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24 Christmas Gift Ideas For Daughters

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for daughters who dance, do gymnastics or figure skate?

As the mom of 3 girls aged 5 to 14 who love all kinds of sports, I’m always looking for cute gift ideas for them.

Although they always give me a Christmas list packed with toys and things they want, I like to give them something special that reflects who they are in this season of their lives.

If you have daughter (or son) who loves to dance, do gymnastics, is into cheerleading or skating then you will love the ideas below.

To make it super easy, I’ve created a few Christmas gift ideas for girls collections on my Etsy account that you can check out.

In this post you will find the following lists of cute gift ideas, many of them personalized:

Cheerleading gifts for girls

Dance gifts for girls

Figure skating gifts for girls

and finally, gifts for gymnastics fans. Just head down to the section that interests you the most and happy shopping!

christmas gifts for daughters

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Daughters

Below you will find lots of amazing gift ideas for daughters who love sports such as gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and skating.

Just click through each photo for all the details and to learn more about each item.

I’m also provided the link to my Etsy collections for each sport so you can see my top choices for this year.

Cheerleading Gifts For Girls

Here are my top 6 choices for gifts for the cheerleader in your life. Just click through the picture or link to get all the details.

Want Even More Cute Cheerleading Gifts For Girls?

Check out my Etsy Cheerleading collection with all my favorites.

Dance Gifts For Girls

Whether your daughter loves to do tap, jazz or she is an aspiring prima ballerina, there are lots of amazing Christmas gifts for daughters who dance!

Here are the top selling dance gifts for girls for 2022:

Love These Christmas gift ideas for daughters who dance?

Check out my entire collection here

Figure Skating Gifts For Girls

So my two youngest daughters are figure skater and as any figure skating mom will tell you, its not cheap! The other thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t a ton of cute Christmas gift ideas for daughters who skate in the regular skating stores.

Surethey have skate guards and cute dresses but its harder to find stocking stuffers for little girls who are into figure skating.

That’s why I’m so excited to share my whole collection of figure skating gifts for girls here.

Plus, here are my top picks:

Gymnastic Gifts For Girls

If your little girl is into gymnastics then there is no doubt she is a hard worker who deserves to be recognized for her skills and dedication!

These Christmas gift ideas for daughters who love gymnastics are perfect for all ages and are easily available on Etsy.

My top picks for the best gifts for gymnastics fans are below, just click through for all the details

Want to see even more gymnastics gifts for girls?

I have a ton of amazing gymnastics gifts for little girls in my Etsy Gymnastics collection.

Christmas Gifts For Girls – Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give your daughter this year, it is time to start thinking outside the box.

Sure, she will love getting a new Barbie doll or some make-up from Sephora but what about something that will be more meaningful?

We have compiled a list of some great gifts ideas that any daughter would love on Christmas morning.

Check out our list and click through to the whole collections – and see if one of these fabulous presents might just be right for her!

And for even more handcrafted ideas, make sure to check out the Etsy Holiday Collection which is packed with great gifts.

More Exciting Gift Ideas For Girls

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