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30 Cute Ideas For Baby’s First Easter Basket

What do you put in baby’s first Easter basket? It can be hard to find great ideas for little babies that are not too old for them or just. waste of money.

Just because your baby can’t have chocolate eggs doesn’t mean they can’t be included in the Easter festivities.

In fact, I have a whole list of fun ways to celebrate baby’s first Easter and filling the Easter basket is one of the most important!

My older daughter was only one month old at her first easter but we still had fun filling her first Easter basket with age appropriate toys and things she needed.

My second daughter is a May baby so by the time her first Easter came around, she was old enough to enjoy some toddler snacks and baby food.

No matter what age your baby will be for their first spring, building their Easter basket is one of the ways to make baby’s first Easter special – for all the family.

This list of 30 cute Easter basket ideas for babies is full of fun and simple Easter basket fillers that are both useful and cute.

30 Cute Ideas For Baby's First Easter Basket

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The Best Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

This list contains some fun and simple baby’s first Easter basket. 

Some are useful while others are fun items that you can enjoy together.

If you’re wondering what to put in baby’s first Easter basket, remember that just because it’s Easter doesn’t mean everything has to be Easter-themed.

You can fill the Easter basket with useful items that you were going to buy anyway as well as fun spring-themed goodies.

30 Baby’s First Easter Basket Ideasideas for baby's first Easter basket

1. My First Easter Basket Plush Toys

I’m putting this cute plush toy set at the top of the list because it gets great reviews and you really don’t get a better gift to put into baby’s first Easter basket.

This five-piece playset includes an embroidered pastel yellow Easter basket with plenty of storage room for extra Easter gifts and candy.

You can use it as your baby’s Easter basket or you can include it in a larger basket for your baby.

 Baby's first Easter basket plush toy

2. Stuffed Bunny

A stuffed animal is an excellent addition to any baby’s Easter basket.

They can help promote language development and social skills, as well as provide comfort.

Make sure the stuffed animal that you buy doesn’t have any loose parts that can become choking hazards.

Look for bunnies that have sewn on faces to avoid this issue.

I love the Gund Stuffed Bunny It is an adorable singing animated plush with two different play modes.

Press her left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, and the right to hear the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low”.

 stuffed toy bunny

3. Egg Night Light

This cute nightlight is perfect for the nursery.

The anti-blue led light won’t flicker or hurt your baby’s eyes plus they have a timer and two different colors (cool and warm).

 egg shaped nightlight for Easter

4. The Runaway Bunny Board Book

A board book is the perfect thing to put in your baby’s first Easter basket.

I have a whole list of fantastic Easter books for babies and toddlers here.

One of my favorites is The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown.

You might know her as the author of the beloved children’s book,  Goodnight Moon. 

It tells the story of a little bunny who keeps running away from his mother in this imaginary game of hide-and-see

 The Runaway Bunny book

5. Bubble Bath Pods

These Bubble Bath pods are designed for kids and toddlers with extra sensitive skin.

They use calming ingredients, like colloidal oatmeal & allantoin and are perfect for little babies.

 gift ideas for baby's first Easter

6. Bath Toy

These Melissa and Doug ducks for the bath come with a little book and a case.

They are perfect for making bath time extra fun and safe for babies.

7. Chick Washcloths

You can never have enough washcloths for baby and these little chick-themed from Burt’s Bees are super cute.

Easter themed baby wash cloths

8. Hooded Towel

Sticking with the bath theme, hooded towels are perfect for the tub or the pool and babies look so cute in them!

This one from Amazon has over 20,000 reviews and looks so sweet.

Hooded towel Easter gift for a baby

9. Peter Rabbit Pouches

If your baby is just starting solids, you can add a couple of puree food pouches into their first Easter basket.

I love the Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches that come in great flavors plus – they are Easter themed!

things to put in baby's first Easter basket

10. Hide N Squeak Eggs

These baby toys have been on the bestseller lists for years and are always a hit with babies.

Crack open the shells to reveal six special chicks.

Little ones get help learning shapes by sorting the bottom of each shell into its own carton spot.

The top shells of the Hide and Squeak Eggs feature six different face and shell combinations to encourage visual matching plus the chicks make cute noises when pushed.

Best of all, you don’t need any batteries.

Hide and Squeak eggs gift for baby's first Easter

11. Baby Utensils

Baby’s first Easter basket is a great time to give them some useful items like new spoons or bowls.

I love the Nooli spoon and fork sets because they are made in America and very safe for little ones.

Utensils make a great Easter gift for babies

12. Sippy Cup

You can enough have enough sippy cups or bottles so why not give baby a new one in their Easter basket?

This stainless steel rabbit sippy cup has handles for babies little hands and straws to make it easy to drink from.
Bunny sippy cup for baby's first Easter basket

13. Bath Thermometer

These cute rubber duckies double as a thermometer so you can make sure that the water is just right for baby’s bathtime.

duck thermometer for baby's bath

14. Easter Outfit

A cute pair of Easter pjs or a onesie is a great addition to baby’s first Easter basket.

I love this Easter outfit with the floppy bunny ears from Amazon.

cute bunny outfit for a baby

15. Hair bow

If you have a baby girl, how can you resist a cute Easter hair bow like this one from Etsy?

It gets so many good reviews from people who bought it for their baby’s first Easter.

ideas for baby's first Easter basket

15. Bow Tie

And one for the little gentlemen!

This cute Easter bow tie is perfect for dressing up your little man for his first Easter.

what to put in baby's first Easter basket

16. Shoes

A new pair of shoes is always a great gift and they are even better if they are free!

Use promo code SEASIDE100 at to get $60 off any pair of shoes (most are $29.95 meaning you can get at least one pair for free!

ideas for baby's first Easter basket

17. Bunny Teether

You probably know that babies love chewing on everything they can get their hands on.

That’s why a cute teether like these handmade bunny ones from Etsy are one of my favorite ideas for baby’s first Easter basket.

These silicon and wood bunny teethers are perfect for little hands and mouths.

ideas for baby's first Easter basket


18. Pacifier Clip

I love these personalized pacifier clips that will put an end to lost pacifiers and teethers plus they give baby yet another thing to chew on!

pacifier clip for baby's first Easter basket


19. Teether Crackers

I always put a few baby crackers like these ones in my baby’s First Easter basket – it’s the baby equivalent of chocolate eggs.

 baby teething crackers

20. Bunny Ears

You can buy a pair of cute bunny ears for your baby and use them to do your own baby Easter photos.

If you want some inspiration? Here are 37 great Easter baby picture ideas.

 bunny ears for babies

21. Baby Rattle

An oldie but a goodie, rattles are have been one of the most popular baby toys for decades.

This crochet bunny rattle is perfect for little hands to hold on to, shake and chew.

cute ideas for baby's first Easter basket

22. Baby Bibs

A few baby bibs in cute designs are always useful, especially once baby starts on solids.

This set from Amazon comes with a “My first” bib for every holiday throughout the year including a “My First Easter” bib.

celebrate baby's first easter


23. Rocky Chicken Wubbanub

Wubbanub’s are great if your baby uses a pacifier.

They double as a cute stuffed animal like this little chicken and also a pacifier.

The stuffie makes it much less likely you will lose the pacifier and it gives baby something to hold onto for comfort.

 Rocky chicken wubbanub is a great gift for baby's first Easter

24. Carrot Harvest Game

This Montessori inspired wooden game has 7 different sizes of wooden carrots that match the different holes.

This is a really great game for building fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination improvement in older babies and toddlers.

 wooden carrot Montessori game for Easter

25. Easter Egg Musical Shakers

These brightly colored Maracas Egg Shakers are a fantastic Easter basket gift for babies and toddlers.

egg shaped shakers for babies

26. Fluffy Chick Hat

How cute is this little chick hat?

According to the reviews it fits great for little children and it gets fantastic reviews on Amazon.

Fluffy chick hat for babies

27. Little Bunny Onesie

This cute onesie is handmade from Etsy and is perfect for baby’s first Easter basket.

Order early to make sure you get it on time.

Little bunny onesie - baby's first Easter basket ideas


28. Teether Necklace

It’s true that this is really a gift for mom but baby will love playing and chewing on your necklace too!

I loved using these chewing necklaces when my babies were little because it was impossible to wear other jewelry without them breaking it.

Teether necklace for baby's first Easter basket


29. Guess How Much I Love You Jack in the box

If you don’t know the story of Nutbrown hare and his mom, then it is a must for baby’s first library.

This little jack-in-the-box is absolutely adorable and delightful!

It makes an excellent gift and is appealing to small children.

There is no scary pop, instead it plays “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

The little rabbit that pops out is well made and really cute.

Jack in the box for baby's first Easter

30. Stacking Egg Blocks

These soft blocks shaped like eggs are great for teething babies and helps babies with dexterity.

They are the perfect for baby’s first Easter basket.
egg shaped stacking blocks for babies


Any new mom will tell you that the first year of your child’s life flies by in the blink of an eye.

One moment they’re a tiny little newborn and before you know it, they’re a crawling, talking toddler.

So how do you make sure to capture all those special moments?

By celebrating every holiday with style, of course!

Easter is no exception, and what better way to celebrate than with a special Easter basket just for baby?

I hope you love the ideas for Easter basket gifts above and enjoy picking out some goodies for your little one.

Happy Easter!

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