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11 Patriotic 4th July Baby Photo Ideas

Looking for at home 4th July picture ideas? You’ll love this list of DIY 4th July baby photo ideas that you can recreate yourself easily. 

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, celebrating each and every holiday is a fun way to record every milestone. 

Between your Christmas baby photo shoots and cute Easter pictures, you might be wondering what other fun photoshoots you can come up with.

I love getting professional photos taken but they can really get expensive.

That’s why these DIY 4th July photo ideas are perfect.

They are easy enough to recreate at home with just a few key props (Star-spangled banner anyone?)

Below you will find a bunch of fun ideas to do at home while you wait for the fireworks to begin! 

ideas for a 4th July baby photoshoot


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DIY 4th July Photo Shoots For Babies

Pinterest is packed with cute ideas to celebrate 4th July with your baby. 

And we have some amazing 4th July Baby photo ideas for you in this post. 

For most of them, you don’t need much more than a willing baby (easier said than done), a white background and some easy props such as: 

  • A large fabric flag
  • Smaller handheld flag
  • Cute clothing such as red and white striped outfits or hats. 

4th July Photo Ideas for Kids

Get patriotic and celebrate the summer holiday with these fun photo ideas. 

Patriotic Baby

4th July photoshoot ideas for babies

You don’t need to get super fancy to get a fun baby photo for 4th July! 

If you have a cute outfit for your baby to wear, put them on a white or neutral background and you have the perfect set-up!

Star-Spangled Background

patriotic baby photo ideas

If you have a little mover, why not us a large flag as a background for an adorable photo like this one? 

My American Superhero

4th July photo shoots for baby

How adorable is this set up?

Turn your star-spangled banner into a super hero cape for your little hero! 

4th July Photo Idea For A Newborn

4th July photo shoots for baby

If you want to take a beautiful photo with you newborn baby, why not use a flag as a swaddle?

Lay your baby on a plain white sheet or blanket and you have the perfect patriotic photo! 

American Flag Blanket

Independence day baby photo ideas

The swaddle idea also works great for an older baby! Just use it as a sweet cover-up. 

Baby In A Basket

4th July photo shoots for baby

Enhance the red, white and blue with an adorable picture of your baby surrounded by bright colors. 

Sleepy Baby 

4th July photo shoots for baby

Here is another cute idea for swaddling your baby in a patriotic flag. 

Star-Spangled Hat


4th July photos of babies

Keep it sweet and simple with lots of white and then a pop of patriotic color like this adorable woolly hat. 

Flag Waving

4 July baby photo ideas


Here’s another super cute idea – give your baby a bright colored paper flag and dress them all in white against a white background. 

Let the color of the flag pop in your photos while your baby has fun!

Patriotic Baby Photo

4th July baby photos

This adorable photo would be perfect for a military family photoshoot!

ideas for a 4th July baby photoshoot

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