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35 Best Push Presents For Dad In 2024

Should dads get push gifts? Although you could technically argue that he doesn’t do any actual pushing, the hottest new trend is to get push presents for dad as well as the new mom. 

Traditionally, push presents are a special gift for mom to reward her for her hard work during labour.

Although giving a new mom a great push present is most certainly an awesome idea, in this post we have some of the best present ideas for the expectant dad in your life.

Whether you are looking for a sentimental gift or are looking for something more practical, we have you covered.

Keep reading for the best push presents for a new father.

push presents for dads

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Why Give A Dad A Push Gift?

We all celebrate new mamas after baby is born but it can be fun to give a first time dad a thoughtful gift too.

Giving dad a push present is a way to say thank you for all his support during the labour and birth of the new baby.

After all, long gone are the days when dad just had to pace the corridors waiting for the nurse to come out with an update. 

Now they are in the delivery room with you anxiously awaiting your gorgeous baby.

Modern dads are more involved with the birth experience than ever, from attending prenatal classes to learning breathing techniques and giving back rubs during labour. 

Plus, they will sharing in the late nights and

A lot of experts actually think that push presents for dad are a really great way to make sure dad doesn’t feel left out in the whirlwind that is the first few days of newborn life. 

Even though I think we can all agree that mom does the heavy lifting when it comes to childbirth, why not appreciate everyone and say thanks to dad with one of the great gift ideas below. 

35 Push Presents For Dad To Show Your Appreciation

There is no more special occasion than the birth of a newborn baby so giving the perfect gift is a great idea.

I’ve separated the push gifts for dads below into a few different categories:

  1. Practical gift ideas: Useful “dad” versions for must-have baby gear
  2. New Dad gifts
  3. Special gifts that men love

Depending on the kind of push gift you are going for, you will find tons of cool options below, from the useful to the frivolous but fun!

Dad Versions of Baby Gear

A lot of dads complain that baby items such as carriers, diaper bags and other paraphernalia are just too “girly” or embarrassing to carry around.

Or maybe that’s just a great excuse. 

Either way, why not get him a really manly version of the classics so he can take baby around town in style. 

Manly Diaper Bag

Manly diaper bag

Getting dad his own diaper bag is a great option if you want a practical push gift.

This cool military style diaper bag is made by a Veteran owned company based out of San Diego.

This durable diaper bag is built tough with tons of pockets and room for all of baby’s essentials. 

Carseat Cover

push presents for dad

How cute is this carseat cover? The inside lining is a plush slinky material that is super soft for baby.

You can even have it embroidered with baby’s name

The great news about this gift is that you can get it for free!

Use promo code SEASIDE100 to get $50 off a Carseat

That will get you this camo version for free (just pay shipping and handling). 

A Rugged Stroller

BOB Revolution stroller - push presents for dad

Forget flimsy little strollers, the BOB Revolution is hardy and perfect for jogging, hiking and even pushing through ice and snow.

This is a great gift idea for a baby shower if you can have a few people pool their money together. 

I went through a bunch of strollers with my two kids but the BOB was by far my best purchase, it is easy to push with one hand and will go through any mud or terrain you decide to explore.

Baby Carrier

 push presents for dad

A baby carrier is a great for dad to get involved with holding baby on walks or even around the house.

The Ergobaby carrier is one of the bestselling baby carriers because you can use it in a ton of positions plus it is strong enough for baby’s up to 45 pounds. 

Water Bottle With A Secret Compartment

 water bottle with a secret compartment

One thing that new parents always struggle with is carrying all their essentials plus baby and the baby gear.

This handy water bottle takes care of all that with a secret compartment that holds keys, money, cards and even Airpods.

Plus it will fit in the stroller caddy. 

Kangaroo Shirt

Kangeroo shirt - push presents for dad

This t-shirt gives access to Dad’s chest and allows for skin to skin bonding for baby and dad in the first few months.

I remember my husband taking his shirt off to hold the baby so he could do skin to skin so this is a much better option.

It is one of my favorite push presents for dad because they can use it so much and it makes baby-father bonding so easy. 

Dad and Me Board Book

 My dad and me board book for kids

Make bedtime stories extra special with a cute daddy and me board book like this one that tells the story of Little Bear and Daddy Bear sharing a special day together exploring the woods. 

Stoller Hand Muff

 Stroller hand muff

One of my friends owns this hand muff and I was so envious when I saw it.

You simply strap it to the handlebars of your stroller and it gives you a cozy place to put your hands in cold weather.

Plus you can easily see your phone using the clear pocket – ingenious! 


wooden teether for men

If dad wears a suit and tie to the office, then this is one of the most unique push presents for dad that I have found. 

It’s a regular tie but with a wooden teether at the end so that when you are holding baby, he or she has something to chew on and doesn’t ruin your tie! 

Gameboy Teether

gameboy teether

Talking of teethers, here is another one that dad will love to carry around in his manly diaper bag.

This Gameboy inspired teether is made from food grade silicone and is 100% non-toxic. 

Buff Baby Rattle

Push Presents For Dad

I actually had this rattle for my first baby and it was so funny watching her shake it around. 

New Dad Gifts

Another idea for cute push presents for dad is something that celebrates his new role as a father.

Here are some of the best options including some funny ideas for the joker in the family. 

Promote To Dad Whiskey Tumbler

 whiskey tumber for new dad

Just what dad needs after a long day of changing diapers – a wee dram of whiskey in his new daddy glass! 

Daddy and Me Gamer Shirts

 push presents for dad

These cute matching outfits are perfect for a gamer dad and the little gamer to be. 

Parent Decision Coins

 dad's turn or mom's turn coins

This fun gift will help make the newborn days easier by deciding for you who will be next to change the diaper or do bathtime. 

New Dad Gift Box

 new dad gift box

Filled with men’s care products and baby essentials, Daddy will have everything he needs to rock his new role as the handy dad, the manly dad, and the new dad with this gift box. 

Promote To Dad Travel Mug

 travel tumbler for dad - promoted to dadThere is no doubt that one thing that a new parent need is a constant supply of coffee or tea to keep them going after a sleepless night.

If the new dad is a coffee drinker, why not get him a travel coffee mug like this one?

If you want to go even further, get him a new coffee maker and a monthly coffee subscription to keep him caffeinated.

Daddy And Me Framed Photo

my dad and me photo frameFrame a special moment by giving dad a simple gift like a framed photo to put on his desk when he goes back to work.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

diaper duty package for dadsMake changing diapers more fun with the Daddy’s Diaper Duty device.

The handy tool belt contains diapers and wipes, plastic tongs, safety glasses and travel-sized baby products. 

It is sure to make those late-night feedings easier!

Papa Bear House Slippers

 pap bear slippers

Having a newborn often means spending a lot more time at home so why not get comfy with these cozy slippers?

They make the perfect push gift for a new dad. 

Leather Photo Keychain

push presents for dad

 Give dad the gift of keeping baby close with this genuine leather photo keychain. 

Drinking Buddies Matching Tees

push presents for dad

These matching outfits get great reviews from new dads who want to match their baby with a bit of humour. 

Dad Jokes For New Dads

dad jokes for new moms book

Start him early with this dad joke book that is sure to keep him and the entire family entertained.


Newspaper from The Day Of Baby’s Birth

push presents for dads

This is a great keepsake that your child will love looking at when they get older.

My tip is to ask a family member to get the day’s newspaper for you because there is a good chance you won’t remember in the chaos of giving birth. 

Be Prepared – Guide For New Dads

 new dad's handbook


An indispensable survival manual for men entering the trenches of fatherhood, Be Prepared is loaded with one-of-a-kind insights, MacGyver-esque tips and tricks including change a baby at a sports event and how to stay awake at work. 

Treats For A New Dad

funny gifts for new dads

If your dad to be has a sweet tooth the how about this care package of treats, specially made for him? 

Special Gifts That Men Love

Traditionally a push present for a woman is something special that she has either wanted for a long time or that costs a lot of money.

Things like a fancy new purse or diamond tennis bracelet are popular push presents. 

If you want to go that route for dad, here are some special ideas that he will love. 

A Nice Watch

 Michael Kors watch

Sure, we can all get the time from our phones but a nice engraved watch is an excellent push present that never goes out of style.

Make it even more special by getting a pocket watch engraved with your child’s name. 

Men’s Survival Kit

 Men's survival kit

This 12 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit contains: Pocket bellow,Wire saw, Water Bottle Clip, Emergency Blanket, Flint stone Scraper, Flashlight, Credit Card, Multi-use Spoon Fork, and Waterproof Box and is perfect for any man who fancies himself a survivalist. 

Back Massager

Push Presents For Dad

This is a fantastic gift for new parents who have aching backs and necks after a long day holding a newborn.

This heated pad is perfect for getting rid of back pain while you hold baby. 

Bluetooth Shower Speakers

 waterproof Bluetooth speakers

My husband has these shower speakers and he loves to use them when he wants some alone time in the shower. 

Whiskey Globe Decanter

 whiskey globe decanter

This beautiful glass whiskey decanter comes with two glasses that are etches with the World map. 

Magnetic Pick Up Light

 magnetic pick up light - push presents for dad

Just read the reviews to see how useful this tool with a bright LED light is. It gets amazing reviews. 

Air Pods Pro

 Air Pods are a great push presents for fathers

AirPods area great gift for a new dad. He can use the on walks with baby in the stroller or hit the gym in his free time.

Make it even special by adding an audible subscription so he can listen to his favorite podcasts while he looks after baby. 

Wooden Docking Station

wooden docking station push present for dad

This handy docking station has room for all of dad’s essentials. It is perfect for keeping the nursing/baby feeding station organized.

Leather Wallet

 Push Presents For Dad

A good quality leather wallet always makes a great gift.

This one is made from high quality Argentinian leather and has 12 card slots to fit everything in.

A Great Belt

 leather belt - push presents for dads

Even the man who has everything needs a new leather belt every now and again.

Push Presents For Dad – FAQs

When are push presents given? 

Of course, while you can give a push gift to dad whenever you want, they are typically given right after baby has been born.

You can give it while you are still at the hospital or when you get home. 

What is a good push present for dad?

The list above has hopefully given you a bunch of fun ideas for the perfect push present for the father to be in your life. 

You know him best so consider the kinds of things he likes when choosing the perfect push present for him! 

If you want more gift ideas for new dads, make sure to check my 10 Unique Gifts For New Dads

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