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DIY Iridescent Wreath For The Holidays

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Please read my Disclosure for more information.

I love to hang wreaths all over my house throughout the year. My favorite kind of wreath for Christmas is one that is  winter-themed and can be used through January and February.

Wreaths can cost a pretty penny if you buy them ready-made but you can easily make your own, even if you are not too crafty. This year, I made a iridescent wreath using Duck Mirror® crafting tape. The tape comes in various metallic colors and is perfect for a wintry look.

This wreath is so easy to make and only takes a few minutes to whip up. You can easily make this craft with your children for a fun family activity.

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What you need

1 foam wreath (you can get them at dollar or craft supply stores)

Duck Mirror® – ideally you should get at least one large roll and a few of the small rolls depending on your preference. I also picked a few of the new Duck Texture® mini rolls to add interest to my wreath.

How to make the iridescent wreath

First of all wrap your entire foam circle in your choice of Duck Mirror®. This will give your wreath the iridescent, shimmering look. Then get a long strip of thinner tape and thread it through the wreath, center it and fold it onto itself to create a hanger.

Next pick some of the mini rolls and make alternate strips along the wreath.  I used the Duck Texture® for this part. There are several different colors and patterns you can choose from.

Next you need to add a bow. These bows are really easy to make and would look great on Christmas presents too!

To create the bow, make two 12″ double-sided strips with the thick tape then add a trip of a thinner color.

Fold the first strip of tape so both ends meet in the middle and secure with a little extra tape. Then wrap some tape in the center to create the bow ears.
Take the second strip, cut it in half and cut out a triangle at the end of each of the new smaller strips to create the tails of the bow. Stick the tails to the back of the bow with a little tape.

Affix the bow to the wreath with more tape or hot glue.

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