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15 Unique Twin Birth Announcement Ideas

Congratulations! I’m going to assume you are looking for a twin birth announcement because you have, or will have good news to share!

If you are looking for some fun and unique ways to announce the birth of your twins, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post, we will look at some of the cutest twin birth announcements.

By the way, if you are a planner and haven’t even told everyone you are pregnancy, make sure to check out my 47 Genius Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Plus, I’ve given you some great ideas for twin birth announcement wording you can use on your social media and cards. 

Read on for all the details. 

twin birth announcement ideas

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15 Genius Twin Birth Announcement Ideas

If you are preparing for the arrival of your twins, you are surely hoping to be able to share the news with family and friends as soon as possible. 

Everyone wants to announce the birth of their children in a fun and unique way. If you are having twins, its even more fun (you could say double the fun!)

Whether you are looking for a traditional card to mail out or want to do a DIY newborn photo session at home, there are lots of fun things you can do. 

In this list, I’ve included some beautiful twin birth announcement card ideas plus some fun ideas for your babies to introduce themselves to the World.


15 Cute Twin Birth Announcements

If you need a cute idea to announce the birth of your twins, look no further.

Here are some of the most fun ideas including birth announcement cards, baby onesies and other fun photo-op props.

 Twin Birth Announcement Photo Ideas

Are you planning on sending out a twin birth announcement card but are unsure of some cute twin newborn poses?

We all know that a new baby is a blessing.

And if your bundle of joy comes in twos, then you have been doubly blessed!

Twin birth announcements are adorable and creative ways to share the news with friends and family that will be just as excited about their arrival as you are.

Although it can be tricky to get your twins to pose just perfectly, it can also be quite fun to do a DIY photo shoot at home.  

Below you will find some fun and creative twin birth announcement ideas for your babies’ first photo shoot!

Twin pregnancy announcement ideas

You an easily DIY some of these twin newborn photos and then use them with a birth announcement card. 

A few tips for a successful photoshoot:

  • Keep the room extra warm, especially if the twins will be in diapers or little outfits
  • Make sure the babies are fed right before the photos so that they are sleepy and calm
  • Don’t stress if it doesn’t work out. Sometimes the best photos are the outtakes!


twin pregnancy announcement ideas


Twin Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

Are you looking for some fun and creative birth announcement quotes for your twins?

Here are some of my favorite choices that work well as Instagram captions or on a twin birth announcement card:

Two peas in a pod as cute as can be!
Announcing our twins! How happy are we!

We are “two” happy to announce
The arrival of our twins!

Celebrating a baby bonanza. Two for the price of one.

This is one deal that is truly done, we were blessed with two for the price of one

Double the trouble, double the fun,
Our life with twins, has just begun!

You will have to say hello twice now.

Double the sugar, double the spice,
Two baby girls are oh so nice!

Twice the love, twice the joy, welcome our baby girl and boy

Our family has expanded by four feet!
With twice as many hugs and cuddles, twice the diapers too
and twice as many feedings there`ll be twice as much to do…
But what is most important after all is said and done
is that we are twice as happy for twins are twice the fun!

Two miracles sent from above.
A daughter and a son for all to love.

Two special lives have just begun,
two times the joy, two times the fun!

Twice as precious and twice as much fun,
We’ve been blessed two times rather than one!

We are proud to announce our two bundles of joy,
one little girl and one little boy!

Welcome our twin bundles of joy,  a lovely girl and a beautiful boy. 

Two times the diapers, two times the bottles, half the sleep.
Two times the smiles, two times the hugs, two times the love to keep

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Final Thoughts

After reading this blog post, you should be feeling more excited and creative about your twin birth announcement ideas.

Capturing these moments for the first time is a unique experience that will make memories last forever.

Whether it’s at home or in studio, we hope you have as much fun as possible with these photo shoot ideas!

We would love to hear from our readers on what they think of their favorite idea so far!

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