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Toddler Science: Magic Milk

Magic milk is one of those amazingly simple things that toddlers just love. Ruth could seriously spend hours putting food coloring in milk and watching it move.

It’s an awesome little science experiment that uses things in your pantry.

The great thing about this activity is that, besides the lesson of chemical reactions,  you can use it to teach colors, counting (the drops of food coloring) and the big thing for Ruth to learn has been that once she has swirled all the coloring in the milk, it’s all done and I can’t undo it.

Toddler Science activity magic milk

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I originally came across the magic milk experiment on an awesome science for kids website called Steve Spangler Science. Check it out if you get a chance, there are a ton of cool experiments and offer a monthly box of tricks.

What you need

Shallow dish of milk

Food Coloring

 Craft Picks (optional)

Dish detergent

The Magic Milk Experiment

Let your preschooler put some drops of food coloring in the milk. They can swirl it around a bit with the toothpick.


Add a drop of the dish soap and watch what happens! It really is magic milk.

The science behind magic milk

The fat in the milk causes the fantastic burst of color. When the dish soap is added the soap molecules join up with the fat molecules from the milk. A way to see this is action is to try it with 2%, 1% and whole milk and see the differences.


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