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12 Amazing Prenatal YouTube Workouts in Under 12 Minutes

Get ready for baby with these fantastic, free prenatal YouTube Workouts for pregnant mamas. Whether you have 10 minutes or 50, you can combine these workouts to create a great exercise routine for yourself to help you stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

The prenatal exercise videos below are suitable for all trimesters and most of them are perfect for beginners as well as those who are used to working out.

pregnancy workouts from YouTube

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If you only have 10 minutes, do one of the videos but if you have a bit more time each day, you can put a few together to create a great 30 minute total body routine of your choosing.

All of the workouts below are gentle enough to do every day during your pregnancy but you could also consider doing low impact exercise such as swimming, aqua-aerobics and walking if you want to really get fit while pregnant.

3 Benefits of Working Out During Pregnancy

  • Maintain healthy pregnancy weight gain
  • Strengthen pelvic area and core in preparation for childbirth
  • Prepare body for carrying a 40lb baby & carseat for the next year!

Prenatal YouTube Workouts Under 15 Minutes

1.Heidi Klum Popsugar workout – This is a quick all-body workout with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck

2. Barefoot & Pregnant Pilates Dance Workout  – a ballet-based pilates workout

3. Prenatal Core Workout – This 10 minute pilates series was my favorite prenatal workouts during both my pregnancies

4. 10 Minute Pilates Workout – You can do this workout at any stage of your pregnancy

5. Arm Workout for Pregnancy – This was another of my favorites, you need small weights and a yoga ball

6. 7 Minute Prenatal Glute Workout – estrogen can cause weight gain in the lower body so this workout is awesome!

7. Leg and Butt Workout – I love that this workout gets you ready for giving birth

8. 7 Minute Arms and Upper Body Workout – Another quick workout – needs hand weights

9. 9 Minute HIIT Prenatal Workout for 1st Trimester – This is quite challenging so good if you are already quite fit

10. 5 Exercises You Can Do While Lying Down – Great for those days when you are feeling tired

11. 8 Minute Lower Body Burn – You need dumb -bells for this workout

12. 11 Minute Toning Walking Workout – Even if you don’t want to get sweaty, this workout is great for toning your body

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Prenatal YouTube Workouts

prenatal youtube workouts

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