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15 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas That Will Make Her Day

As the mother of two little ladies,  I see every day how important spending time with dad is to girls and how easy it can be for quality father daughter activities to be lost in the rush of everyday life. The Daddy daughter date ideas below are a great way of carving out special time for dad to do spend one on one time with your kids, while creating beautiful memories.

And don’t think I have forgotten about mom! Check out these special Mother Daughter Day Ideas for your own bonding time with your little girl.

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In our family, like many,  my husband is at work all day during the week so leisure time is limited to the weekends. In our free time, we tend to do stuff as a family which means that dad rarely gets to take the girls out on his own.

These bonding activities don’t have to be expensive or a big day out. As you will see from the list below, many of the ideas can be done close to home and are budget-friendly!

While these daddy daughter date ideas would make a wonderful treat any day or the year, they would be fantastic as a gift idea for dad’s birthday or Father’s day.

You could choose one of the dates below or present him with a monthly coupon book so you have a year’s worth of dates!

15 Perfect Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

1. Take me out to the Ballgame

Daddy Daughter Date Ideas - baseball game

Photo by Tyler Thomas on Unsplash

Spend a sunny afternoon at the ball game, or a crisp fall Saturday at the football. This is a great opportunity to share dad’s passion for sports with the kids while enjoying a seasonal tradition.

Grab a hotdog and get there early to soak up the crowds. My daughter absolutely loves tailgating (or at least, walking around and counting how many TVs in trucks she can spy!).

2. Picnic in the Park

Grab your bikes and head to the park for a fun lunch date. Pack crusty rolls, watermelon, and treats. Spread a blanket and dine al fresco.

TIP: Bring a ball or bubbles to play with afterwards.

3. Sleepover under the Stars

Pitch a tent in the backyard and settle down for the night. Once it gets dark, check out all the amazing constellations in the night sky. Let’s see if you can make it until morning without going in the house!

Don’t forget the flashlight!

4. A day in the city

Growing up, this daddy daughter date was always my favourite day of the year. My father and I spent would take the train into the big city (London, England in my case), and spend the day soaking up the sights, visiting museums and enjoying a fancy lunch.

TIP: The train ride alone will be exciting enough for little ones. One of my friends sometimes takes the train to the next town over just for Starbucks with his little daughter. It’s the highlight of her week!

5. Movie Date

This is a date that can be done as easily at home or on out on the town. Grab some popcorn, favourite treats and catch the latest blockbuster on Netflix or head to the local movie theatre for a night out!

If you feel like going out, watching the latest release at the drive-thru is an awesome daddy-daughter date idea that is so exciting for kids.

6. Ice Cream Date

daddy daughter date ideas - ice cream cone

Photo by Jenny Smith on Unsplash

All little girls love ice cream and especially choosing all the toppings for their sundae. Head to your favorite ice cream parlour or frozen yogurt place and grab a treat.

7. Tea Party

Daddy daughter date tea party

Source: Pixabay

This is one of my daughter’s favourite daddy-daughter activities. You can visit a tea shop if your daughter is a little older, otherwise she will have fun preparing an afternoon tea at home! Make dainty sandwiches and break out the china cups for a real British tea experience!

8. Nature Hike

daddy daughter date nature walk

Source: on Pexels

While a plain old hike can get a bit boring for younger kids, you can make it an exciting father-daughter date by creating an adventure. Grab some maps, snacks for the road and create a check list of all the things you want to find on the hike (acorns/leaves/pretty stones). It will be even more fun if you get a little “lost” at one point and need to consult the map!

If it is popular in your area, you could try geo-caching. Kids love finding hidden treasures in the woods!

9. Bounce at the Trampoline Park

Let out some energy at an indoor trampoline park! Most cities have one nowadays and they are so much fun for kids and adults alike.

10. Rock out at a Music Festival

Is there a local music festival or concert happening near you? This can be a wonderful experience for children and something they won’t quickly forget!

Some family-friendly concerts have children’s sections where you can see some fun kid-friendly artists and have a dance before the “real” concert begins at night.

11. Try Ice Skating

Even in the summer, most cities have at least one public skate a week and the great thing is, in the summer months, they are almost always pretty empty!

Make it a fun date by stopping off for a hot chocolate on the way home.

12. Visit the animals at the pet store (or zoo)

Visiting the animals at the local zoo or neighborhood pet store is a perfect opportunity for learning about animals and their habits.

My daughters could spend hours looking at the fish at our local pet shop. It’s a great rainy day activity that doesn’t cost anything! (As long as you don’t get persuaded to take home a new friend!).

13. Breakfast Outing

This date can even be done early morning before work and school! Even just grabbing bagels and coffee will be special when it’s just dad and the kids.

14. Build something together

Whether you are handy or not, it can be so much fun to build something with dad. Kids just love helping out and will be thrilled to be your assistant for a big project.

For some great ideas, Maker Dad: Lunch Box Guitars, Antigravity Jars, and 22 Other Incredibly Cool Father-Daughter DIY Projectsis an awesome book.

If hammers and screws aren’t your forte, how about painting a birdhouse for the yard? You can pick up unpainted ones up for cheap at the dollar store then paint them in the backyard.

Gardening is another activity that children love helping out with.

15. Cook dinner together

Or get takeout! Cooking or baking together can be so much fun, even if things don’t go quite as planned. The best part will be sharing your goodies afterward!

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daddy daughter date ideas

Mother Daughter Date Ideas! This is a great list of things to do on a mommy daughter day out. Lots of fun activities for mommy and me date nights and adventures. Great for bonding with your child.
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Friday 19th of May 2017

Great ideas! I'll be sharing these with hubby!

Brittany Ferrell

Thursday 18th of May 2017

These are so sweet and perfect for any age. I love the idea of doing one per month for a whole year! I know my daughter would just love that! Although she would add dress up party to the list...which my hubby totally ensures all the tiaras just make her smile.

Corey | The Nostalgia Diaries

Thursday 18th of May 2017

Love these ideas! I think the day in the city would be fun for my daughter to do with her dad.

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