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What To Put In A Guys Stocking For Christmas (70 + Ideas for 2024)

Deciding what to put in a guys stocking for Christmas is sometimes tricky.

The ideal stocking stuffer for men is something they want or need and that they don’t already have. 

That sounds easy said that done but this list of 70 great stocking stuffer ideas for men will make it easy. 

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What To Put In A Guys Stocking For Christmas

 what to put in a guys stocking for Christmas
I find it so easy to fill my daughter’s stockings to the brim, and I could fill my own a million times over but men are so hard to buy for. 

If you are looking for some awesome stocking stuffers for men, look no further than the list below which is packed with unique gifts that your boyfriend, husband or son will just love. 

Best of all, all these stocking stuffers for men are available on Amazon so you don’t need to risk going to the stores or braving the crowds this holiday season. 

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer?

You can buy all of the stocking stuffers for men below and still get them in time for Christmas! 

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and get your items with free shipping two days, some the same day.

  And if you don’t think it’s worth keeping for $10.99 a month after that (or $99 a year), just cancel within 30 days.

 70+  Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Men:

  1. Deodorant – boring but useful! 
  2. Chocolate (the Taza Mexican Chocolate sampler is the perfect stocking stuffer)
  3. Wallet or money clips/holder for credit cards
  4. How about some really fun cocktail bombs? Just drop them in and watch them turn into a cocktail.
  5. Phone holder that clips to the car vents  (perfect for using apps like Waze).
  6. Hair pomade or beard oil if he has facial hair
  7. Multi-tool Survival Gadget
  8. Christmas ornament of his favorite team
  9. Car safety hammer and seatbelt cutter
  10. Swiss army knife ( a pocket knife is a classic stocking stuffer but always a hit)!
  11. Credit Card Blocking Sleeves
  12. Fun Socks  (I love these Barbecue themed socks which are a great idea if your guy is a grill master!)
  13. Sunglasses 
  14. New Band for his Apple Watch 
  15. Metal Straws
  16. Lottery Scratch-offs
  17. Miniature bottles of alcohol
  18. Travel Mug (this is an Amazon Bestseller)
  19. Magnetic Tool Bracelet – all the drill bits, screws and nails will be within reach.
  20. Desktop Bowling Game
  21. Stormproof Matches
  22. Trivial Pursuit Card Game
  23. Thumb Piano
  24. Mini flashlight (a solar light is an awesome stocking stuffer)
  25. A balaclava face mask
  26. Hand sanitizer
  27. Tire Gauge
  28. Hot sauces (This keychain with a mini jar of Tabasco is awesome)
  29. Coffee beans
  30. A mini Bluetooth speaker
  31. Bottle of interesting craft beer – a cold beer is the ultimate men’s stocking stuffer!
  32. Restaurant Gift Card
  33. Boxers
  34. His favorite cologne 
  35. Grilling Thermometer
  36. A Year of Dates (read more at Friday We’re in Love)
  37.  Candle – How about this Whiskey and Tobacco scented one?
  38. Gloves
  39. Book
  40. Magazine subscription
  41. Razors
  42. Belt
  43. Quality Tape Measure
  44. His favorite candy
  45. Car wash coupons
  46. Body wash (apparently this is the sexiest body wash ever for me – please report back)
  47. Peanuts
  48. Toothbrush (this one is perfect for a Star Wars fan)
  49. New Phone Case
  50. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  51. Bottle opener (this army guy bottle opener makes a great gag gift – check it out, its hilarious)
  52. Winter hat
  53. Mini Lego Kit like this Captain America set.
  54. A deck of cards
  55. Shot Glass (this BenShot glass with a REAL bullet in the side is insane!)
  56. Hand warmers
  57. Cigars
  58. Whiskey Stones
  59. Pen (doesn’t have to be as fancy as this one from Mont Blanc)
  60. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  61. Rubiks Cube 
  62. Fishing Lure (I love this fun set of super cute lures)
  63. Barware like these wine stoppers in rose gold.
  64. Lip balm (I love this manly lip balm in Bourbon vanilla flavor)
  65. A fun treat like this bestselling bacon brittle.
  66. Beef Jerky – one of the classic stocking stuffers for me
  67. Shaving Cream
  68. Mini Nerf Gun (they are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer).
  69. Guitar Picks in different colors
  70. USB Flash Drive (you can never have enough USB thumb drives)
  71. Candy Canes
  72. Amazon Fire TV Stick (this is one of those holiday gifts that the whole family can enjoy!)

How to choose the best stocking stuffers for men

The list above is packed with easy stocking stuffers for men. 

But are you still stuck with that to put in a guys stocking for Christmas?

If you need some extra help with what to put in a guys stocking for Christmas day- here are some tips:

When I’m looking for the perfect stuffer for my guys stocking, I consider the following criteria:

It mustn’t take up much space

 When it comes to filling those stockings, I look for little gifts that would be a big hit. 


Although I love high quality small items, lots of the best stocking stuffer ideas come from the dollar store.

Cheap stocking stuffers like hot chocolate packets and silly gag gifts are some of the most fun things to open on Christmas morning. 

How To Find the Best Men’s stocking stuffers

Whether you are shopping for your husband or looking for gifts for teenage boys, it can help to divide your shopping into a few categories:

Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas

These are often the best stocking stuffers.

Think items that can be used on road trips or a practical gift like a portable charger. 

A lot of guys don’t buy much for themselves and Christmas is the perfect time of year to stock him up with essentials. 

Filling a family member’s stocking is a great way to give them a little help with things they might need. 

Useful items can go beyond the typical toothbrush and be kind of fun too – an LED flashlight is a good example.

Thoughtful Gifts

Another thing I always try to do is choose some small gifts that bring back childhood memories or remind him of a fun event we attended.

Go old school with retro candy or even a photo keychain are good ideas. 

Unique Gift Ideas

I always try and find something special for my man’s stocking.

Sometimes it is a handmade item from Etsy or a ticket to an event we have been wanting to attend.

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what to put in a guys stocking for Christmas

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