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11 Free Baby And Me Workouts On YouTube

Get your body back with these fantastic, free baby and me YouTube Workouts for moms.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 50, you can combine these workouts to create a great exercise routine for yourself to help you stay fit and healthy while you care for your newborn. 

The exercise videos below are suitable for moms who have been cleared at their 6 week check up and and most of them are perfect for beginners as well as those mamas who are used to working out.

Baby and me workouts on Youtube

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The great thing about these YouTube workouts is that they are all completely free and you don’t need any equipment for mist of them, except a baby carrier (I swear by this one)

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4 Benefits of Working Out With Baby

  • Workout while looking after baby -instead of wasting the precious time when baby is sleeping
  • Gentle exercise and bouncing can help calm baby and get them to sleep. 
  • Strengthen pelvic area and core after childbirth
  • Get your body back in shape faster

Baby and Me YouTube Workouts 

Below you will find 11 YouTube workouts that you can access for free. Depending on the age of your baby, you can either hold them or use a baby carrier to make it easier. 

Some are on the longer side while others are perfect for fitting in between naps or before you go for a walk in the neighbourhood. 

For best results, combine these workouts with gentle cardio such as stroller walking or running (if you have a jogging stroller, I highly recommend the BOB Revolution, I’m on year 6 of mine and it is the best stroller ever.). 

11 Workouts To do With Baby

1.18 Minute Mommy and Me Full Workout – BodyFit By Amy – work out alongside Amy and her baby!  (18 minutes)

2. Full Body Postpartum Workout – Trainer LJ – This fun workout gets great reviews on YouTube. (16 minutes)

3. Gentle Mommy and Baby Yoga – PsycheTruth -Kelsy leads a 20 minute class you can do with your newborn to improve strength, flexibility & pelvic floor health after pregnancy (20 minutes)

4. Babywearing workout – Fitmomma -This fun mommy and me workout come be completed by baby wearing or just with your little one close. Grab your baby carrier, a mat and a pair of dumbbells! (11 minutes)

5.  5 Workout Moves Using Your Baby – Popsugar – One of my favorite channels for prenatal YouTube Workouts, Popsugar does it again with these simple moves you can do every day with your baby. (2 minutes)

6. At Home Workout With Baby – Everyday Fitness With Lisa -No equipment is necessary for this great workout other than a mat to be active on, water, as well as a safe and comfortable spot to rest your little one. (22 minutes)

7. Baby and Me Interval Workout – Nancy Taylor -This 20 minute workout (more like 25 with the warm-up and cool down) is perfect to do with baby! You can also do the exact same workout with dumbbells or with body weight alone. (25 minutes)

8. Baby Carrier Barre Workout – Coach Kel – Barre workouts were my favorite to do postpartum. This one is not too easy so you can build up to complete the whole thing as your fitness improves. (45 minutes)

9. 20 Minute Barre Workout – Mommies Do Pilates – If you want a shorter but challenging barre workout, check out this one from Mommies Do Pilates which is aimed at superfit mamas. (19 minutes). 

10. Rapid Baby Wearing Workout – Nichole Milligan – This is a super quick and easy workout you can fit it anytime. Repeat it a few times for best results. (8 minutes). 

11.5 Minute Stroller Workout – AndFit – Get outside and get fit with a workout that you can do with the stroller. (5 minutes)

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