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Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? 7 Signs of Infertility

If you are reading this post, I’m going to guess that you have asked yourself “why am I not getting pregnant?”. Maybe it’s been six months or maybe it has been six years.

Regardless of how long you have been trying to get conceive, there are many reasons for not getting pregnant when everything is norm. 

If you are working with a fertility clinic and a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), you may have completed a barrage of tests to determine the reason for your infertility. 

Unfortunately for some of us (me included), those tests do not reveal any root cause.  I was given the unsettling diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” after everything checked out.

Why am I not getting pregnant?

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Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? {Free infographic)

Unexplained infertility can be hard to accept. No known issue also means no know solution or cure. 

I had secretly hoped that one of the tests would find an issue that had an easy fix. Then I would be pregnant the next month.

Unexplained infertility means that by medical standards you should be getting pregnant and the doctors can’t explain why you are having trouble. 

One thing I found while I did more research on infertility is that fertility clinic can’t test for everything.  Vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances and dietary problems might go unnoticed. 

Scroll down to download a free infographic that highlights 7 root causes of infertility that you might not have looked into. 

Find out the 7 causes of infertility and all the different things can lead to trouble conceiving. 

Many types of infertility can be solved naturally with changes such as diet, lifestyle, stress management and supplements. Others of course, need a traditionally medical approach.

It is worth exploring the different reasons for not getting pregnant even when everything is normal before you embark on a costly IVF or IUI cycle. 

Download the Infographic here



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why am I not getting pregnant

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