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47 Genius Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Twins are twice the fun, and these adorable pregnancy announcements prove it! These creative twin pregnancy announcement ideas will help you announce your twin pregnancy in style.

Every couple wants to create their own unique pregnancy announcement, and some do it better than others.

There are many ways that you can make your pregnancy announcements special for the people who love you most!

Here are 40+ adorable twin pregnancy announcements that will inspire you to start brainstorming ideas of your own.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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The Best Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whether you are looking for a fun photo for the ‘gram or want to send out formal pregnancy announcements to friends far and near, you will love this list of cute options. 

I’ve include pregnancy announcement ideas you can get online plus different photo-ops you could recreate if you want to do a DIY twin pregnancy announcement. 

At the bottom of the post, you will find 15 fun twin pregnancy instagram captions you can use. 

47 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you want to surprise your family with your exciting news, make it doubly fun with these funny twin pregnancy ideas that are cute and unique.

Just click through to each page for all the details.

The Best Twin Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

If you are looking for some creative twin pregnancy announcement ideas that you can DIY at home, you will love the easy photo ideas below. 

Twin pregnancy announcement ideas

1. Double Trouble

This photo is simple but so cute. Just balance four tiny baby shoes on your belly and snap away.

2. Here’s My Plus 2

Another simple idea that would look fantastic on Instagram!

3. Let Teddy Do The Talking

Get the dad-to-be involved with this fun pregnancy announcement photo. 

4. Two Big Smiles

All you need is a sharpie and some post-its for this cute announcement.

cute twin pregnancy announcement ideas


5. We’re Eggspecting

Here is a really cute but simple twin pregnancy announcement idea that you can do with hardly any props. 

6. There’s 2

Get dressed up and strike a pose for this fun picture.

7. Baby Booties

This is another take on the cute baby shoes pregnancy announcement idea. 

8. Almost ready

All you need is a small chalkboard sign from the dollar store for this cute photo idea.

unique twin pregnancy announcement ideas


9. Building Blocks

If you want to create a simple pregnancy announcement photo on a budget, gran some building blocks and recreate this cute image. 

10. Pacifiers

The nice thing about this picture is that you can use the pacifiers once the babies are born! 

11. Bows

Ribbons tied around the belly are always a classic way to announce a pregnancy but I really love this twin version. 

12. Heartbeat

You could do this photo with an ultrasound picture or a picture of the twin heartbeats. 

15 Fun Twin Pregnancy Announcement Instagram Captions

One of the most fun parts of pregnancy is sharing your news with the World. If you can’t do it in person, then a virtual twin pregnancy announcement can be tons of fun. 

Here are some fun twin pregnancy announcement quotes to use on social media. 

  1. It’s Double The Love – expecting twins June 2023
  2. Prayed for one, blessed with two
  3. Plot Twist
  4. Two is better than one
  5. We have two more reasons to celebrate this year!
  6. Adding two more team members to daddy’s soccer (hockey, basketball etc) team!
  7. Double the trouble, double the fun – heading our way Summer 2023
  8. Twice the miracles, twice the fun, two babies coming to meet everyone
  9. Pink or Blue, Mommy is due with not 1 but 2!
  10. Our family is growing by 4 feet and 2 hearts
  11. Babies: So good you can’t have just one
  12. Always the overachiever, this mommy is “two” good at pregnancy
  13. 20 little fingers, 20 little toes, mom’s going need a big cup of Joe!
  14. We’ll be seeing double in Fall 2023
  15. We never could resist a 2 for 1 deal

FAQs about Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy With twins? 

You can announce your pregnancy with twins at any time, but for some parents it feels like the right time to do so after you’ve made it past 12 weeks.

Some parents find out they are expecting twins early on in their pregnancy, and others wait until later in the game. Some don’t even know themselves right away because ultrasound scans aren’t always 100% accurate at predicting multiples

Can You Detect A Twin Pregnancy Sooner?

You can’t normally detect a twin pregnancy sooner than a singleton however, your HCG levels may be higher with a multiple pregnancy. 

An ultrasound at 6-8 weeks is your best chance of confirming a twin pregnancy. 

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twins pregnancy announcement ideas

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