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70 Early Signs Of Pregnancy (The Weird And Unusual!)

Early signs of pregnancy are one of those things that make you wonder if you are imagining it. 

Store bought pregnancy tests can’t normally show a concrete result until just a day or so before your period is due but for many women, the signs are present way before then. 

Some early signs appear so quickly that you might “feel different” even before a test would register the change in your hormone levels. 

Being able to recognize some of the clues that your body is giving you, can help you decide if you need to look further into the possibility that you could be pregnant.

Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate that you are indeed pregnant.

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70 early signs of pregnancy

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When do Early Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Some of the most common early signs of pregnancy can be noticed as early as the day of ovulation but most appear within the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

The very first sign of pregnancy (implantation pain) occurs just a few days after ovulation.

For most of the other early pregnancy symptoms, however, you can expect to notice changes by around 4 weeks of pregnancy or two weeks after ovulation for a regular cycle.

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70 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

1. Intense Implantation Pains

As I mentioned above, this is one symptom that can give you an indication that its your month! Sharp pain in one side of your body around the time of ovulation is a great sign.

Bear in mind that regular ovulation pain is common but if you have cramping just after ovulation – start looking for other symptoms!

2. Metallic taste in your mouth

Feeling like you have been sucking on a copper coin all day is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, especially in the first few weeks. 

3. Weird, Vivid Dreams

This was my first sign of pregnancy with both of my children. Crazy, weird dreams or nightmares are a common but weird pregnancy symptom. 

4. Intuition

Sometimes you just “know” that you are pregnancy. Feeling different without pinpointing why is very common.

5. Itching

Itching in later pregnancy is a condition called PUPPs and is extremely annoying. However, some women report itching on their tummy and boobs right before a positive pregnancy test. 

6. Diarrhea

Digestion issues are pretty common throughout pregnancy and many women report loose bowels as one of the first signs they were pregnant. 

7. Hunger

If you find yourself starving all the time,  you might just be starting to eat for two already! 

8. Baby Brain 

Forgetfulness and feeling spacey are really common in pregnancy. The bad news is that once your baby is born, this doesn’t go away. It just morphs into “mommy brain”. 

9. Exhaustion

70+ Early Pregnancy signs

Extreme fatigue is one of the main signs of pregnancy at the start.

All of a sudden, you may feel like falling asleep during the day at times when you normally would not. For example, you may suddenly have to fight to stay awake during meetings at work.

10. Missed Period

Women who have regular periods know when they are “late.” Sometimes, lateness can be caused by increased stress in your life, but it can also be another telltale sign of pregnancy.

11. Morning Sickness

 You may feel nauseous or may even be throwing up. Even though it is called morning sickness, you may be feeling sick any time of the day.

Morning sickness is most common in the first trimester of pregnancy, but can continue into the next two trimesters for some women.

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12. Typical PMS Symptoms

Annoying as it may be, early pregnancy can feel exactly like your period is on its way. All your regular PMS symptoms are also typical very early pregnancy signs making it even harder to work out if you are expecting or not. 

13. Tender Breasts

You have probably experienced uncomfortable breasts just prior to, or during, your menstrual cycle. This is what your breasts will feel like when you first get pregnant. 

14. Abdominal Cramping

You may not even notice the cramping, as it is not usually really bad cramping.

It may just feel like some pressure in your abdomen, similar to what you may feel at the start of a period.

You may even mistake it for the start of a period when, in fact, you are pregnant!

15. Heightened Sense of Smell

This sounds weird, but it is true. Your sense of smell becomes very sharp during pregnancy. Suddenly, you may notice the scent of someone’s tea from across the room.

Walking down the cleaning aisle of the grocery store, may prove too much for your senses. It may feel like the scents of everything have become stronger overnight!

Some women even report a complete dislike of their partner’s scent that they normally love. It’s a really strange symptom of pregnancy, for sure!

 16. Food Aversions

You may have always enjoyed a particular food, but now it tastes bad or you can’t even stand to look at it. Raw chicken seems to be a popular food aversion. 

17. Lightheaded

This can be very subtle, but you may suddenly feel like the room is spinning, or you may feel faint. Make sure to eat during these times, as your blood sugar is probably a bit low.

18. Bloat

No, you are not already growing a baby bump at 2 weeks! Unfortunately pregnancy bloat is really common and can make you want to get into those stretchy maternity pants even earlier! 

19. Emotional Wreck

70+ Early Pregnancy signs

Crying at every TV show and sappy commercial is a very common early pregnancy sign for many women. See also – crying at the news reports, at sad songs or anything regarding children or babies. 

20. Cigarette Aversion

This one really only applies to smokers but many women find that they just can’t stomach the smell of cigarettes in very early pregnancy. It could be your body’s way of helping you quit!

21. Burping 

Excess gas is one of those pregnancy symptoms that no one wants. If you find yourself burping a lot more than normal, you may have a bun in the oven!

22. Hair loss

Postpartum hair loss is one of the worst things about having a baby but some women even experience hair loss in the first trimester. The good news is that this often goes away by around 12-15 weeks. 

23. Headaches

Headaches caused by hormonal changes are a clue that you might be pregnant.

24. Changes in Mood

Moodiness, grumpiness and all-round unpleasant moods are a sure sign that something is going on with your hormones. 

25. Constipation

If you were lucky enough to escape the diarrhea, you might find you end up with constipation instead!

This is one of the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms that hits early on but normally ends by the second trimester. Make sure to stock up on prunes and bran!

26. Frequent Peeing

You might as well get used to this one as it only gets worse as your pregnancy progresses. If you find yourself heading to the restroom more often than normal, it could definitely be a sign that you are expecting. 

27. Loss of focus

Trouble concentrating is widely reported as a very early pregnancy sign along with the dreaded baby brain. 

28. Change in Libido

This is a weird pregnancy symptom as biologically it doesn’t really make sense but many women find their sex drive goes through the roof during pregnancy. 

29. Bleeding gums 

My dentist knew I was pregnant before I told him because of how much my gums bleed at my regular cleaning appointment. 

30. Cravings

You may find that you develop unusual cravings for foods that never interested you much before. You might also find you specifically crave foods that you are not allowed to eat in pregnancy such as undercooked eggs or “street meat”. 

31. Acne

Sudden breakouts are a result of the havoc your hormones are creating in your body. Some people think that acne means you are  having a girl but there is no evidence to support this. 

32. Lack of hair growth 

Now this is one pregnancy symptom that I can get behind. During pregnancy, you might find you need to shave your legs much less than normal, if at all. 

I found that the hair on my legs didn’t grow for the entire 9 months of my pregnancy. It was amazing! 

33. Thrush/Yeast Infection

Another symptom cause by the hormone craziness that is going on in your body. If you notice cottage cheese discharge or itchiness, you might have a yeast infection and should pay a visit to the pharmacy. 

34. Darker Areola

Darkening areolas are very common in pregnancy and may be noticeable as early as 4 weeks. 

35. Insatiable Thirst

If you find yourself thirsty all the time, you may be experiencing a common sign that you are expecting. Your body needs a lot more fluid during pregnancy so make sure to always have a bottle of water handy. 

36. Hot flushes

Higher than normal body temperature is one of the first pregnancy signs you can track for yourself. If you use a Basal thermometer, you can predict your BFP before a test does! 

37. Sleeplessness

Trouble sleeping is on of those early signs of pregnancy that you probably won’t notice until it is coupled with other symptoms like nausea or food aversions. 

38. Shiny hair 

Shiny hair is one of the best things about second trimester of pregnancy but some lucky women notice their hair is stronger and shiner right from the get-go. 

39. Color Sensitivity

Similar to the smell aversions, some moms-to-be experience intense color aversions to the point of nausea. 

40. Dizziness

If you feel dizzy upon standard or when walking about, make sure to rest and eat a snack. Low blood sugar is common in pregnancy. 

41. Horrible gas

Along with the increase in burping, trapped gas and an uncomfortable tummy are a huge early pregnancy sign. 

42. Shortness of breath

If you can normally bound up the stairs but find yourself a bit short of breath, you might want to take a pregnancy test. This is an unusual pregnancy sign so if your symptoms continue, make sure to see a doctor. 

43. Gagging at random things

The smell of peanut butter, someone’s lunch cooking in the microwave or even the thought of something can all turn your stomach when you are pregnant. 

44. Heartburn

Pregnancy heartburn is very common and sucks. You can think those lovely hormones for slowing down your digestion and causing your heartburn. 

Here are some natural ways to relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

45. Difficulty brushing teeth

70+ Early Pregnancy signs

You might find yourself gagging when you brush your teeth. Along with the aforementioned bleeding gums, you might find it brushing a little bit painful so go gently. 

46. Fainting 

Low blood sugar is the number one cause of dizziness and fainting in pregnancy. If you actually faint or black out, make sure to see your doctor for bloodwork. 

47. Veiny boobs 

Due to increase blood flow, the veins in your boobs will look more prominent and blue. 

48. Tingling Boobs

Tingling, sensitive breasts are very common, even before your period was due. 

49. Coffee Aversion

This is the very first sign of pregnancy for lots of women. They reach for their daily cup of coffee just as normal and it tastes weird. Before you check the expiry date on the box, make sure to take a pregnancy test! 

Again, this may be nature’s way of telling you to ease up on the caffeine. 

50. Charlie horse in legs at night

Leg cramps are really common in early pregnancy. Research has shown that increased Vitamin B can completely eliminate this symptom. 

51. Increased Allergies to Pollen

Even if you don’t normally suffer from allergies, you may find yourself sneezing with itchy eyes during pregnancy. Make sure to check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter allergy meds. 

52. Darkening of the skin

Dark patches on your skin (called Melasma) is also sometimes referred to as the mask of pregnancy. The patches typically appear on your face – upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead in the shape of a mask.

53. Feel Under the Weather

You may be pregnant if you feel like you are coming down with a cold or flu. 

54. Strong smelling Urine

My friend’s husband always says he can tell when she s pregnant when he can smell her pee from across the room.  If your pee smells like ammonia and you haven’t eaten anything like asparagus recently, you may be pregnant. 

55. Bitter taste in mouth

Along with the metallic taste, a bitter, sour taste in your mouth is a very early pregnancy sign. 

56. Excess Sweating

The rise in your body temperature can make you feel a bit more sweaty than usual in early pregnancy. 

57. Backache

Pregnancy backache

Lower backache is really common throughout pregnancy as the weight of your baby pulls on your spine. However, lower back pain is also an early pregnancy symptom that mimics your PMS cramps. 

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58. Congestion 

A stuffy nose out of nowhere is reported by many women to be the first sign they knew something was “up”. 

59.  Spotting 

Spotting in early pregnancy is common and not necessarily something to worry about. It can be caused by implantation bleeding or just irritation of the cervix. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association,  between 25-30% of women experience some bleeding in early pregnancy. 

60.Vaginal Discharge

Brown or pinkish vaginal discharge may occur during early pregnancy. This discharge may be a sign of implantation bleeding.

Around 8 weeks of pregnancy, a thin, milky discharge called leukorrhea will make an appearance. You might be shocked by how much of it your body produces.

61. Brittle Nails 

If you usually strong nails start breaking easily, you might be “enjoying” one of the more negative pregnancy symptoms. rest assured that your nails will likely get strong and healthy by your second trimester. 

62. Drooling

Yes, increased saliva really is one of the weirdest early signs of pregnancy! Luckily, this is one symptom that won’t last for long. 

63. Butterflies in your stomach

Twinges and tingles in your stomach aren’t caused by your baby moving just yet but they are a good sign that something is happening in there!

64. UTI

Bladder infections are very common in the first weeks of pregnancy so if you suspect you might be pregnant and have all the symptoms of a UTI, make sure to take a test, stat. 

65. Heavy feeling in your stomach

A tight or heavy feeling in your stomach during early pregnancy is often a sign of your uterus stretching and growing in preparation for your growing baby. 

66. Dry Mouth 

While some women suffer from excess saliva, others notice their mouth is dryer than normal in early pregnancy. 

67. Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds are caused by your fluctuating hormone levels and are generally nothing to worry about. 

68. Hemorrhoids

 Unfortunately many women suffer from hemorrhoids in pregnancy, sometimes as a result of constipation and other times just because. 

69. Shivering 

The opposite of the hot flashes in early pregnancy that are more common, some women say that shivering uncontrollable was one of the first early signs of pregnancy that they experienced. 

70. BFP

A Big Fat Positive Pregnancy test is by far the best pregnancy sign you will experience. You can typically expect to see results at around 12-15dpo (days post ovulation). 

Pregnancy Tests That Show Early Results 

The pregnancy tests below say they can tell you if you are pregnant even before your missed period.

First Response is the most popular brand for early pregnancy detection and they say they can tell you up to 6 days before your period is due. 

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

early pregnancy test 

Clearblue Smart Countdown & Rapid Detection



Docalon Early Pregnancy Test

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Early signs of pregnancy

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