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5 Smart Tips To Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

All new parents long for sleep and while little tiny babies do need to wake up several times a night for food,  it is possible to get your baby sleeping through the night. As a general rule, the majority of babies can start sleeping for long stretches once they are over 6 months.

If your baby is waking up with a leaking diaper in the middle of the night or is disturbed by  your noisy neighbours, there are some easy fixes you can try.

5 smart tips to get your baby sleeping through the night! If you aren't ready for sleep training, make sure you have created the optimal conditions for your baby to sleep all night long. Stop leaking diapers with Sposie booster pads and use blackout curtains on the walls.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.


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While you may want to look into sleep training methods to get your baby sleeping through the night, these easy tricks can eliminate some common nighttime issues.

5 Tips To Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

1. Prevent Diaper Leaks with Sposie Booster Pads

It will be very hard to get your baby sleeping through the night if their diaper does not hold up.

My toddler daughter woke up for months because of nighttime leaks that started around the age of 9 months. There was no way she would sleep through the night with soaking wet sheets and pjs.

I tried traditional solutions like double diapering (using two diapers) but using that many diapers got expensive. I also felt that this was a bit uncomfortable for my daughter.

There are special nighttime diapers but they can also get pricey and are not always effective in solving leak issues.

I was lucky enough to try out Sposie Booster Pads which immediately solved all our nighttime leakage issues and got us back on a good sleep schedule.

Sposie pads were created especially to solve the problem of diaper leaks. They were introduced to the US market in 2016 and have been revolutionary in providing overnight protection for babies and toddlers. 

sposie booster pads for diaper leaks -Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

How Sposie Work

Sposie Booster Pads are extremely easy to use. You simply insert the pads into your child’s regular diaper for overnight protection. 

They extend the life of your child’s diaper by increasing its absorbency by a full cup of fluid and thus keeping your baby comfortable all night long. You can use them with any diaper that you choose, there are no special diapers to buy. 

Why I love Sposie Diaper Doubler Pads

  • Sposie are an economical choice – using Sposie is much cheaper than double diapering or using special nighttime diapers.
  • In addition to providing added protection for naps and overnight, Sposie are a welcome addition to long roadtrips and plane rides where diaper changes might be difficult.
  • Sposie is a small-town company based in the USA.

If you are dealing with leaking diapers from a stomach sleeper or older baby, I highly recommend trying Sposie.

2. Block Outside Noise

A white noise machine is great for stopping noisy neighbors or other sounds from disturbing your baby.  This is really important if you live on a busy street or have older children who get a bit loud at nap time.

If you want to try out different sounds before purchasing a sound machine, there are a lot of free white noise apps, bear in mind, however, that you will need to leave your phone in the baby’s room overnight and make sure the battery doesn’t run down.

3. Keep Out The Light

If your baby is having sleep issues, it is probably an good idea to try blackout curtains. These are special drapes that will block all light coming into a room. Dark rooms create a calming atmosphere for sleep and can prevent sleep issues or bedtime refusals in the summer or after the time changes.

4. Make Bath time A Nightly Ritual

sposie booster pads for diaper leaks -Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

A soothing nighttime bath is a great way to signal to your baby that the day is over and it is time to start winding down. Some babies and toddlers have a hard time going from playtime to bedtime and need some “calm” time before making the transition to bed.

A warm bath is the perfect time for gentle play and some one on one time, just make sure not to make it too fun and boisterous.

A bubble bath or oil with lavender can help as it has natural sleep-inducing properties.

5. Keep A Consistent Bedtime Routine

sposie booster pads for diaper leaks -Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

Science has shown that a consistent bedtime routine is one of the most important factors in getting your baby to sleep through the night. If you go through the same nightly rituals of snack, bath, story or song and bedtime every night, your baby will start to anticipate the moment when you put them to bed instead of fighting against it.

It doesn’t really matter which order you perform your nightly routine, the most important thing is to be consistent.

A sample bedtime routine could be:

  1. Snack/bottle downstairs
  2. Upstairs for a bath and teeth cleaning
  3. Lotion, Diaper, Sposie, Pjs
  4. Story or Song
  5. Gently place in the crib and say goodnight

sposie booster pads for diaper leaks Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

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Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Bedtime routine was a key to success for us! We were trying to get a baby to sleep by rocking and swinging and white noise apps but now we know we got it all wrong - it is about the routine. At the age of 5months I’ve found this great ebook that solved our problem in just few day, or should I say nights. A book called How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone is a short guide that may change your life! I totally recommend that for those who tried to do it „you way” but failed. You can get it here: Susan Urban-Guide in A Nutshell


Thursday 27th of May 2021

@Ann, I have Susan Urban's book on sleep training toodlers and I loved it! She's the best. Giving so many information on so little pages - brilliant.


Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Hi Ann, Yes that guide is great! I actually recommend it in my other baby sleep post here - Sleep Training The Gentle Way and a lot of people say it helped them. Thanks so much for your comment!


Wednesday 11th of April 2018

I love this! I just had this issue last night with my 1 year old.