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21 Creative Baking Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you love making cakes and cookies and are expecting your very own bun in the oven, why not make a baking pregnancy announcement? 

Announcing your pregnancy in a personal way is a fun way to get creative with your big news. 

As an avid baker myself, I love the baking-related pregnancy announcements in this post and honestly, I wish I had more opportunities to create my pregnancy announcements – there are so many awesome ideas. 

In this post, I’ve chosen some of the most creative and easy-to-recreate ideas so you can pick the perfect baking pregnancy announcement yourself! 

Baking Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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21 Amazing Baking Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

From cookie pregnancy announcements to fun ways to announce your big news on Instagram, here are some of the best baking pregnancy announcements for your reveal.

Instagram Captions For Your Baking Pregnancy Announcement


 Want to share one of the pregnancy announcements above on your Instagram or Facebook?

Here are some cute caption ideas:

We’ve been baking something extra sweet

New Baby + Cookies. Can life get any sweeter?

Something is baking in 2022

The oven timer is set for December 2022

We’ve been baking a little more than cookies in the oven lately!

Baking up a baby over here!

Baby in the oven!

We have some sweet news to share! 

A special treat that is extra sweet!

Baking with love, expected June 2023

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the best baking pregnancy announcement ideas

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