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First Day Of Kindergarten Sign (Free Download)

We are not quite there yet but before you know it, back to school time will be on the horizon and everyone will be thinking of some back to school traditions to do with their kids.

One of the things a lot of us to is to take a special picture on the porch of our children looking excited with their new backpacks and clothes, ready for a new school year. 

Although you can buy chalkboard signs at store like Michaels, it’s really easy  (and free!) to print your own off at home and stick it in a frame. 

If your child is starting school this year, you probably want to choose a first day of kindergarten sign that you love so you can use the same template for the next 8-10 years. 

Below you will find my First Day of Kindergarten sign (free download) that will take you from preschool all the way to grade 8.

If you want to check out 12 other options for designs with the traditional wording “first grade”, second grade etc, make sure to check out my Free Printable First Day Of School Signs For All Grades. 




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Free Printable Back to School Signs For Canadians 

first day of kindergarten signs

I’ve used the Canadian wording on my printables below as I had a hard time finding free printable signs myself when I was searching last year. 

Canadians back to school printables read Grade 1, Grade 2 , grade 3 etc.

I’ve also included free printables for both Junior Kindergarten and Senior kindergarten which is specific to some provinces in Canada such as Ontario. 

You can also grab last day of school printables free at this link. 

I have options for US and Canadians plus extra text for virtual, home school and remote learning. 

If you prefer chalkboard style back to school signs, check out my First Day Of School Chalkboard Printables here.

There are both US and Canadian versions. 

First Day Of Kindergarten Sign (Free Download)

The Printables available in this design are:

  • First Day Of Preschool
  • First day of Kindergarten
  • First Day of Junior Kindergarten
  • First Day of Senior Kindergarten
  • First day of Grade 1
  • First Day of Grade 2
  • First Day of Grade 3
  • First Day of Grade 4
  • First Day of Grade 5
  • First Day of Grade 6
  • First Day of Grade 7
  • First Day of Grade 8

If you want signs for the end of the school year,  make sure to check these free printable last day of school signs. 

For those of you who need matching signs for higher schoolers, check out number 12 on this list of free first day of school signs for all grades

Tips For Your Free Printable Signs 

You can print the signs at home using a regular color printer.

The image size is regular letter size in landscape so it is easy to do at home, without the expense of a professional copy shop. 

You can use white card stock for a crisper look or if you want to forgo the frame. 

I always use frames from either Dollar Tree or Ikea for my back to school pictures.

You only need to buy one frame that you can use every year. 

first day of school signs for Canadians


Download Your Files Here

To grab your files, just click on the link below and you will be taken to a dropbox account where you can download some or all of the signs. 

Then all you have to do is print them out, and put them in a frame. 

Unfortunately I can’t help you make the kids cooperate and smile for the photos! 

Download Your First Day Of Kindergarten & Beyond Signs

The Fine Print

A copyright note: These designs are meant for personal use only.

This means that you are not allowed to redistribute, alter or copy the designs for other than original purpose without written permission. 

They can be printed out as many times as you like for your own use to take photos of your children on the first day of school.

Classroom use is also permitted. 

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Free Printable First Day Of School Signs For All Grades

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first day of kindergarten sign free download

first day of kindergarten sign free download

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