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4 Cute St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes For Your Kids

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I didn’t grow up celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the UK but I have fully embraced it since moving to North America. We always have a family party on the holiday and these St Patrick’s Day cupcakes are perfect for making with the kids.

You really don’t need fancy decorating skills to make these cute desserts and they are sure to be a hit at any St Paddy’s Day party you attend!

These St Patrick's day cupcakes are great! My kids loved decorating these cupcakes and it was a really fun family activity to celebrate St Patty's holiday. I am going to make these treats again for our St Paddy's party this year!

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For the St Patrick’s Day cupcakes, you can use any cupcake recipe or cake mix of your choice.  For the icing, I used a buttercream frosting but a can of ready made stuff would work fine in a pinch.

How to Decorate the St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

M & M Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow M & M cupcakes for St Patrick's day via www.seasidesundays.comSt Patrick's Day Cupcakes from

Food Coloring in sky blue 
M & M’s Chocolate Candies
Mini Marshmallows


Mix the blue coloring into the frosting and stir vigorously.  Cover the cake in the frosting.

Create a rainbow with the colored M & Ms and add a mini marshmallow at either end to act as clouds.

Lucky Charm Cupcake

Lucky Charm cupcake for St Patrick's Day via www.seasidesundays.St Patrick's Day Cupcakes from

You need Lucky Charms cereal for this cupcake.


Pile white frosting onto the cupcake to create a mountain.

Layer the lucky charms onto the frosting in a circular pattern,

Complete by adding the rainbow charms at the top.

Lucky Shamrock Cupcake

How to make a St Patrick's day shamrock cupcake via www.seasidesundays.St Patrick's Day Cupcakes from

Green Jelly Beans 
Mike and Ike Candy

Yellow and Green food coloring


Mix one batch of yellow frosting and cover the cupcake completely.

Make a shamrock shape with four green jelly beans. Add a green Mike & Ike to act as a stalk.

Fill a piping bag with green frosting, Pipe around each jelly bean to create a shamrock shape.

Rainbow Cupcake

St Patrick's Day cupcakes from

Food Coloring in blue, purple, green, orange,  and yellow

Maraschino cherries


Prepare batches of frosting in purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. Place in piping bags.

Slowly create a circle around the top of the cupcake with the purple frosting.

St Patrick's Day cupcakes from

Repeat with the blue frosting, slightly inside the purple circle and do the same with the green, yellow and orange until you have a tower of colored frosting.

St Patrick's Day cupcakes

St Patrick's Day cupcakes from

Run a plastic knife around the side of the frosting to even it out.

Top the rainbow tower with a cherry.

I wish you all a very jolly St Patrick’s Day!

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