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55 Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens For 2024

What do you put in Easter baskets for tweens?

While it can be really easy to think of cute Easter basket ideas for little kids, it can be much harder to think of Easter egg fillers for tweens and young teens that they will actually like. 

Prepping for Easter is one of my favorite things to do as a mom but as my kids are growing up, I’ve started to ask myself “what do you put in Easter baskets for tweens?”.

Finding fun but not cheesy Easter egg fillers for tweens and younger teens can be tricky.

They still want to be involved in the fun of the Easter morning egg hunt but they are a bit more picky when it comes to what they get from the Easter bunny. 

While little ones are content with simple treats, a  little thing of play dough and some sidewalk chalk might not cut it anymore when you have tweens. 

That’s why I have created this list of over 55 fun things to put in tween’s Easter egg basket that will keep the Easter magic going for even longer.

55 Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens

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The Top 3 Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens In 2024

  1. Wireless earbuds with a cute charging case like these panda ones. 
  2. Shimmer Gum Balls – perfect for filling plastic Easter eggs.
  3. Egg-splat squish toys – stress relief eggs.

The Best Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens and Teens

Easter egg fillers for tweens

When I am building up my stash of Easter egg fillers for older kids, I tend to separate them into a few categories and I try and make sure the basket is made up of a balanced mix of each kind of item.

I try and include the following:

  • Fun Easter egg fillers
  • Useful egg fillers
  • Edible egg fillers

I have also been known to sneak a shiny coin or two in my plastic Easter eggs for my tweens – just for fun!

What kinds of Easter eggs to use?

I typically use the classic small plastic eggs that are fillable and reusable year after year.

In addition, I sometimes add a couple of oversize eggs for each kid.

These large shiny gold eggs are perfect because they come in a set of 12 so I give each kid 2 or 3 ( I have four children!).

The large eggs are great for bigger items such as stuffed animals or socks!

 easter egg fillers for tweens - gold easter eggs to fill

50 Ideas For Easter Egg Fillers For Older Kids

The list below is perfect for answering the question “what to put in a 12 year old’s Easter basket?’

Whether your child is 10 or 14, this list is sure to help you find some fun ideas quickly!

As the step-mom of a 14 and an 11 year old, I have found that thinking what to put in a 10 year old’s Easter eggs not as easy as it used to be. That’s why I love this list. 

By the way, if you are looking for fun things to put in a younger child’s Easter eggs (age 3-10), make sure to check out my list of 35 Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Egg Fillers For All Tweens and Teens

Simply click the link for each item to check out current pricing on Amazon. Making it really easy for last minute Easter shopping. 

Most of the items are available with Amazon Prime, meaning you can get next or same day delivery for free. (Don’t have prime? – get a 30 day free trial here). 

1. IQ Game

2. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

3.  A Brain Teaser puzzle

4. Water bottle decals

5. Wireless Earbuds

6. Slime in an egg

7. Code word combination padlock

8. Bouncy Balls

9. Tiny Rubik Cube

10. 4 inch Himalayan salt lamp

Fun Things To Put In A Tween Boy’s Easter Eggs

11. Glass marbles

12. Magnets

13. Rocks and Minerals

14. Dice (I love these glow in the dark ones)

15. A Bath bomb with slime in the middle

16. A Lego figure keychain

17. Mini Minecraft Figures

18. NFL Glitter Pin

19. Pokemon Cards

20. Mini Cologne bottles

Fun Easter Egg Fillers For Tween Girls

21. Fun earrings like these pretty butterflies that are perfect for spring

22. Lipgloss (check out this cute bunny shaped lipbalm)

23. A make up blender

24. Nail polish

25. Hair ties

26. A Bath Bomb Shaped like an Easter Egg

27. Flower Nail Stickers

28. Healing Crystal Necklace

29. Planner Stickers

30. Pop Its coin purse

Useful Easter Egg Fillers For Older Kids

31. Mini Hand sanitizer

32. Eraser

33. Flavored Dental Floss

34. Funny Socks

35. Mini Habits For Teens Book

36. Small nightlight bluetooth speaker

37. Post-It notes in various colors

38. Gift card to their favorite store

39. Money

40. Mini Kitten Stress Balls

41. Charger block and cable

42. Popsocket

43. Mini egg shaped highlighter pens

44. Miniature Flashlight

45. Air freshener hanger for their room

46. USB Drive

47. Nail Clippers

48. Fitness Tracker

49. Washi Tape

50. Flower Seeds

Edible Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens

51. Bubble Gum Eggs

52. Mints

53. Robin’s Egg Candy

54. Reese’s Easter Peanut Butter Cups

55. Cadbury Mini Eggs (my personal favorite!)

Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens – Final Thoughts

A tween’s idea of a perfect Easter egg might be something more than just chocolate and jelly beans.

This is why I’m thinking about making this year’s easter eggs a little more special with these fun things that your older kids will love. 

Are you ready to make their day by filling those plastic eggs with something they’ll actually enjoy?

What would be your favorite thing to include in an easter egg for someone over 10 years old?

Easter egg fillers for tweens

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