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Jewellery Gifts For Modern Moms This Christmas

If you are looking for some cute jewellery to give the woman in your life this Christmas,  I have good news. 

 Today’s modern mamas favor handmade, original jewelry that will hurt your wallet so much less than traditional pieces. Just do a search on Pinterest and you will see what I mean. 

Below you will find my top picks for this Christmas. Make sure to get your orders in soon to ensure on time delivery. 

handmade jewelry gift ideas

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 Jewellery Ideas For Christmas

All the ideas below come from Etsy. I love buying unique gifts on Etsy because they support small businesses which is particularly important right now. The jewelry for moms below are all handmade items which makes them extra special. 

Handwriting Bracelet from Caitlyn Minimalist

mother's day jewelry ideas

I’m bookmarking this best selling bracelet as it would make such a perfect gift for someone who has lost someone special. Just scan a sample of the handwriting you want copied and Kate, the shop owner will replicate it into a piece of sterling silver jewelry. 

Grandma Necklace from Centime Gift

grandma jewelry necklace -Mother's Day Jewellery Ideas

This cute necklace is another Etsy Bestseller and is perfect for grandma. You can add up to 20 names to the rings which come in gold or silver.

Birthstone Ring For Moms from Danique Jewelry

Mother's day ring -Mother's Day Jewellery Ideas

This custom birthstone ring combo has a larger oval ring representing mom and tiny round rings representing the kids. It comes in either sterling silver or 18k vermeil gold and is just a modern way to celebrate your family. 

Birthstone and Leaves Necklace from Delezhen

necklace-leaves -Mother's Day Jewellery Ideas

This is an amazing, one of a kind, personalized birthstone and initials family necklace that looks gorgeous on.

Bonus Mom Gift Set from Dear Ava Gifts

Mother's Day Jewellery Ideas - bonus mom gift

Just because she’s not your biological mother, doesn’t mean she’s not a mother figure.  This special gift set is perfect for the other mothers in our lives. 

Mama Necklace from Grace Personalized

Mama necklace for Mother's day -Mother's Day Jewellery Ideas


This is one of my favorite Mother’s Day jewelry ideas for new moms. It’s so cute and delicate. The same seller also sells a personalized version. 

Mother and Son Necklace from Bella and Blush

Mother and son necklace for Mother's day jewelry ideas

Bella and Blush has some really cute Mother’s Day Jewellery Ideas. This delicate necklace can be engraved with any initial and there are also similar versions for Mamas to be. 

Initial Necklace from QQ47

initial necklace for Mother's Day Jewellery


The initial necklace is a hand-stamped pendant centered on a delicate chain-link. It comes in silver, gold and rose gold finishes.

If you want to check out even more gift ideas from Etsy, check out their Editor’s picks


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