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The Ultimate List Of Books About Germs For Kids

Are you struggling to get your little one to understand the importance of keeping clean and not touching their face in these troubling times? Read on for 5 great books about germs that explain what they need to know in kid-friendly terms. 

Why Books About Germs Can Help You Right now

Any parent of a toddler or young child will tell you that it is near impossible to get your kids to stop putting ALL the things in their mouth, licking the windows and not touching gross things then licking their fingers afterwards. 

At the best of times, I’ve always chalked up this gross kid behaviour to “building their immune systems” and making them stronger. 

 The number one way viruses and illnesses is spread is from hand to face contact and little kids have a tendency to touch everything they can. 

Just yesterday I had to stop by 3 year old from touching a floor mat at the library, then putting her mouth on the shopping cart at the store.

Yes, I can use lysol on everything possible but the best option is to get your kids to understand why good hygiene is important, especially right now. 

Books about germs for kids

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5 Excellent Books About Germs For Kids 

Below are my top picks for books about getting sick and preventing illness. 4 are all aimed at the kids ages 2+ while one is better suited to babies and toddlers. 

You can buy all of the books on Amazon right now so no need to brave the stores and fight the toilet paper buying crowd. 

Just click the book title or picture to go straight to the pricing. 

Sick Simon

 Books About Germs For Kids

Sick Simon is a really great book for ages 3+ to teach them about the importance of washing their hands, covering their mouths when they cough and staying home when sick.

I just got this last week for my two girls and I can already seen that they are finally understanding why I don’t want them to go around licking handrails at the bank!

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to get their children to consistently wash their hands and stop touching things during the Covid-19 outbreak. 


Do Not Lick This Book

 Books About Germs For Kids

Does your child hate washing their hands? This book helps them to understand what germs are and how they are transferred from one thing to another.

It’s very interactive and great for the younger ages who find it hard to understand why washing hands and not putting everything in their mouths is so important.

Germs – Fact and Fiction, Friend and Foe

 Books About Germs For Kids

This fun picture book takes you right back to the beginning with a history of germs.  My daughter and I loved it. Follow along as “Sam” Salmonella  introduces us to his extended family of germs,  both the good and bad. 

Sherm The Germ 

 Books About Germs For Kidsbooks about germs

This book is great for younger toddlers and babies. Baby’s perfect day is interrupted by an unwelcome visitor—Sherm the Germ. 

This fun, rhyming book about getting sick and then getting better is perfect for little kids.

Germs Are Not For Sharing

 Books About Germs For Kidsbooks about germs for kids

This book is a favorite in daycares and preschools everywhere. It teaches the basics of not spreading germs although it does not get into what germs are.

Topics covered include: covering up a sneeze or cough. Hugging or blowing kisses when you’re sick. And most of all, washing your hands!

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books about germs for kids

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