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Where To Buy Cheap Maternity Clothes {11 Best Places}

I’ll admit it. One of my favorite things about being pregnant was the excuse to buy cute maternity dresses and tops. That being said, when you are already budgeting for a new baby, the key is to find super cheap maternity clothes that look great too. 

After all, you may need to go into work, attend baby showers and just want to look cute during this fun time. Plus, you may want to do a maternity photoshoot and need some special outfits. 

Luckily there are some hidden gems where you can find cute maternity outfits that will see you through all 9 months. 

Read on for the best places to fill your maternity wardrobe on a budget and still look amazing. 

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If you’re in a rush, let’s get down to basics.

Here are the top spots to buy everything you need for your maternity wardrobe:

Affordable Maternity Clothes: Target or Joe Fresh

Cheap Maternity Jeans: Old Navy 

Best Maternity Leggings: Mother’s Essentials on Amazon

Luxury Maternity Clothes: Rent them from Mama Bump Rentals

Summer Clothes For Pregnancy: Old Navy 

Best Basic Maternity Tank Tops: Target

Cheap Maternity Dress Pants: H & M Mama

Best Maternity Swimsuits: Motherhood Maternity

Affordable Maternity Dresses For  Your Baby Shower: Pink Blush

Best Maternity Lingerie: Amazon

Maternity Coats: Gap 

Overall Best Super Cheap Maternity Clothes: Shein 

Tips For Finding Super Cheap Maternity Clothes

The above places are the best for finding maternity clothes on a budget but you can save even more money with these tips:

1. Consider Second-Hand Clothes

Once Upon A Child, Value Village and Goodwill all have great maternity sections. Bear in mind that most maternity clothes are barely worn so even if you don’t normally shop thrift stores, this is one time where it can be worth making an exception. 

Look for maternity coats, jeans and sweaters to see you through pregnancy with style. 

2. Look For Hand-me-Downs

Another great option for buying maternity clothes on a budget is to look for hand-me-downs. I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of clothes from a friend who just had her baby. 

If you don’t have a friend with hand-me-downs, check out Buy Nothing groups on Facebook and even women selling large lots of maternity clothes for cheap on Marketplace. 

After I was done with my maternity clothes, I sold a huge bin of them online for $20. It was probably $300 worth of clothing, all in great condition. 

3. Be Realistic About What You Need

It can be fun to shop for new clothes and pregnancy is a great excuse but the truth is, you don’t need to go overboard. You may even find that you can wear a lot of your pre- pregnancy clothing until pretty late in your pregnancy. 

Create your own maternity capsule wardrobe with basic tanks and tops in neutral colors. Jazz them up with your pre-maternity cardigans left open. 

4. Get Cash back

If you do need to buy some new items, make sure to take advantage of cash back offers from retailers. 

There are two places I recommend signing up for:

You will get $10 just for signing up for Rakuten and then can get cash back at hundreds of stores.

Current deals on maternity clothes include:

Old Navy – 2%

Pink blush – 2%

Motherhood – 1%

A Pea in The Pod – 1%

Gap Maternity – 2%

To earn the cash back, all you have to do is click through the link to the store via Rakuten. The money will automatically appear in your account and can be cashed out quarterly.

Swagbucks is a bit different as you will earn Swag bucks  (Sbs).instead of actual cash back. You can then redeem your Sbs for gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Current Swagbucks offers for maternity gear:

Shein – 3%

Thyme Maternity – 1%

Pink Blush – 2%

The Best Places To Get Cheap Maternity Clothes

Obviously, we are all different and need different kids of clothing but if your budget is limited, you can get away with just a few key pieces to create your ideal maternity closet. 

Make sure to do an inventory of pieces you already own. Anything with a front opening can be used throughout your pregnancy – that means you don’t need special maternity coats, cardigans, hoodies and wraps. 

I found that stretchy sweater dresses with ruches sides were find for me throughout my pregnancies, even though they weren’t maternity specific (I got mine at Express). 

You may be able to wear your leggings and yoga pants for the first two trimesters but be careful that you don’t stretch out the waistbands too much. I wore my Lululemon pants throughout pregnancy number 1 and ruined them. 

If you want to stretch your jeans and dress pants as long as possible, you can close the button with a hair tie for a few extra months.

I have created a easy guide on how to create a maternity capsule wardrobe with a free printable checklist that you can download. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get your copy.

5 Items Every Pregnant woman needs

While you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe for your growing pregnant body, you will want to get yourself some stylish maternity clothes to wear throughout your entire pregnancy,

Most people can get away with a few key maternity pieces mixed in with their everyday wear for the first few months of pregnancy. As you move into the second and third trimester, you will need to shop maternity stores for things like maxi dresses and maternity bras.

Here are the key items that you will want to get for your pregnancy:

1. Leggings

Plain black maternity leggings will take you to work (layered under a dress), to yoga class and for lazy weekends. If you are not a fan of leggings, you might want to get some maternity pants instead.

2. A Maternity Bra

I bought maternity/nursing bras which did double duty and saved me money in the long run. You will find a bra makes sleeping much more comfortable as the months go on. If it doubles as a nursing bra, you can use it once baby is born too.

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3. Slip On Shoes

Whether it is flip=flops or Uggs, by the end of your pregnancy, you will not want to bend down and tie up your shoes.

Make sure you have a weather appropriate option that you can just slip on. 

4. One Cute Dress

A cute dress will be perfect for your baby shower, any parties or just for a fancy dinner out. You don’t need to spend a ton to get a cute baby shower dress that will see you through your pregnancy photos and more. If you are pregnant during the warmer months, t-shirt dresses are another great option.

5. One Pair of Jeans

A comfortable pair of maternity jeans will be a Godsend as your progress in your pregnancy. There are two types of jeans you can get, the type with the over-the belly band or the lower waist kind which are more like jeggings. 

Personally I found the over the belly fabric itchy so I liked the jegging style but it is a personal choice and worth trying a few pairs on in store to see which kind you like best. 

Why get maternity clothes on a budget?

There is no point spending a ton of money on maternity clothes that you will only wear for a few months.

Remember that you won’t need to wear your maternity gear until the second trimester in most cases. I recommend you don’t start buying your maternity clothes until around week 14 or 15 so that you can evaluate exactly what you need. 

Even if you plan on having several children, you may find that trends change and you don’t like the clothes you had previously bought. Plus, you might not want to wear the same dress for maternity photoshoots and parties for different babies. 

Before you even step foot in a maternity store, consider checking out the maternity section of your local thrift stores for things like graphic tees and maternity tops. Most maternity clothes are barely worn so they are normally in great condition.

Another place to look is your local consignment shop. These can be a goldmine of cute maternity clothes at affordable prices.

The third place to look before you head to a department store is Facebook marketplace. This is the perfect place to buy barely worn basics at low prices.

Top Stores For Affordable Maternity Clothes

Above I told you the bets picks for different types for maternity clothing on the cheap, let’s look at the best stores to check out when looking for maternity clothes. 

1. Old Navy

Old Navy really needs no introduction as you are likely familiar with their offerings. They do have a great maternity line that I found to be great quality.

Everything I bought from Old Navy Maternity held up for two pregnancies and I was able to sell them to another mom-to-be. 

Tops Picks at Old Navy:

  • Basic tops (long sleeve and tees)
  • Swimwear
  • Jeans 

You will likely find the best selection for Old Navy Maternity online which is perfect because then you can use Rakuten for cash back. 

2. Pink Blush

Pink Blush Maternity is a relatively new player on the block and probably my top choice for stylish baby shower dresses. 

They have so many cute outfits that make buying luxury maternity clothes on a budget possible. 

If you sign up for their newsletter you can get an additional 25% off your first order making it even more affordable. Plus US shipping is free. 

Prices range from $30 for a nice top to $95 for a maternity photoshoot gown. 

3. Amazon

I know Amazon might not be your first choice when it comes to buying budget-friendly maternity clothing but take a look.

You can get maternity gowns for under $50 plus tons of cute dresses and underwear for bargain prices. 

The great thing about Amazon is that you can read verified reviews to check quality and sizing. 

My top Amazon maternity items include:

Off Shoulder Chiffon Gown

Bestselling Over-the-Bump Maternity Leggings

Anything from the Liu and Qu Maternity Line (cute dresses, tops and more for really cheap).


Maternity Photoshoot Gown From Amazon

4. Target

Target maternity is perfect cute, affordable maternity clothes. It’s the place to go for staples like tank tops and lounge wear.

You can also get maternity basics such as nursing bras, belly bands and open front pjs that will be perfect for breastfeeding too. 

The flagship line for maternity clothing at Target is Isabel Maternity by Ingrid and Isabel. They have awesome jeans and trendy dresses and tops that will keep you looking amazing all 9 months. 

Keep an eye out for exclusive designer collabs at Target too. 


ASOS Maternity clothes are perfect when you want to buy a dramatic maternity gown or a dress for a wedding but you are on a budget. 

The maternity line at ASOS is full of amazing finds at great prices. I especially love their comfy maternity joggers and boho dresses. 

Don’t forget to use Swagbucks for cash back at ASOS. 

6. Shein 

Looking for trendy maternity clothes that won’t break the bank? Shein is your go-to for super cheap maternity clothes that you can buy guilt free. 

Shein has tons of cute maternity dresses for less than $20 plus underwear and leggings at rock bottom prices.

Most people give Shein great reviews but you might want to size up if you are unsure. 

7. H & M Maternity

H & M has been known for decades as the place to go for trendy, cute clothes and their maternity line is no exception.

I love their two pack of nursing bras that is  o affordable plus their ever changing line of up-t0-the-minute fashions. 

If you are pregnant over the winter or need to go to the office, the Mama Maternity tights are fantastic for under dresses.

8. Walmart

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the maternity section of Walmart. They have a wide selection of maternity clothes, regardless of your body type. It is a great place to buy basics such as black leggings and workout clothes.

9. Stitch Fix

If you want some help finding top brands and cute clothing for your pregnancy, you can get a subscription to Stitch Fix and have someone help you find trendy clothes that look great. This is best for expectant moms in their first pregnancy who are looking for the best tips for staying stylish throughout their pregnancy.

Maternity Wear Rentals

If you need a special dress or outfit for a wedding or your baby shower, you can consider renting an elegant dress from one of the many clothing rental sites. 

The advantage of renting your maternity clothing is that you can get higher-end items for the same amount as buying from a regular store such as Motherhood or Pea in The Pod. 

Here are some sites that offer maternity clothing rentals:

Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway Maternity has a great range of beautiful maternity clothes you can rent for any occasion. 

How It Works: Memberships start at $69 and the most popular package is $99 a month for 8 outfits. 

You can search by size, occasion and other filters and find designer items that you want to rent. You will pay a rental cost for each item  if you don’t have a membership. 

Mama Bump Rentals

Mama Bump Rentals is perfect for finding a great maternity gown for a photoshoot or special occasion. They even have maternity wedding dresses you can rent for up to 5 days. 

This is a great option if you are not interested in purchasing a membership and just need a cute maternity dress for one occasion.

Finding Inexpensive Maternity Clothes: FAQS

What week should you start buying maternity clothes?

You can start shopping for great deals on maternity clothes in your first trimester even though for the first few weeks of pregnancy, you can get away with tops in stretchy material and a belly band for your pants.

Where can I find inexpensive maternity clothes?

You can find maternity clothes at regular brick and mortar stores such as Target and Old Navy as well as places such as consignment shops. Online retailers such as Pink Blush also offer free shipping and maternity clothing in a variety of sizes.

Do you go up a size when buying maternity clothes?

A lot of pregnant women get confused about what size clothing they need to buy when pregnant. An important thing to remember when shopping for your changing body is that for the most part, you should buy your new clothes in the normal size you wear pre-pregnancy.

Final Thoughts On Buying Super Cheap Maternity Clothes

Keep in mind that you are not buying for life when you get maternity clothes. Look for comfortable, cute clothing that you will enjoy wearing and be happy to see in photos. 

Now is a great time to experiment with styles and fashions that you wouldn’t normally try by buying super cheap maternity clothes in fun styles and trends. 

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