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Pregnancy Scavenger Hunt Free Printables

This pregnancy scavenger hunt is perfect for sharing your big news with family and friends as well as your husband.

In this post you can download for free two different pregnancy  hunts – one for family/friends and one for your husband. 

If you are looking for a really unique way to tell your husband you are pregnant, you can’t go wrong with a super fun scavenger hunt. 

Not only are they fun to do, they can really make things special.

A great way of keeping people in suspense is by sending them on an adventure such a cute hunt around the house.

This simple idea can turn your big announcement into a really special and memorable event, plus it costs nothing to do! 

All you need to do is download this free printable pregnancy scavenger hunt, cut the clues out and hide them around the house! Then wait for the perfect opportunity to share the news. 

Pregnancy scavenger hunt for husband


Free Printable Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt

I really love fun pregnancy announcement ideas and they don’t get much better than a pregnancy scavenger hunt.

Not only is it a really creative and imaginative way to share your news with family and friends, it is also super easy to pull off. 

All you really need is a printer, some time alone in the house to prep the hunt and of course, the free printable below. 

I’ve created two separate scavenger hunts for you to print off – one for your husband or partner and one for grandparents. 

The nice thing is, you can use both of the hunts for your announcement or just one. It is really up to you. 

One really fun thing I like to do is leave a little present at the end of the hunt.

It can be something as simple as a framed ultrasound photo  with a nice poem for the expecting grandparents or something more extravagant like one of these 26 Pregnancy Announcement Gifts For Grandparents

If you are creating the hunt for your husband, make sure to check out my list of 10 Best Pregnancy Announcement Gifts For Husband. 

How The Pregnancy Scavenger Hunt Works

It’s so easy to set up this pregnancy reveal hunt with my free printable. Alternatively, you could write out the clues yourself. 

All you need to do is write out the clues on pieces of paper or cut them out of the print-out.

Then hide them around the house in the places indicated. 

Once your husband or parents arrive (depending who is doing the hunt), hand them the first clue or have it ready for them to find somewhere really obvious. 

Then just enjoy while they race around the house trying to find the clues.

At the end is when your big news is revealed so be ready with the camera to record the moment. 

Pregnancy Scavenger Hunt For Husband

If you want to surprise your husband with your pregnancy news, you can use these baby reveal scavenger hunt riddles. 

To grab the free printable, just fill out the box below and it will be sent to your inbox instantly as a PDF.

In case you would rather write out the clues yourself, I have written them all out here:

Clue 1 (fridge)

You’ve had a long day, time to unwind, head to the place we grab a beer or a wine 

Clue 2 (closet or drawers)

Before we get started, grab something new to wear, because I’ve got some exciting news to share 

Clue 3

When we need to relax, here’s where we lay. It’s a great place to chill after a very long day (couch)

Clue 4 (entrance way)

I know you are curious, about what’s going on, head to the front door, it won’t be long 

Clue 5 (oven)

I’ve been baking today, before you give me some lovin’, go and check out what’s in the oven 

Clue 6

You’re an amazing husband, the best in the World -maybe 🙂 Are you ready to become the an awesome dad to our baby?

Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt For Grandparents

This scavenger hunt works just as well for siblings or any family member.

Just like for the husband version, you can either hand them the first clue when they arrive at your house or you can hide it somewhere for them to find. 

Enter your details here to download your pregnancy scavenger hunt:

Here are the clues for the family pregnancy scavenger hunt:

Clue 1 (Bathroom)

We’re so happy to see you, now let’s have a laugh. Head to the place where you take a bath

Clue 2 (Fridge)

These clues are sure to make you think, so head to the kitchen for something to drink

Clue 3 (TV)

You’re probably wondering what’s next on the list. This is where we watch shows we just can’t miss

Clue 4 (Stove)

I know you are curious, about our big news, head to where to we like to cook stews

Clue 5 (Garage)

We park our car in here when it’s nice and clean, only one clue left, please don’t make a scene

Clue 6

The surprise is over, soon all will be clear. Our family is growing from 2 to three!

Alternative wording for clue 6

If your family is growing from 3 to 4 you can use this riddle instead:

The surprise is over, here’s what’s in store. Our family is growing from three to four!

pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt for grandparents


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