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How I Use Fiverr To Grow My Blog

Like many bloggers, I struggle with having time to work on my site. Between homeschooling (thanks 2020/2021), looking after my kids and for years, managing a full-time job as well as my blogs, it’s often hard to find the time I need. 

Over the years I’ve looked into many options for outsourcing work or streamlining my schedule. Whether it’s help with SEO optimization, pin creation or even content creation, there is always more work than I can handle. 

Last year I hired someone to create and schedule Facebook posts for me and it was such a relief to know it was being done without me having to do anything. I just don’t have the time to focus on every single social media plus pump out new content on a regular basis. 

A few years ago I discovered Fiverr and it has been a game changer. Read on to see how it might help you to grow your blog much faster! 

How I use Fiverr to grow my blog

This post contains affiliate links meaning I may make a commission at no cost to you. I was compensated for this post. Please read my disclosure for more information.

What Is Fiverr?how to make money with Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Freelancers can create ads based on whatever their expertise is and then people in need can find them and choose who they want to hire.

It’s one of the original gig-economy sites where you can hire someone to do a small job such as creating a logo or for a long-term project. 

How Does Fiverr Work?

It’s really easy to use, you just create an account and then you can search for whatever you need help with.

The search results will show you a price range, star rating for the provider and a small description for what they offer. 

Once you click through to someone you are interested in, you can see what their delivery timeline is and more details of what they provide. how to use Fiverr for your blog

What Kind Of Things Can I Use Fiverr For?

Fiverr freelancers offer many different services from voiceovers to translation. For bloggers and online content creators, there are a bunch of categories that are useful:

Logo Designhow to use Fiverr for your blog

If you want a professional logo for your website, you can get one for under $20 on Fiverr. It’s the best place to get this kind of work done quickly.


Everyone knows how important SEO is but the truth is, it takes time. A lot of time. It really is a long game  and it one of the easiest things to outsource if you are struggling to juggle too many balls.

SEO Services on Fiverr can include:

  • On page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Off Page SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Etsy SEO
  • Whitehat backlink outreach

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing takes time so this is an ideal thing to outsource to a Fiverr expert.If you don’t have time for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, hire someone on Fiverr to free up some of your time. 

Fiverr Freelancers can help with:

  • Instagram posts and organic growth
  • Social media copywriting
  • YouTube promotion
  • Pinterest Account Management
  • Post Scheduling and Creation

Affiliate Marketing 

If affiliate marketing is a big part of your income strategy, you could use Fiverr to supercharge your growth. A freelancer can help with creating and setting up funnels and setting up your own affiliate program if you have a product. 

Content Creation 

If you are looking to outsource your blog content, some of my friends have had great success with Fiverr.

You can either do the keyword research yourself and provide an outline or find a freelancer writing who will create SEO friendly  blog posts and articles for you.

Bear in mind that the more you pay, the better quality articles you will find. This is important because if you have to re-write a lot of work, then it negates the timesaving aspect. 

Video Creation

Videos can really help with your SEO rankings and make your site more visually appealing to readers who prefer video to reading. The only issue is that making videos takes forever in my experience. 

One option is to use Fiverr for article to video creation. Freelancers can take your blog post to a video pretty quickly and the return on investment can be huge, especially if you have video ads from a network such as Mediavine or Adthrive. 

You can also use Fiverr for short video ads for Facebook or Instagram. 

WordPress Services

If you site is on WordPress and you want some tech help, look to Fiverr. 

You can get tons of help and support at great prices.

Think of WordPress services such as:

  • Full website design
  • Bug Fixes
  • Landing Page Creation
  • WP Set Up And Install

As you can see, you can outsource almost every facet of your blog on Fiverr. It’s the perfect site to use to help you get a headstart.

By using a freelancer to do the jobs you don’t have time for, you will have more time to focus on money making tasks that will take your blog to the next level. 

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