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The Best Crystals For Fertility

Pretty gemstones have been popular for years as home decor and for their purported healing energy properties. Recently, people have been more and more interested in using crystals for fertility and reproductive health. 

The origins of using crystals goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. As early as 400BC, people wore talismans and amulets made of different crystals thought to emit different energetic powers. 

Nowadays, crystals are popular as a way to clean the air in your home or to protect you from negativity.

While many people think of crystals as a bit out there and kooky, their popularity continues to grow and more and more people are turning to alternative therapies to fix what ails them. 

For centuries, humans have looked for natural remedies for illnesses and fertility issues are no exception.

Whether you are looking to get pregnant naturally or increase your chances of an IVF cycle working, one thing’s for sure, using crystals won’t hurt, and may even help. 

Read on for the best crystals for fertility that are popular right now. 

crystals for fertility

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How Do Crystals For Fertility Work?

There really is no real “science” behind using healing stones and crystals for healing.

Most practitioners believe that holding a crystal or keeping it near you (on a piece of jewelry or in your home), can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The reasoning behind this is that crystals interact with your body’s energy field known as the chakra.

When it comes to fertility, the second chakra called Swadhisthana or sacral chakra is what we want to focus on. 

The sacral chakra is located in the lower stomach and it controls your sexual vitality and fertility.

Crystal experts believe that a blocked sacral chakra can affect fertility and is most often caused by emotional issues such as fear and frustration. 

Given that fertility issues can affect your emotional wellbeing, it makes sense that the more you worry about getting pregnant, the higher your stress levels get. 

How To Use Crystals For Fertility

There are a number of ways you can use crystals for fertility benefits. The most popular ways to keep crystals near you include:

  • Fertility crystals bracelet like this one from Etsy. (a bracelet is great as your wrist is close to your sacral chakra). 
  • Place the crystal under your bed or under your mattress close to stomach level
  • Wear a necklace with the gemstone as a pendant
  • Add a crystal or two to your bathwater. 
  • Learn how to use a crystal grid and amplify the power of the crystals you choose. 

10 Best Crystals For Fertility

Moonstone For Fertility

moonstone for fertility
Moonstone is a beautiful shimmering white stone that is thought to be extremely beneficial for feminine energy. It may help to open up your heart and sacral chakras and improve fertility.

Moonstone can help to regulate your menstrual cycles and balance hormones, making pregnancy more likely.

How To Use Rose Quartz For Fertility

how to use rose quartz for fertility
Rose quartz is the perfect crystal to place under your bed at night. It is known as the crystal of unconditional love and can help with self-care and promoting sexual vitality and sensuality.


crystals for fertility

This is a bright green gemstone that is a great healer. Chrysoprase is a detoxifying stone that can help to eliminate waste from the body and mind. 

Use chrysoprase for infertility caused by infections or blockages as well as STDs. 


best crystals for fertility
Aquamarine is a popular stone and the birthstone for March. It is thought to promote wellbeing and a sense of calm and is a great choice for preventing miscarriage. 

Aquamarine jewelry is very popular and easy to obtain.

Green Jade

crystals and gemstones for fertility
Jade is another bright green crystal and probably one of the most well-known. Jade is thought to be lucky and to help release pent up energy. People also believe that Jade can help boost blood flow to the reproductive organs in both men and women. 


how to use crystals for fertility
Fluorite is one of the most important fertility crystals. It can help to balances hormones and is highly recommended for conditions such as PCOS, irregular cycles and perimenopause. 


fertility crystal set

Aventurine is a beautiful green gemstone that promotes overall wellbeing and reproductive health. It is a crystal associated with love and positivity and is a perfect addition to a fertility crystals bracelet or necklace.


fertility crystals for health

Red Carnelian stimulates the reproductive organs and balances hormones. It is also a really good crystal to use to improve libido.

Ruby Zoisite

crystals for fertility
Ruby Zoisite is the combination of two gemstones and it is a powerful fertility crystal that can amplify energy and boost reproductivity. It’s also a great fertility crystal for men. 

Smokey Quartz

smokey quartz for fertility
Not to be confused with rose quartz, smokey quartz is another quartz stone that is full of fertility benefits.

It is recommended for stimulating the reproductive organs for women who are over 40 and want to get pregnant. 

The Best Crystals For Male Fertility

Many crystals for fertility are great for both men and women, these include:

  • Ruby Zoisite

  • Smokey Quartz

  • Chrysoprase

Other potent crystals for male fertility include:

Blue Pietersite

This stormy looking blue and gold stone promotes cleansing and renewal. Pietersite can help to remove stubborn blockages in your chakras and is used for resolving male impotence caused by mental blockages. 

Unfortunately, Blue Pietersite is a rare stone found in Namibia so it is very expensive to buy. 


pryrite for male fertility. Male fertility crystals
This crystal is often called “Fool’s Gold. Pyrite is thought to stimulate  endocrine function and is used for male impotence and infertility. 

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Where To Buy Crystals and Gemstones For Fertility

You can purchase fertility crystals and jewelry at local alternative health stores. Another great place to source quality gemstones is Etsy.

If you would like to purchase jewelry, this is one of the best places to shop. Here are my top picks:

Crystals and Gemstones For Fertility

Final Thoughts On Crystals For Fertility

Crystals are beautiful and can create a sense of wellbeing and calm but many people wonder if they can really help your fertility issues?

This article from Time Magazine addressed the question “Do Crystals really work? and cites numerous studies that seem to point to the benefits of crystals being a great example of the placebo affect at work.

What this means is that you may well experience positive affects from using crystals if you believe that they will help you although the science may not be there. 

My feelings are that crystals for sure cannot hurt your fertility journey and if they bring a sense of calm and wellness to you in a difficult and stressful time, then why not try them?

Many people for centuries have sworn by their healing properties and there is no reason you can’t benefit from them too.

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