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Free Printable Pumping At Work Signs For The Door

If you’re a breastfeeding mama going back to work, you will love these free printable pumping at work signs!

Going back to work when you are breastfeeding can be hard enough without worrying about someone walking in on you as you!

You have enough to worry about these days such as your milk supply and wearing the right clothes for nursing and work.

Take the stress off of pumping at work with these great free printable PDF “pumping in progress” signs. 

These signs are great because many workplaces don’t have a dedicated pumping room.

At my work, breastfeeding moms have to use the office break room which means there is always a chance someone tries to come in. 

I found that the stress of someone coming in unannounced affected my milk supply so I decided to make these signs for your pumping space to stop any interlopers in their tracks! 

Even if your pumping room has a lock on the door, a sign can stop someone from trying to get in.

This will prevent you from getting stressed or having to shout through the door to explain why it’s locked. 

Below there are 10 different pumping at work signs that you can download, print and hang on the door. 

Pumping at work signs

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Pumping At Work Signs For Breastfeeding Moms

We’ve all pumped in weird places and as new moms, we just make it work. On my breastfeeding journey, I pumped in a shower stall at the gym, in the drive-thru and a public toilet stall. 

If you do have to pump or express milk at work, the good news is, the law is there to protect you. 

Although the nursing mothers law from the FLSA  (Fair Labor Standards Act} states that “most nursing employees have the right to reasonable break time and a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view to express breast milk while at work.”, the truth is that pumping at work is not like the comfort of your own home. 

Although you should have a private space with an electrical outlet for each pumping session, federal law doesn’t go as far as saying that the private room must have a locking door. 

That’s why using these printable door hangers is a good idea. 

Pumping at work signs free printable

They will help make your pumping experience at work much better.

It will also make sure you don’t lose a drop of that liquid gold. 

I’ve created 10 different pumping at work sign for you to use.

Simple download the one you want and print at home or at your local print shop. 

It can be useful to laminate the signs too so that they don’t get dirty or ripped.

If your work doesn’t have a laminator, you can get a cheap one from Amazon. 

Along with your pumping sign, make sure to pack the following in your cooler bag to ensure optimal milk production:

  • Hands-free pump – this is a must for quick and easy hands-free pumping so you can work on your phone or just relax
  • Ice Packs – It’s best not to keep the milk at room temperature. for too long. 
  • Breastfeeding Cover -while you shouldn’t need it when pumping in your private place, its good to have one just in case
  • A zipper seal bag for storing your pump parts if needed
  • Manual pump- in case of a malfunction of your main breast pump 

​Free Printable Breastfeeding Signs For Work

Lactation signs

There are 10 different door signs to choose from. To download them,  just click the link below then select the page you want to print. 

Download the signs here


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Pumping at work door signs

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