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Kombucha and Fertility – What You Need To Know

If you are trying to get pregnant, you might want to consider  adding a probiotic to your diet. One of the best probiotics to take is kombucha and fertility experts agree that it could help with a myriad of infertility issues.

It’s been touted as a superfood but can it really help you get pregnant?

Never heard of kombucha? It’s still kind of new in the Western world but it is gaining popularity as a superfood that can help with your energy levels, gut health and it can really support a healthy immune system. 

You can buy kombucha in health stores or even make your own with some simple ingredients. 

Kombucha and fertility

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How can probiotics help with fertility?

Probiotics like kombucha help keep your gut healthy. 

A healthy digestive system can help with hormone balance, PCOS regulation and general reproductive health. 

Kombucha and Fertility

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink that originated in China 2000 years ago. It is made with either green or black tea,  sugar, yeast and bacteria (that’s how it gets fermented). 

The mix of bacteria and yeast is called a SCOBY , also known as “the mother”.

SCOBY is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast which is added to the tea before it is left to ferment for a few weeks. It kind of looks like a squishy mushroom. 

You can add sugar to your fermented mix to give it a sweeter flavour. 

The correct pronunciation of kombucha is  “Kum-boo-chuh”. 

Benefits of Komucha

Kombucha has a ton of health benefits, similar to other probiotics that you can take for overall health. 

The main benefits that can affect your fertility include:

Hormone Imbalance (thyroid, estrogen)

(Hormone issues are one of the most common root causes of infertility.

Healthy gut microbiome

Correct Vaginal PH (meaning less chance of yeast and other infections)

The anti-bacteria components of kombucha make it great for preventing candida yeast overgrowth. Does k

Immune support

No more sugar cravings (sugar and carbs in general can be detrimental to fertility)

Detoxification – if you aren’t ready for a full fertility cleanse, kombucha is a great substitute. 

(To learn more about detoxing before fertility, check out this post about doing a fertility cleanse). 

Regulating the digestive system

Antioxidants to improve cell growth 

Just like drinking regular tea, kombucha, especially the green tea version, is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants play an important role in cell health, essential when you are trying to conceive. 

Is Kombucha good for Sperm count?

Kombucha and male fertility has not been studied as much as female fertility but common sense would show that in this case,  to paraphrase a popular saying, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. 

Kombucha is a superfood that is good for everyone, and can only improve your overall health. 

Does Kombucha Contain alcohol?

As a fermented drink, it makes sense that alcohol is a by-product of making komnucha. 

Does this mean that that komucha and fertility is an oxymoron?

After all, we all know that it’s best to give up alcohol when trying to conceive. 

Don’t fear, regular Kombucha that you buy in the store will show you the alcohol level and at least in the US, you would have to be 21 to buy kombucha that has an alcohol level over 0.5 ABV. 

It’s ok to drink kombucha while trying to conceive but don’t overdo it. 1-2 drinks a day is probably sufficient to avoid too much alcohol. 

If you make kombucha yourself, you do want to make sure you follow some simple guidelines. 

How to Make Your Own Kombucha

The main thing you need to do when making your own kombucha for fertility is to get a SCOBY. You can buy them at health stores or even get a Kombucha Starter Kit that contains everything you need to brew this wonder drink at home. 
Kombucha brewing kitkombucha starter kit

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