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How To Work From Home With A Newborn (10 Top Tips)

Having a newborn can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be quite challenging. One of the challenges new parents face is finding a way to balance work and taking care of their baby. In this post we will give you some tips for how to work from home with a newborn without going insane. 

While some parents opt to take a break from work after their baby is born, others find they can continue working from home with a little bit of creativity and planning. 

Whether you are heading back to work after maternity leave or need to keep working once baby is born, in this article we have 10 great tips for making your work life and your new life as a mom mesh as seamlessly as possible. 

how to work from home with a newborn

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The benefits of working from home with a newborn

In the early days after having a baby, many new moms find themselves torn between staying at home to care for their newborn and returning to work.

For some, the idea of working from home with their newborn might seem like the perfect solution. 

Here are some benefits of working from home with a newborn: 

1) You can take care of your baby and get work done at the same time. This can be especially helpful if you have a partner who can help with childcare during the day.

2) You can set your own hours. This can be great if you want to take advantage of nap time or want to work later in the evening when your baby is sleeping.

3) You can avoid expensive daycare costs. Depending on where you live, daycare can be quite expensive. By working from home, you can avoid these costs altogether.

How To Work From Home With A Newborn- 10 Top Tips

Many new parents today are faced with the unique challenge of working full time jobs from home while caring for their newborns. It can be a real challenge to juggle deadlines, nap times, zoom calls, work hours, fussy babies, and parenting goals. 

Whether you are a new mom wondering how life will look after maternity leave, or a seasoned parent switching to remote work with a new baby, here are 10 tips to keep in mind when planning your work from home schedule. 

1. Create a Daily Schedule

how to work at home with a newborn

Want to learn how to work from home with a newborn and stay sane? Get organized. 

Creating a daily schedule is the first step to a successful work from home experience. Making a list of your work tasks and setting alarms for deadlines and meetings can help keep you organized and productive. Just remember to keep you schedule flexible, because babies don’t like to pay attention to the clock! 

Thinking of your daily schedule as more of a flexible routine than a strict set of timelines can help you stay positive when things don’t go exactly according to the plan. 

2. Get Creative with Childcare

how to work from home with a baby

When you are working from home with an infant, don’t be afraid to get creative! Do you have a partner that could handle the baby during the early morning or late-night hours to give you can some uninterrupted work time? A family member that would be willing to pop by a couple times a week? 

Many work from home parents are turning to local teenagers or college students to care for their infants for a few hours at a time. Knowing that your baby is just in the next room can provide peace of mind while allowing you to focus your full attention on that important conference call or meeting a deadline. 

3. Be Strategic with Your Work Hours 

Transitioning from a full-time job in an office setting to working from home is certainly a daunting task.

But with a little strategy and planning, you can get your work hours in and still spend quality time with your baby.

Using nap times as dedicated work hours, creatively planning your childcare hours to maximize your productivity, and sticking to a regular routine with your baby are all ways in which you can be strategic with your work hours. 

4. Prioritize Rest

how to work from home with a newborn

It can be easy to get sucked into working every time your baby sleeps in order to stay on top of work. Making sure you get adequate rest is important for any new parent, but for those that are working from home, it can require a little extra planning. 

Power naps during lunch, early bedtimes, and scheduling time for activities that you enjoy can help keep you fresh and rested. If you are finding that you are neglecting rest in order to get work done, it might be time to consider adding a bit more childcare into your schedule to create a better work-life balance. 

5. Go Hands-Free

how to work from home with a baby

Finding ways to free up your hands can make a world of difference when working from home with a newborn or infant.

Using a baby carrier for young infants will allow you to work and care for baby. They can also provide you with more time to snuggle your little one while still being productive. 

Even something as simple as using a headset for phone calls can make all the difference when you need to pick up or feed a crying baby. 

6. Make a Breastfeeding Plan

how to breastfeed while working from home

If you are planning to breastfeed your newborn while working from home, you will need to make a plan. 

Take into consideration the type of work you do, and if you have strict work hours you need to be available for. 

If you have a more flexible work schedule, taking a break to breastfeed every 2-3 hours might not be a problem! In fact, with a good nursing pillow, many new moms manage to breastfeed their infants right through meetings and other work tasks. Of course, if you need to be on camera for Zoom meetings this might get tricky. 

If you will need more uninterrupted work hours, a good hands-free breast pump bra can help make sure that you keep up your supply and get the focused work done that you need to. 

7. Set Boundaries

how to work from home with a newborn

Setting boundaries when working from home with young kids is important on all fronts. Being firm with what you are and are not willing to do for your job is just as important as making sure that your family knows at what times you will be unavailable because you are working. 

If it is possible, having dedicated spaces in your home for both a home office and a “no work allowed” family space can help solidify those boundaries for others in your life. Every role you fill is an important one, and being clear and firm about what your limits are will help you be fully present in each one. 

8. Utilize Your Support System

Your support system will be more important than ever as a new parent, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Family members, close friends, neighbors, babysitters, and assistance programs can all be considered part of your support system. 

Whether it is asking for meals to be delivered, asking for help with babysitting, or creating a helpful schedule with your partner, don’t be afraid to utilize the support system you have available to you! 

9. Ask for Help and Take Breaks

how to work from home with a newborn

No one can do it all. Even the most efficient, driven employee and the most dedicated, caring parents need help sometimes. Ask for help when you need it.  And don’t forget to take as many breaks as you can in order to keep yourself healthy. 

No one benefits when you are burnt out and exhausted, especially not you! So don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family, employer, partner, or close friends when you need it. Chances are, most of the people in your life are more than willing to lend a hand to a new parent! 

10. Have a Backup Plan 

Even the best-laid plans can, and probably will, be derailed at some point by a crying baby or a babysitter that cancels.

Having a backup plan for both childcare and any work that needs to be done can bring peace of mind. It will also ensure a smooth transition for everyone so you are not scrambling. 

Just don’t forget backup plans for your backup plan! 

Working from home with a newborn has its challenges, but it can be done! Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas of how to set yourself and your family up for success. 

How To Work From Home With A Newborn- Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to work from home with a newborn, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, you’ll need to make sure your home is baby-proofed and comfortable enough for both of you.

You’ll also need to take into account your baby’s sleep schedule and develop a routine that works for both of you.

Finally, make sure you have the necessary tools and resources available to help you work from home.

Good luck mama, you’ve got this! 

how to work at home with a baby

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