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31 Fantastic Places To Promote Your Blog For Free

Writing killer content is only half the battle when it comes to blogging. Marketing your latest posts should take up the majority of your time and for that,  you need to find lots of places to promote your blog and draw in your target reader.

Most people agree that content creation should take up about 20% of your blogging efforts with the rest of your time being spent on promotion and other admin tasks.

It can be hard to know where to post your blog for maximum impact and without spending a lot on advertising. The list below is full places where you can share blog posts completely free. No ad money required! 

After going through this list, you will never wonder where to post your blog to get traffic again!

One thing to note…

Bear in mind that promoting your new blog isn’t a one-off deal. You need to consistently promote new and old blog posts to keep them in circulation.

That means creating new pin images, reposting to Facebook and tweeting old posts on a regular basis to keep the blog traffic flowing. 

Quick side note – if you are trying to bootstrap your blog, make sure to take advantage of the Best Freebies For Bloggers and also my guide to 26 sites that offer free stock photos.

where to get free blog traffic

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The Best Free Stuff For Bloggers 

Free Printable Blog Traffic Checklist

Where to Post Blogs For Traffic

Your typical blog post schedule might look something like this;

    1. Write draft of content.
    2. Go back to the draft, review and finalize.
    3. Add links  (internal and external) and in content images where appropriate.
    4. Work on headline and meta description for SEO
    5. Create social media images, add ALT tags and Pinterest descriptions.
    6. Publish blog post
    7. Email relevant subscribers about the new post
    8. Share across social media sites
    9. Schedule social media for a repeat post at a later date.  I use Hootsuite (free) for Twitter and Facebook and Tailwind for Pinterest.
    10. Post in Facebook promo groups
    11. Continue down the list of blog post sharing sites below
    12. Wait a month or so and repeat steps 8-11 Ad infinitum.

Luckily there are a lot of different places to promote your blog from social media platforms to blog sharing websites that allow you to submit your blog for free in exchange for sharing other posts.

The key is to constantly be using the blog sharing websites below so that your traffic keeps growing.

Download my Free Printable Blog Traffic Checklist for extra tips. 

The 31 Best Places To Promote Your Blog For Free

1. Your Own Blog

It may sound obvious but the best place to promote a new blog post is on your own site. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • Using a related posts plugin or widget in the sidebar or bottom of every page.
  • By interlinking your blog post in older posts that do get traffic to encourage readers to visit the new post. This works best for related posts. This is also really important for SEO (organic traffic from search engines)
  • Creating a round-up post of your own content and promoting it.

For a free guide on creating awesome round-ups to cross-promote your blog posts, you can download the round-up section of Traffic Transformation by Lena Gott for free.

Just click the picture below to enrol in this free course.

free blog traffic guide - how to create round ups of your own content. The best places to promote your blog for free


2. Pinterest

Pinterest is the number one way most new bloggers get traffic. You should create pins and promote your blog posts on both your own Pinterest boards and group boards.

If you want some help on creating pins that get noticed, you can check out my free guide to creating great pins.

Create The Perfect Pin In Minutes!

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For help on promoting your pins on Pinterest, I recommend the Pinteresting Strategies Method. 

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3. Email List

One of the best places to promote a new blog post is to your own subscribers.

You can send out emails using a free service like Mailerlite (free for 1000 subscribers). 

If you don’t know how to get subscribers to your blog, the easiest way to do that is with an opt-in form that offers a freebie related to your niche. If you want some great ideas on opt-ins that work, this free list of 250 ideas is awesome.

4. Instagram

Although you can’t really promote you new blog post on Instagram in the traditional sense, I think it makes sense to add a photo to your feed for each new post and point readers to your homepage URL in your bio.

If you have a regular homepage, it should show the most recent posts in a scroll, if you have a static homepage then you will need to direct them to a specific post or the “blog” section of your website.

Make sure to use Instagram stories  and reels for more chance of traffic. 

5. Your Blog Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page dedicated to your blog, it’s a good idea to add your new blog posts there so your fans can see them.

Make sure to use a catchy headline (I use the free headline analyzer from Coschedule) and a nice image (1200 x 628 is the size I use for social media like Facebook and Twitter).

6. Facebook Communities

One of the easiest ways to get eyes on your blog post is to join groups or pages in your niche. For example, a vegan food may offer the opportunity to post a link to your latest recipe or to help answer questions.

Many groups have a “Market Monday” or similar where you can directly promote your blog. However, the best way to get your name out there on Facebook groups is to be helpful, answer questions and become a source of great information before you self-promote.

How to find Facebook groups and pages? Simply use the search bar on Facebook to find relevant groups in your niche.

7. Twitter

If you want to promote your blog posts on Twitter, make sure to promote the same post a few times as the half life of a tweet is very short. Change up the wording and hashtags to attract new readers.

8. Mix

Mix is the replacement for Stumble Upon which was one of the best blog sharing sites for quick and easy traffic. It shut down in June 2018 and Mix is the company’s new venture. 

As it is pretty new, it remains to be seen if it offers the fast traffic potential of Stumble Upon but it is worth a try.

9. Search Engines

Search Engine traffic is the gold standard for most bloggers. Readers from Google or Bing are normally high converting, quality readers who stick around.

If you want to know how to make your site searchable in Google, the best way is to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with keywords and good content.

I highly recommend the free training video from Mike Futia if you want to learn the best way to rank quickly on Google.

10. Flipboard

Flipboard is an online article site that allows you to create magazines out of interesting things to read. I love it as a personal user and have found some success with getting traffic to my site.

To get started with Flipboard, you can create an account then choose the topics that interest you. Add related articles plus your own blog posts.  You can create group magazines with other collaborators to share your content.

11. Facebook Groups for Bloggers

There are hundreds and hundreds of Facebook groups for bloggers of all niches and most have a promo day at least once a week. 

They normally work in a kind of “you scratch my back” format so that you add your blog link and in turn share a certain number of other links to your social media.

12. Tiktok

This is the newest kid on the block and one of the best places to share your blog. In fact, I think it is probably the best social media to promote your blog right now. 

Tiktok followers are pretty engaged which is awesome but it does take some work. Here are some pro tips for getting the most from TikTok:

  • People engage most with videos with people speaking in them. They don’t really engage with just montages with music and written text as much.
  • Storytelling is huge and a great way to build a lot of followers
  • Search for the latest trends on TikTok and incorporate them into your videos. 
  • TikTok is a major scrolling app, so you need to grab their attention in the first 2 seconds so they stay to watch.
  • TikTok users are into accessibility so make sure to caption your videos. 

13. Reddit

Reddit users can be a bit harsh so be warned. It can be a good place to promote your blog casually but you must adhere to all the rules of the subreddits and also make sure not to be overly self-promoting as that is frowned upon.

The best way to get traffic from Reddit is to start participating in a subreddit in your niche and after you are established, you can drop links without seeming like a troll. 

14. Linkedin

It’s a good idea to create a professional Linkedin profile for your blog as some brand do use it when looking for influencers. You can also promote your new content using the Linkedin status updates.

15. Snapchat

Snapchat posts only last for 24 hours so while it is not worth spending a long time creating the perfect promo post, it can be a good place to throw a quick image and URL if you have time.

16. Niche Related Facebook Groups

It’s a good idea to join Facebook groups related to your blog content. For example, if you blog about Beekeeping, you can hunt out Facebook groups related to beekeeping and use them to get ideas of what your audience wants and potentially promote your own content. Make sure to check the rules of each group first.

17. Medium

Many bloggers swear by Medium as a source for awesome blog traffic. It can take a bit of time to get going but is definitely worth investing some time in.

You can learn exactly what to do and how to get set up on Medium as a blogger in this great article from Neil Patel.

18. Yahoo Answers

Most people are familiar with Yahoo Answers as it often comes up in searches when you type in a question. 

One way to use this to promote your blog is to do searches for questions related to your niche and then give great, useful answers and link back to a relevant blog post that has even more information.

19. Quora

Quora is Yahoo Answers more fashionable, modern cousin. It works in exactly the same way and you can use it to promote your blog similarly but it is a little bit more popular.

If you are curious about how to share your blog on Quora – it’s easy!

Just create a profile then search for unanswered questions on the niche that you write about. You can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field with great, concise and helpful information. 

20. Blog Comments (using Commentluv)

Every now and again I look at my Google Analytics referrals and see page views from a blog that I have commented on. Although other people’s blogs don’t strictly belong in a list of places to promote your blog, a pleasant side effect of making blog comments can be a little extra traffic.

I often comment on other blogs if I love their content or it is relevant to mine and I follow the blogger. Some blogs use a WordPress plugin called Commentluv that allows you to add your latest blog post to the end of your comment. It’s another way of promoting your content for free.

You can find some good lists of blogs that use Commentluv here.

If you are wondering why someone would add Commentluv onto their site,  it encourages comments on their blog which helps  Google authority. It also can increase traffic as people search for Commentluv blogs to visit.

Very Important Note: I never ever add my URL to a blog comment unless the blogger has set up Commentluv which is essentially them saying, “hey, you can promote your blog here”.

Leaving URLs and links to your blog on regular comments is viewed spammy and self-promoting. I don’t advise doing this at all. Your comment will likely just end up in the spam filter anyway.

21.  Youtube

If you have a Youtube channel for your blog (and by now, you probably should), then make sure to mention your new blog posts in your next video and link to it in the description. 

22. Viral Content Bee

VCB is a blog promotion site that works pretty much the same way as EasyRetweet.  The difference is that Viral Content Bee lets you submit your blog posts to be shared on many different platforms such as Facebook, Stumble Upon, Google + and Twitter.

You earn credits by sharing other content in order to get your own blog posts shared. It is free to use and can help give you a little boost.

23. Online Forums

If you write about a niche that people research a lot (home decor/DIY/ car maintenance etc),  you should look into forums fo as a place to post your blog.

Online forums are still very popular, especially for certain niches like wedding planning and gardening. They also work really well for super niche topics such a beekeeping or figure skating, to give you some examples. 

Similar to Reddit, you don’t want to go in and blast your blog everywhere but if you become a contributing member of the forum,  it can be a great opportunity to promote your blog posts where applicable.

You can find online forums on Google or forum directories like Proboards.

24. Blogger Round Ups

Sometimes you will see other bloggers looking for content to link to on their site as part of a round up post of say, “15 Valentine’s Day Crafts” or “Breastfeeding advice from Moms who have been there”.

Having your blog featured in a round up is a good thing as it creates a backlink for you which helps SEO plus you should hopefully see some traffic as a result.

The Facebook groups in the list I posted above often have round up requests. In addition, here are some round up specific groups:

Blogger Round Up Requests

Blogger Round Ups

Content And Round Up Requests Group For UK Bloggers

Blog Post Round Up Database

25. Bloglovin’

A lot of people overlook Bloglovin’ but it is one of the easiest places to promote your blog. I love that you just set it up once and forget it.

First you submit your blog to the Bloglovin site and start to get followers who are looking for content in your niche. You can also follow other blogs that interest you.

Every time you publish a new post to your website, your followers will get a notification via email. They will also see your latest posts in the Bloglovin’ home feed.

You can also choose to have every new post published to Twitter as soon as it is live. I do this and then reschedule my own Tweet too.

26. Article Directories

If you’ve created a blog, you’ll want to let people know about it. One way to do this is by submitting your blog to article directories. This will help get your blog in front of more people, and may also bring traffic back to your site.

Here are a few tips on how to promote your blog using article submission sites.

1. Choose the right article directory. There are many article directories out there, so take some time to find one that is a good fit for your blog. Look for directories that have a high ranking and receive a lot of traffic.

Here is a list of over 100 submission sites for you to check out. 

2. Write informative articles. When you submit articles to directories, make sure they are well written and informative. People who read them will be more likely to visit your blog if they find it interesting or helpful.

3. Include a link to your blog in each article.

27. Guest Blogging

It might seem counterintuitive but writing blog posts on someone else’s site is a great way to boost traffic to your own.

Guest blogging can be a great way to promote your blog for free.

It can help you reach a new audience, connect with other bloggers, and build relationships with potential readers. When guest blogging, be sure to submit high-quality content that is relevant to the blog’s audience. You may also want to include a link to your blog in your author bio. 

To find blogs accepting guest posts, look at the “about” pages on blogs in your niche, most will say whether you can submit a guest post to them. 

28. Using A Second Blog

Blogging can be a great way to share your thoughts with the world, and it can also be a great way to promote your blog for free. 

If you have a blog, you may want to consider promoting it on a second blog. This isn’t a quick and easy way to promote your blog for free but it can really pay off. 

By cross-promoting your blog, you can drive traffic to both your sites for free. For tips on how to create a second blog quickly using content you already have, you can check out my book, Second Blog Strategies. 

29. Pocket

Pocket was originally released in 2007 as a desktop application called “Read It Later”.

This mobile app allows users to save articles, videos, and images for offline viewing on their computer or mobile device. In a way it is similar to Flipboard in this respect. In addition to saving an article to read later, readers can also share your work with other people which can help you to get more traffic. 

Pocket had been downloaded over 100 million times across all platforms and is growing fast. 

30. Tailwind Communities

I mentioned Tailwind earlier but communities are a feature that are worth highlighting on their own as they are completely free. With Tailwind communities, you can share your pins to a group and then have it shared to Pinterest by other bloggers. 

I’ve been using this way of promoting my blog for about 5 years now and I get around 3000 page views a week from people sharing my stuff for free! 

Read my step by step tutorial on how to use Tailwind Communities here. 

31. Podcasts

Of course, you can definitely create your own podcast and promote your blog for free over there but I’m actually talking about being a featured guest on other people’s podcasts. Many podcasters are always looking for people to interview to keep their audience interested and this is where you come in. 

In exchange for providing valuable information to listeners about your topic of expertise, you will be able to mention your blog and also get a link back to your site from the podcast notes section. 

To find podcasts that are accepting guests, here are two places to look:


Podcast Guests

How To Promote Your Blog For Free – Final Thoughts

If you have ever wanted to know how you can promote your blog for free, I hope this post has answered your question and given you lots of options for places where you can promote your blog without spending a penny! 

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Blogging tips for beginners! Increase your blog traffic with these 25 totally free places to promote your blog. These are great blog tips if you are starting a blog and want to get traffic fast. 25 Blog post sharing sites that you can submit your site for free and grow your audience. Increase your site traffic from social media and search engines with these awesome blogging tips and tricks

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