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Pinterest Group Boards For Mom Bloggers To Join Today!

If you want to grow your blog traffic via Pinterest, group boards will be a main part of your marketing strategy and that’s where this list of Pinterest group boards for mom bloggers comes in.

Pinterest group boards are a great way to organize and share ideas with your blog followers.

You can create your own group boards or ask to join other ones. 

Once you’ve created a group board, you can invite bloggers you follow to join, and then share pins from the board on your blog. This way, your followers can see all of the ideas and content related to the board, and they can easily find new topics to explore.

If you read my last post about exploding your blog traffic using Pinterest group boards, you have probably realized that they are one of the best ways of getting your pins seen by as many people as quickly as possible!

pinterest group boards for mom bloggers


This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. Please read my Disclosure for more information.

Pinterest Group Boards That You Can Join Today

In that post, I showed you how to find and join group boards but you may have noticed that a lot that you find are either no longer accepting new contributors or you don’t hear back from the board owner.

I know that can be pretty disillusioning when you are just starting out.

I’ve, therefore, compiled a list of  awesome group boards that are open to new mommy bloggers now!

The boards in this post are all accepting new contributors as of June 2022. 

Another way to get Pinterest traffic for free

Although this post is about the best Pinterest group boards for mom bloggers,  another really good way to get Pinterest traffic to your site is to use Tailwind Communities.

I use the free communities plan and routinely get 3000+ page views a week just for a few minutes work a couple of times a week.  I created a step-by-step tutorial to Tailwind Communities if you want to learn how I use them to grow my blog.

A few tips on joining these group boards

I’ve posted the instructions for joining each group below and also any board rules that I could find but, as always, proper etiquette applies:

  • Follow the group board owner before you request to join
  • Don’t spam the boards
  • Repin other content as often as you pin your own (this helps the board and every member)
  • Don’t pin more than your max allowance each day.
  • Even if you use a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind 

Pinterest Group Boards For Mom Bloggers

Parenting Bloggers

Group Link – Parenting Bloggers

Rules: Please repin at a 1:1 ratio. 

Topics: All things parenting. Nothing religious. 

How to join: Fill out the google form that is linked on the Pinterest profile. 

Mom Life…. The Best Life

Group Link – Mom Life…The Best Life

Rules: No more than 3 pins per day and be sure to pay it forward and re-pin from this board.

Topics: Can include infertility, pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, being a SAHM, tips and tricks, picky eaters, anything motherhood related.

How to join: Message Lisa, the group owner through Pinterest. (need help? Make read learn how to send a message on Pinterest here.) 

All About Mom

Group Link: All About Mom

Rules:  Follow all collaborators and repin from the board when you add pins yourself.

Topics: All about motherhood. The struggles, tears, and laughter.

How to join:   Email Jess at thecoffeemom0617[@] or message her through Pinterest.

Mom Blogger Round-up

Group Link: Mom Blogger Round Up

Rules: Make sure you repin from the board! The more successful the board pins are, the better for every pin on the board!

Topics: A roundup of the best mom bloggers and their top articles. Topics: motherhood, home, diy, crafts, fashion, recipes, beauty, organization, products, travel, fitness, blogging, family, fun!

How to join: Follow me and email for an invite and subscription to the blog (you can opt out at any time).

Great Parenting Tips- For New and Seasoned Moms

Group Link: Great Parenting Tips- For New and Seasoned Moms

Rules: Max 5 pins per pinner per day.

Topics: Great tips and ideas for new and experienced parents. Faith-based posts ok – this is an inclusive board.

How to join: Follow and the board and email {at} with the request to be added. Be sure to include the email address connected to your Pinterest account.

The Mommy Board

Group Link: The Mommy Board

Rules: None Mentioned 

Topics: Tips and information for New Mommies 

How to join: To Join, follow board and follow Leigh | Millennial Mommy (creator) and email to request to join.

Happy Pinning!

Let me know how you find the Pinterest group boards I’ve listed and if there are any other ones I should add.

For tips on creating the perfect pin to add to your new group boards, download my free pin guide

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Monday 21st of February 2022


Thank you for this list. I’m a new mom blogger and I’m grateful for the time you took to out this list together. However, I’m super curious about your share widget on your website. It pops up on the side with a like heart button and share it button with a link to another blog post! Love it! Would really appreciate if you can share what it is.

Thank you!



Wednesday 6th of April 2022

Hi Sedaine, The share button I use is Grow by Mediavine. It is a plugin.


Saturday 5th of May 2018

I am so grateful that you took the time to make up this post. I have been searching high and low to get into some group boards that related to mom bloggers. (I also, by the way, love how you updated this recently so I knew I wasn't going to end up applying to the wrong boards) I am just starting out and finding this whole process very overwhelming and you just saved me so much time. I thank you!

Sierrah Rafferty

Saturday 10th of March 2018

Thank you so much for this list. I’m a new mom blogger and i’ve definitely seen increase in my traffic after joining and pinning to group boards. They aren’t easy to find so thank you for compiling them here! It inspired me to start my own group board


Saturday 10th of March 2018

That's awesome, Sierrah! Starting your own group is a great way to get your pins out there.


Tuesday 9th of January 2018

What an awesome list and thanks for sharing! When you are ready to update your list, please check out Momtastic Ideas, we have a beautiful group of mommies that share some wonderful ideas and it is currently accepting new pinners.


Friday 13th of October 2017

I love the mommy group boards you suggested, I am a part of most of them… In fact your list was my go to list for searching for mommy group boards! Thank you for your organized references here. I also have a mommy blog & mom group Board, I would love to be considered for joining the suggestion list: 'Boss Mom Millennials Advice' from Little Hat Family. :) thanks! -Kelly


Friday 13th of October 2017

Hi Kelly, Thanks for your comment. I have added your board to the list and removed one that is no longer taking new contributors! thanks so much for reading this post, I'm glad it helped you. Gemma