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10 Best Educational Apps For Kids

Let’s face it, kids love technology. If you’re planning a long road trip or just want to make sure that your kids are actually learning while they scroll, this list of educational apps for kids is for you. 

Most of these apps are perfect for ages 2 years and up and can grow with your child as they learn to their literacy and numeracy basics. 

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The best educational apps for kids


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10 Best Educational Apps For Kids 

ABC Mouse

Probably the best known of the paid educational apps, ABC Mouse is a step-by-step program  of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. 

Good For: Ages 2-7

Cost: Free 30 day trial then $9.99 a month or $79 a year

Teach Your Monster To Read

This app is highly recommended by parents as a first reading app for children to get started on feeling confident with their literacy skills. 

Good For: Preschool to Grade 1

Cost: Free to use the computer version, $6.99 for a app. 


There are two different apps with this program. Homer Reading and Homer Stories. The two programs go hand in hand as your children can practice what they have learned in their reading lessons when they read the fun stories. 

Good for: Ages 2-8 years

Cost: Free for 30 day trial then $7.95 a month 


If you have a child in kindergarten, you may be familiar with this as it’s one of the most popular educational apps for kids used in schools. 

I love Starfall because it keeps my kids entertained and builds on what they are learning in the classroom. There is a free option of this app but it is limited. 

Good For: Pre-K – Grade 3

Cost: Free limited version. $35 year


Edukitty is an early learning app for children to get comfortable with shapes, colors and numbers/letters. It’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers on the go. 

It’s available in 12 different languages including French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. 

Good For: Ages 2-4

Cost: $6.99

Dr Seuss Treasury kids Books

This treasury includes 55 classic Dr Seuss books along with games to practice reading skills. 

Good For: Age 4+

Cost: $3.99 a month or $27.99 a year

Abc has tons of different programs for kids including science games, reading and mathematics. If you are looking for a comprehensive app that will grow with you child, this may be the one for you. 

Good For: Pre-K to Grade 6+

Cost: All of the games are free to access on desktop computers. The mobile app offers 6 free games a week. To unlock all the content, the subscription costs $9.99/month or $69.99 per year. 

Hooked on Phonics

If your focus is reading, look no further than Hooked on Phonics. The app offers 100+ award-winning apps and over 275 games to accompany your child on their reading journey. 

Good for: Ages 3-8 years

Cost: Free 7 day trial then $7.99/month after

Duck Duck Moose Apps

Duck Duck Moose offers a variety of education apps for kids that are completely free. They come highly rated and are probable your best option if you want a cost-free app. 

Good For: There are apps for ages 2-12 years

Cost: Free

Endless Learning Academy

Endless Learning has lots of different lessons such as ABCs, Spanish, Mathematics and more.In addition to activity-based learning, Endless Learning Academy includes hours of video lessons on hundreds of subjects to add to the activities, for example anatomy (e.g. eyes, ears, hands, feet) and human senses & functions (e.g. sleep, smell, hear, yawn).

Good For: Ages 2-6 years 

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

As you can see, there are lots of options for educational apps for kids that you can use either to supplement a preschool program, get your child ready for kindergarten or as part of your home schooling program.

The app you chooses really depends on how much you want to spend and what level of learning your child is at. You can always download a few for free trials and go from there! 

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