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6 Things to Consider when Buying a Car with Kids

Buying a car is a completely different when you have kids. You can no longer just pick the car that takes your fancy, fits your budget and makes you look cool.


These are awesome tips for buying a car  if you have kids. There are so many things you should consider when buying a new vehicle if you need to fit in car seats. You also need to think about car seat safety.  #CarsCom #ad

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There are many things to add to the must-have list once children are in the picture. When choosing the right vehicle to suit your family, think of it as a second home. After all, between car pooling to activities and work, you will be spending a lot of time in it!

The last time I bought a car, there were definitely a few things I didn’t consider and now wish I had, a car is such a big purchase that you can’t really return it and ask for your money back because you make a mistake.

Here are my top things to consider when buying a new car:

  1. Car Seats

Make sure to take your car seats to the dealership with you. Make sure they not only fit, but that you can comfortably drive with them installed in the back. I was surprised to find that the SUV I had my eye on actually had less leg room than the sedan once the seats were installed. I would never have noticed without my car seats installed.

On that note, do make sure your car seats are installed properly when you get the new car. You can either by check with a professional or use a reliable website like where  you can find awesome video tutorials and safety information.

2. Upholstery

If you have kids, you know that messes are bound to happen. Even if you vow to never let them eat in the car, I can almost guarantee to you that you will break down and give them some goldfish once or twice. Make sure that the upholstery of the car is easy to clean and you will be grateful forever.

3. Window Size

Make sure the windows are a good size to fit sunshades. I mention this because I did not even consider this when I was buying my car and it is really hard to get shades that cover the whole window. Likewise, the back window is so slanted that it lets the sun in at a really awkward angle. Kids screaming because the sun is in their eyes is no fun.

4. Trunk/Storage

If you are going for an SUV, this might not be an issue but if you are looking at sedans, make sure to take your stroller and check that you can fit it easily in the trunk. There are some large jogging strollers that won’t fit in smaller trunks and double strollers especially can get really bulky.

5. Gas Consumption

I have found that my city driving has increased a ton since having kids. We are always on the go to their after-school events or days out and we use so much more gas. It’s worth getting a fuel efficient car that saves you money each fill up if you know you will be driving a lot.

6. Your Back

If you have ever tried to change a diaper in the back of a small car, you know what I am talking about. A taller car can seriously save your back from years of agony from bending down and doing up straps or changing clothes in the backseat. It seems silly but it really is a factor to consider.

What other factors do you consider when it comes to making a car purchase?

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