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How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility

 If you are interested in herbs to improve your fertility, then using essential oils for fertility is a great way to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

You have probably heard about essential oils, especially if you look up natural ways to boost your fertility  but how exactly do you use them and how can they help you get pregnant? 

essential oils for fertility

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Before we dive into all the information about essential oils, know that this guide is an introduction to everything you need to know about the best essential oils to help with fertility. 

It is the first in a series of posts I have on using these natural oils to improve different ailments that might affect your ability to conceive. 

Certain essential oils are good for getting pregnant as they can help balance your hormones and improve blood flow into your reproductive areas. 

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What are essential oils?

 Essential oils are extracted from parts of flowers, plants, and trees. The oils come from the flower petals, bark, leaves, seeds, roots, and fruits.

They often smell great and can be found in bath oils, natural air fresheners and room sprays.

Even a single drop of oil from these parts of a plant or tree can have a great positive impact on mental and physical health.

Essential oils are extracted by steaming the plant to separate the oil from water, which is a type of distillation process. They are highly concentrated and too strong for direct contact on your skin.

Why use essential oils for getting pregnant?

Essential oils are used as a natural or holistic remedy for various ailments.  While they are not meant to replace medical treatment, they can help complement and help with everything from migraines to skin conditions.

Here are some of the ways essential oils can help you during your fertility journey:

    • Insomnia
    • Menstrual irregularities
    • Anxiety, stress, and depression

How do you use essential oils for fertility?

You have a few different options for using your essential oils. A common way is through aromatherapy, where you get the benefits from having the scent in the air, such as with a diffuser or by placing it in your bathtub.

4 Ways to Use Essential Oils

Here are the best ways to use essential oils to improve your fertility, there is also one way you should never use essential oils which I’ve linked to at the bottom of this post.

In the Bath

 Using essential oils is in the bathtub is great because of the dual benefits of aromatherapy from inhaling the scents, and by having diluted oils on your skin. 

You also don’t need any fancy equipment, diffusers, or by using carrier oils to dilute them, you just need a few drops of whatever essential oils you want to use. 

Lavender and chamomile are great for the bath when you want to relax and de-stress, plus they help you sleep better.

Where To Apply Essential oils for Fertility

You can also apply the essential oils directly to your skin. It is very important that you mix the oil with a carrier oil if it will be in direct contact with your skin. This helps to dilute the oil and prevents skin irritation from the pure essential oils.

Common carrier oils include coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and hazelnut oil, hemp seed oil, and sunflower oil. Typically any oils from nuts or seeds are going to be acceptable.

You should not use other forms of oil or grease in your kitchen, such as vegetable oil or vegetable shortening, butter, or margarine. You also do not want to use any type of mineral oil for application on the skin with essential oils.

In body products

You can add essential oils into body or beauty products such as body lotions or face oils. 


With aromatherapy, you inhale the essential oils  as they waft in the air.  The best way to do this is by using a diffuser. You drop the oils into the diffuser and it puts the scent out into the room.

If you are going to try aromatherapy, one excellent way to do it is by using a diffuser.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Cool Air Nebulizer

With this type of diffuser, there is a high amount of cold air pressure that helps to vaporize the essential oils. A glass bulb inside works like a condenser and the oils are released into the air supply. 

Candle diffusers

Candle diffusers look similar to a tart warmer. There is a glass container that holds a small candle on the bottom and you place the oils on the tray on the top. The heat works similar to the electric heat diffuser to release the scent of the oils.

The Best Essential Oils For Fertility


Frankincense is a fertility powerhouse and is great for treating hormone imbalances.  Research from 2013 showed that frankincense increased implantation rates and overall fertility in rats during a controlled study.

Read all about using Frankincense for fertility here. 



Sweet Fennel Oil

You may not have though of using fennel for fertility but it is a powerful herb that can help regulate menstrual cycles and balancing hormones. It is a great essential oil for PCOS and women suffering with irregular cycles.

How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility


Clary Sage

You have may have heard about clary sage and fertility as it is considered one of the best essential oils for improving your chances of getting pregnant. It helps to balance hormones and regulate the menstrual cycle.

You may also have heard it called by a brand name “clary calm”. 

It is also an antidepressant so it can help you feel better during the ups and downs of fertility.

One thing to note – Clary sage is a uterine tonic and while it is used to prepare the body for labour in the late stages of pregnancy, it should not be used in the first two trimesters.

For this reason, it’s best to only use clary sage until ovulation, just to be on the safe side.

Essential oils for fertility.Essential oils for infertility!


Geranium not only smells good but it is a powerhouse for improving fertility naturally.  It is another essential oil that is great for balancing hormones and regulating your cycle. It is also recommended as an essential oil for endometriosis.
essential oils for fertility


Jasmine is pretty expensive so you will notice that it comes in much smaller bottles than some of the other essential oils for fertility.

It is great for all kinds of reproductive health and it is especially good at easing menstrual cramps and improving libido.


How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility

German Chamomile

German chamomile is a great anti-inflammatory essential oil that can help to reduce cysts and fibroids. It is a natural pain reliever and promotes a sense of peace when inhaled which can help with infertility-related stress and worry.

How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility


Cypress oil is often recommended as a natural remedy for ovarian cysts.It is also very good for reducing painful periods and easing cramps.

How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility

Ylang ylang

People have been using Ylang ylang for fertility for centuries. It is a great smelling oil that is good for libido and reducing stress. It’s a great essential oil to add to different fertility blends or in a bath.

How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility


Yarrow is a uterine stimulant that promotes menstruation and can help to regulate your cycle.  It’s great for women who have trouble ovulating or for women with PCOS/long cycles.a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility 

Essential oils for fertility -related conditions

While it’s a great idea to use blends of different essential oils, there are some that a especially good for certain fertility issues:

What essential oils are good for ovarian cysts?

Try clary sage, geranium, frankincense and cypress.

The best essential oils for PCOS

Although it is debatable whether essential oils can cure PCOS, you can definitely alleviate a lot of your symptoms by using oils that regulate the hormones.

Here is a complete list of essential oils for PCOS. Good ones to try are geranium, sweet fennel, lavender and clary sage.

Which essential oils are good for uterine fibroids?

Again, clary sage is a great one to try here as well as thyme and frankincense. The best way to use essential oil to treat fibroids is to apply a blend of oils to your stomach using a roller ball. You can buy empty roller balls on Amazon.

Can essential oils help with progesterone?

If you have low progesterone levels, you can try a blend of essential oils such as geranium, thyme and frankincense.

One of the largest essential oil companies, Young Living Oils, has a special blend specifically for low progesterone called Progessence.

It gets amazing reviews on Amazon. You can buy it directly from Young Living and it is also available on Amazon.

Can essential oils improve egg quality?

While there are no essential oils specifically recommended for improving egg quality, as part of a healthy lifestyle and fertility diet routine, you can try a general fertility-boosting blend of clary sage, geranium and sweet fennel.

Essential Oils For Male Fertility

Many of the essential oils for female fertility also have fantastic benefits for men. There are essential oils for low testosterone and others that can help increase sperm count.

Clary Sage – great for balancing male hormones and may also help impotency.

Rose Oil – increases sperm count and sperm quality

Jasmine – known for its healing properties and may help strengthen the male organs.

Cypress -increases testosterone in men

Ylang Ylang – can help impotency in men

Frankincense – Has been shown to increase in sperm motility and sperm density. 

Read about more 5 Essential Oils For Male Fertility here.

If you want to get more information about boosting sperm health, make sure to download this free ebook. 

Blending essential oils for fertility

Now that you know which essential oils are the best for fertility, you can start using them in a diffuser or in your bath.

The great thing about the oils is that you can make up blends of a few different oils so that you get different benefits at the same time. Most blends work well with 6-8 drops of 4 or 5 different essential oils plus 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil.

Click here for 5 ways to make your own DIY Essential Oil Fertility Blend

At the link above you can find five different blends that target specific fertility issues such as PCOS, hormone imbalance and low ovarian reserve. The blends can be made into rollerballs or added to a diffuser in your home. 

You can also buy ready-made essential oils for fertility.

Amazon does sell some but I find the best blends are from Etsy:

Fertile Myrtle Rollerball

Contains: Clary sage, sweet fennel, geranium, bergamot and lavenderEssential oils for fertility.Essential oils for infertility!

Hormone Support For PCOS

Hormone Support is a blend of essential oils for fertility that naturally helps balance hormones. It may be helpful for you if you are suffering with PCOS, fertility issues, menopausal symptoms due to unbalanced hormones.

Contains: Clary sage, sweet fennel, geranium, lavender, rose oyto and ylang ylang,

Essential oils for fertility.


Fertility blend for him

Essential oils for fertility

The most important thing when buying essential oils whether from a store or online is to make sure that you are buying pure, therapeutic grade oils.

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essential oils for fertility

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What a absolutely wonderful site. I just have one question - if I make my own fertility blend where do I rub the oils? My tummy or back etc.

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