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The Best Gifts For Hipster Guys: 2024 Edition

If you’ve got a trendy, too-cool-for-school cool man in your life and are searching for the way to say thank you this Father’s Day, this list of gifts for hipster dads will help you find the perfect present.

This gift guide is especially for all those guys who really wouldn’t be impressed by a yet another case of Bud Light or a pair of socks.

Take your gift-giving to the next level this year by giving him something he really wants.

gift ideas for guys

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If you really want to give something different this year, there is a ton of really cool stuff for dads to buy but don’t forget the gift of time itself. Helping out or buying a special lunch can be a great father’s day gift.

Little girls who wants to give dad something special could give a coupon for a daddy daughter date that will allow them to bond and have a special day together.

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 The Best Gifts For Hipster Guys

 Hookey Dart Game

Hookey is a classic Australian ring toss/darts hybrid that is great for the man cave or backyard cookout.

great gifts for guys


A Foodie Cook Book

The best gifts for hipster dads. Hipster cook book


Hipsters dads are often foodies and love making gourmet meals, if this sounds like your guy a good cookbook will make a great gift.

Vintage T-Shirt

The best gifts for hipster dads. Van Halen t-shirt

Nothing screams hipster like an vintage or ironic T-shirt and this retro Van Halen version is awesome. It features the logo of the 1978 album cover and gets great reviews online.

A Trendy Messenger Bag

The best gifts for hipster dads. Kittee messenger bag

A trendy bag that can fit a MacBook, iPhone, and vinyl LPs (never CDs) is one of those hipster dad gifts that you might want to steal for yourself.

Fancy Beard Oil

The best gifts for hipster dads. Prophet beard oil

For the bearded hipster dad in the family, only the best organic, vegan and nut free beard care products will do. Spoil him with Prophet and Tools Beard Oil and Beard Comb Kit!  It includes unscented beard oil, a handmade comb and an ebook about getting the best of your beard.

Whisky Stones

The best gifts for hipster dads. Amerigo whiskey stones

Whiskey stones are a favourite of every hipster dad. They act as ice cubes but, because they don’t melt, your bourbon never gets watered down. These ones come in a gift box and velvet pouch.

An Adult Coloring Book

The best gifts for hipster dads. The hipster coloring book

An adult coloring book is one ironic hipster dad gift that he will probably secretly love.

Fine Handkerchiefs

Real handkerchiefs have made a bit of a comeback with the rise of hipsters and these are a great gift idea.



The best gifts for hipster dads. beernoculars

Fill these binoculars with your favorite beverage and enjoy at all the outdoor festivals this summer. These were a huge hit as a groomsman gift at my wedding.

Something Handmade

The best gifts for hipster dads. D.A.D photo

If all else fails, consider making a gift for your dad this year. All dads, even the really cool ones, love handmade gifts that show thought and effort. If you have young kids, something as simple as a cute photo like the one above will make his day.

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