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40 Freezer Meals To Make Before Baby

Did you know that one of the top searches on Pinterest is for “freezer meals to make before baby”? 

If you are in your third trimester and starting to plan for your baby’s arrival, you may be wondering what you can do to make things go a bit smoother once you have a newborn.

I did as much as I could before my baby was born to make the first few weeks easier.

This included researching the best freezer meals for new moms and packing my hospital bag at around 35 weeks.

The issue I found after two newborn stages is that many of the supposedly “delicious” postpartum freezer meals I tried actually don’t taste that great.

Maybe they taste good when originally made but not everything freezes well. 

That’s why I created this list of tried and true freezer recipes for new moms to make before baby. 

Freezer meals for new moms

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How To Prepare For Baby

 Before my baby was born, I made sure to stock up on some postpartum essentials to help me heal faster and I did little things like making sure all our bills were up to date.

I also applied for lots of free baby stuff like samples & nursing covers to help me out in the first few weeks. 

You should apply for these freebies sooner rather than later as some of them take a bit of time to arrive.

You can get a full list of great free stuff for babies here.

One of the best pieces of advice I got when I was pregnant was to prep for baby’s arrival by filling my freezer with easy meals that I could just throw in the oven or reheat and be done.

Having a freezer packed with meals for the first month after baby’s arrival allowed to me to focus on other things like trying to find a solution to her colic without going completely crazy!

If you want more tips for prepping for birth and baby, I highly recommend this free baby prep bundle.

It was created by a labour and delivery nurse and is packed with tons of tips. 

free baby prep bundle course

You can download the free baby prep bundle here. 


Tips For Creating Pre-Baby Freezer Meals

I found that the best freezer meals for new moms are the ones that are fully cooked before you freeze them.

That way you can just reheat them, maybe add a salad and you are good to go.

You may find a bunch of so-called pre-baby freezer meals that are literally just a bunch of raw ingredients in a Ziploc that you are supposed to throw in the slow cooker once thawed. In my experience, these never taste that good. 

Read through the recipes below and decide which ones you want to make then make a shopping list and buy all your ingredients in bulk.

I like to save money on groceries so I kept an eye out on the local flyers for a while and bulked shopped the meat I needed for my freezer meals. 

Here are some more tips that can help you: 

1. Start Double Batching Now

What I found best was to cook big batches of tasty meals while I was still pregnant.

I then froze half or more of each meal. 

This meant we could try out the meals beforehand so we knew we actually liked them and it also made the task of creating a month’s worth of meals a lot less daunting.

2. Freeze all meals in single serve portions

I froze some meals like lasagnas in huge foil trays but I found it easier to use the dinners that were already portioned out for me.

It’s only my husband and I in the house and having smaller portions meant we could stretch out one large lasagna for a couple of weeks instead of defrosting it and having to use it all up.

I also found it easier in case we didn’t both fancy the same thing one night, we could pick and choose what we wanted out of the freezer.

3. Don’t forget about breakfast

As crazy as it sounds, a bowl of cornflakes is near to impossible to eat when you are balancing a tiny baby and trying to get them to breastfeed.

One-handed meals and snacks are ideal for breakfast.

Think muffins, mini quiches and breakfast burritos that will fill you up and allow you to eat with one hand.

Supplies For Making Freezer Meals For Moms 

Gallon sized Freezer Bags

Aluminum foil – wrap individual portions in foil before putting in the bags to avoid spoiling

Freezer-friendly Bento Box Containers – these are great for prepping meals so you can grab and go.

Aluminium baking trays with lids – These are perfect for baking and then freezing whole as they already have lids.

Sharpie marker – to mark down on the ziploc what your recipe is and what date you made it. 

I started writing this post of 15 freezer meals to make before baby but I found so many great recipes that the list quickly grew to 25! 

Keep reading for all the recipes. If you are stuck for ideas of what to make, I found that many of the pre-baby meals could be split into categories:

15 Freezer Meals To Make Before Baby

  1. Egg dishes for breakfast (burritos, egg cups like the Sous-vide ones at Starbucks)
  2. Muffins
  3. Pancakes for breakfast
  4. Chili
  5. Stew
  6. Lasagna
  7. Other pasta dishes that freeze well such as stuffed shells
  8. Taco meat that is really versatile
  9. Burritos in single serve portions
  10. Curry dishes
  11. Soups for cold weather 
  12. Crockpot meals like pulled pork
  13. Meals that require a bit of extra work such as pot pie filling
  14. Shepherd’s pie 
  15. Cabbage rolls

Read on for 25 recipes to get you started on your mission for a full freezer before baby. 


25 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals For New Moms

The new mom recipes below are all great for making ahead and freezing. Make sure to mark your freezer container or ziploc bag with the date you freeze the meal so that you can eat them in order.

I like to freeze everything in single meal portions so I don't have to eat the same thing a few days in a row.

They all have clear instructions and are perfect for freezing and eating later.

Make ahead Freezer meals for new moms | great tasting meals for filling up the freezer before baby. Having a hot meal ready to go makes life much easier for a postpartum mom. These make-ahead meals are healthy and great for breastfeeding moms who need to keep their milk supply up. Many of these freezer meals are gluten free, paleo and vegan. Tons of vegetarian freezer meals and many are kid-friendly too!

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Freezer meals to make before baby

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