondering if maybe I should try and fix whatever was not working in my body rather than just mask it with meds and shots. (which weren’t working for me anyway).

That got me interested in natural fertility and the best ways to improve my chances of conceiving with or without fertility drugs and procedures.

Since I started Seaside Sundays in 2017, I have been fortunate to meet lots of women who are on the same path, looking for a natural way to get pregnant.

Many of them have followed the fertility diet that I did and have had the ultimate result; a positive pregnancy test!

If you want to know how to improve your fertility naturally and get pregnant faster, you have come to the right place! 

I have a decent number of fertility tips already on the blog and I am always looking for new studies and ideas to help my readers.

I’m not a doctor nor do I claim to be an expert on fertility (Please read my Disclaimer!), but I am interested in sharing what I have learned about getting pregnant naturally with other people that find themselves in the position I once was.

If you’re new here, you can start with the posts below which are all about natural fertility  and also download the following FREE resources for fertility.

FREE Fertility Resources (Ebooks, Checklists and more)

Click the links to instantly download the following useful resources, at no cost!

FREE Ebook: How to Improve Your Egg Health

FREE Report: How To Improve Sperm Health

Report: Preventing Miscarriages

FREE Ebook:  Restore Fertility & Get Pregnant Naturally

Free Checklist for IVF 

Free Fertility Artwork – Prayer to St Gerard

The Best Fertility Tips If You Want To Get Pregnant

Make sure to check out my Fertility Shop for lots of great products such as fertility habit trackers, positive affirmation cards and a fertility journal.

Eating For Fertility

Diet is one of the main ways to improve your fertility quickly. What you eat can affect your cycle, hormones and egg quality.

The posts below will give you tips and ideas for getting started and don’t forget to download my free 14 day fertility meal plan.

free 14 day fertility meal plan

The Fertility Diet that changed my life

Is The Keto Diet Good For PCOS and Infertility?

The Best Foods That Increase Fertility

The Best Smoothie Bowl For Fertility (Low carb, high protein!)

Pineapple and Fertility – Can it help you get pregnant?

pineapple core implantation smoothie

Fertility And Caffeine – Is It Really That Bad?

The Ultimate Fertility Smoothie for Men & Women

5 Herbal Teas To Increase Fertility Naturally

10 Fertility Friendly Desserts You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

What Should I Be Eating While Pregnant (After Infertility?)

Soda And Fertility – What You Need To Know

Using Spearmint For PCOS- What You Need To Know

Supplements & Oils For Fertility

Fertility tips - vitamins for fertility

There are many vitamins and herbs that can help you get pregnant.

16 Fertility Herbs To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

The Best Fertility Vitamins & Supplements To Boost Your Fertility

4 Ways to Balance Your Hormones And Boost Your Fertility

The Best Fertility Supplements For Men

The Incredible Benefits Of Wheatgrass For Fertility

How To Use Castor Oil For Fertility

You might also want to consider a fertility cleanse, especially if you have been on birth control for a long time. 

Another really popular way of improving fertility naturally is to use essential oils: 

fertility tips -essential oils for fertility

How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility

Essential Oils and Herbs To Avoid While Trying to Conceive

Frankincense For Fertility – Why & How To Use This Powerful Essential Oil

How To Make A DIY Fertility Essential Oil Blend

5 Essential Oils For Male Fertility

Essential Oils For PCOS- The Lowdown

Self-care: Improve Your Fertility Naturally

Self-care is really important when it comes to improving your chances of getting pregnant. Look after yourself and listen to what your body needs.

fertility tips-fertility yoga poses to help you get pregnant

The Best Fertility Yoga Poses To Help You Get Pregnant

5 Natural Remedies for PCOS You Need To Try

Coping With Infertility: Bible Verses & Prayers for Fertility

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally

How To Improve Your Egg Quality In 30 Days

Can You Prevent Miscarriage? (Evidence-Based Tips)

Fertility Success Stories – Acupuncture

Tips For Coping With Infertility

Infertility can be a lonely place. If you want to read some inspirational books or real-life stories to give you hope, the posts below are for you!

fertility tips- inspirational stories

10 Infertility Stories That Will Inspire And Comfort You

8 Inspiring Books About Infertility That Will Give You Hope

How To Cope With Infertility During The Holidays

How To Deal With The Disappointment Of Not Conceiving

Male Fertility Tips

Men often don’t like to talk about infertility problems and they often don’t have the support online that women find on forums and groups.

Here are some tips for helping your partner cope with male infertility and tips for improving his chances naturally:

Coping with male infertility

Tips & Advice For Coping With Male Infertility

The Best Ways To Naturally Boost Male Fertility & Increase Sperm Count

Fertility Products To Try

Improve your chances of getting pregnant with these must-have products. Designed for optimal fertility, they will help you conceive quickly! Trying to get pregnant or dealing with infertility? Great fertility tips to help you achieve your goal of getting pregnant and conceiving. Get pregnant faster with these products. These products are great for women just starting to TTC and those who have tried for a while. Cheap pregnancy tests, vitamins, and fertility detox.

Great Gift Ideas For A Friend Struggling With Infertility

10 Smart Products That Can Help You Get Pregnant

The Best Ovulation Predictor Kits That Will Help You Get Pregnant

Fertility Tips For IUI & IVF

fertility Tips for choosing a fertility clinic for IVF or IUI. These #fertilitytips will help you pick the right clinic for your IVF

10 Questions To Ask Before Your First Fertility Clinic Appointment

Preparing For IVF – Tips For Success (Free Download)

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