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How To Make Perfect Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

The movie came out in 2013, but Frozen is still one of the most popular party themes.   If you are looking for a great favor for your own birthday party, these Frozen inspired candy kabobs are sure to wow your guests!

The candy kabobs are easy to make but there are few things that can make the process a bit simpler. Here are my top tips for getting the best candy skewers:

These frozen inspired candy kabobs are so cute! They make great birthday party favors if your kid wants a frozen party or Winter wonderland theme. You can make these candy skewers really easily for any party, I used them for my daughter's Winter Onederland 1st birthday.

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What You Need To Make Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

frozen inspired candy kabobs

1. Signature Candy in Frozen Inspired Colors

frozen inspired candy kabobs

You can either choose different hues of blue/teal as I did or go for the coronation colours of teal and purple.

Each kabob needs 7-10 pieces of candy on it in different shapes and sizes.

Find a few pieces of special candy to really up the wow factor then fill the rest in with regular stuff.

I was lucky enough to find some snowflake gummies and snowman-shaped marshmallows that fit my theme perfectly and I found similar candy on Amazon:

Find the Gummy Snowflakes here.

Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

Get Snowman Marshmallow Peeps here.

Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

 2. Filler Candy

Once you have a few really special pieces, you can fill the rest of the skewer with regular candy. Regular Marshmallows are great as they take up a lot of space on the skewer and look like snowballs.

You can use any candy in your theme colours and translucent candy looks great too.

3. 8 inch Bamboo Skewers

I originally planned to use the white candy sticks but you really need the pointy end of the skewers to make it easier to ensemble the kabob.

Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

4. Pretzel Party Bags

These bags will fit your kabobs nicely and give you just enough room for larger candies like marshmallows.

Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

Tips For Making Perfect Frozen Inspired Candy Kabobs

  1. Plan ahead. In winter you will be able to find more options for snow themed candy shapes so if you can buy in advance, it will save a lot of hassle.
  2. Have a glass of water on hand and dip each skewer in before sliding on the candy.  This helps the candies from sticking to the wood when they’re sliding on. I had to repeat the dipping a few times for each skewer. 
  3. Marshmallows tend to slip easily down the skewer so make sure they are held in place on the stick by a firmer candy. 
  4. Alternate different shades of blue or purple to create an interesting kabob.
  5. Play around with the direction (sideways or upright) of the candy to create different looks. This will save you buying so many types of candy.
  6. Choose thick candy and gummies. Thin ones will rip when you try and put the skewer through them.
  7. Pick a pretty ribbon to tie the pretzel bags at the bottom.

frozen inspired candy kabobs

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Elise Ho

Sunday 11th of March 2018

These are so cute. I am sure kids must love them.