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36 Canadian Baby Freebies {2023 Updated List!)

If you are reading this, congratulations are probably in order! Whether you are already a new mom or are still basking in your pregnancy glow,  it’s never too early to start signing up for your Canadian baby freebies.

If you are the friend of a soon-to-be mom, read on for a great list to share with the new parents or even send off for the free baby stuff yourself and make them up a cool baby shower gift basket.

You might have read some startling statistics about the expense of a new baby, in fact,  a 2010 study showed that costs can run as high as $12,000 in the first year!

I really don’t think it needs to cost you anywhere near to that if you plan stick to your baby budget and, most importantly, take advantage of all the freebies for expecting moms that you can get your hands on!

free baby stuff for Canadians

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Why Do Companies Offer Free Baby Stuff To New Moms?

There are tons of ways to save on baby must-haves and the place to start is with all the new baby freebies Canada has to offer.

You’ll quickly realize that as a new mom, you are in high demand, and I’m not talking about your newborn needing you 24/7.

Companies that sell diapers, formula and other baby items have realized that if they can win you over and earn your loyalty now,  they may have a new potential customer for years to come (especially if you go on to have more than one child). 

To earn this brand loyalty, they offer free baby samples and even goodies like a free diaper bag and free baby bottles to new moms. 

This means there are hundreds of dollars worth of Canadian baby freebies up for grabs for anyone who wants to take advantage.

Make the most of this and take advantage of all the Canadian baby freebies you can. These include registry completion offers and even free online courses – keep reading for all the details! 

The Best Freebies for New Moms in Canada 2022

Free Baby Gear For New Moms

The Mother’s Lounge offers some awesome baby freebies for new moms and babies. Just pay shipping when you use code SEASIDE100 and the items are free!

I have the car seat canopy, the nursing cover,  tons of the baby leggings and they are all awesome!

There are even some awesome pregnancy freebies like belly bands (and $50 off a pregnancy pillow which will be a lifesaver if you are struggling to sleep)

The shipping stings a bit because it is in USD but the quality of these items is great and even with the shipping these are quality products that sell for a lot in boutiques at home. They make great baby shower gifts too.

Use coupon code “SEASIDE100” for these baby freebies:

Free Carseat Cover

You can choose from the type that hangs over the handles or the new style that doubles up as a nursing cover or blanket.

free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for a FREE carseat canopy


Free Baby Sling Carrier

free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for a FREE baby carrier



2 Free Customized Bodysuits

Create your own design or choose from one of the templates from other customers.There are tons of great ideas, this would make a great baby shower gift or even pregnancy announcement!

free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 2 FREE customized bodysuits



A Free Nursing Pillow

free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for a FREE nursing pillow


Free Nursing Cover

free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for a FREE nursing cover from Udder Covers


Free Hooded Towel

Canadian baby freebies- FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for a FREE hooded towel.


5 Free Pairs of Baby Leggings


Canadian baby freebies - FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 5 FREE pairs of baby leg warmers


Free Cute Furry Hat

Canadian baby freebies - FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for a FREE faux fur hat



3 Free Custom Pacifiers

(add baby’s name or a cute slogan)

Canadian baby freebies- FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 3 FREE custom pacifiers



Free NFL, MLB & NBA Baby Gear

Use the coupon code to get $35 to spend at Choose from bottles, bibs, security bears and more.

Canadian baby freebies- FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for $35 off at


3 Free Pairs of Ruffle Buns

free baby stuff for Canadians for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 3 FREE pairs of ruffle bum pants.



2 Free Belly Bands

Canadian baby freebies -free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 2 FREE belly bands



10 Free Pairs of Breast Pads

Canadian baby freebies- free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 10 FREE pairs of breast pads.


$50 off A Pregnancy Pillow


Canadian baby freebies - FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 50% off a Pregnancy pillow


5 Free Board Books

Canadian baby freebies -free baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 5 FREE Baby board books.


2 Free Pairs of Baby Mocs

Canadian baby freebies -FREE baby stuff for 2020- use code SEASIDE100 for 2 FREE pairs of baby shoes


You can use the code “SEASIDE100” on each of these websites – no limit!


Baby Discounts For Expecting Moms – Baby Registries

1. Amazon baby registry

Open an online baby registry for free on Amazon and get a 10% completion discount to anything you add to the registry.

What Is A Completion Discount? 

This is when you can personally purchase anything left on your registry after your showers etc and get 10% off! It’s a complete no-brainer and obviously it makes sense to add absolutely everything to your registry that you may want to buy. 

How the Amazon Registry Discount Works

  • You can items from any website to your Amazon registry and get the discount
  • There is a 90 day free return policy on baby items
  • Plus sign up for a free trial of amazon familyamazon family and get 20% off diapers and other special coupons.

2. BabiesRus Baby Registry

You can either start your registry online or in-store to get the following benefits with BabiesRus (including another completion discount!). Bonus- join their R Club for extra discounts. 

1) Get a $25 coupon* when you add 25 items and sign-up for emails

2) Enjoy 10% off** your remaining registry items. RClub members save 15% off** remaining items.

3) Get a Baby Swag Bag loaded with trial packs, samples and coupons

3. BuyBuyBaby Registry

Buy Buy Baby is now in Canada! Start your baby registry online and get a 20% completion discount.

The US site also mentions a free goody bag but I don’t see it on the Canadian website, worth an ask though when you are in store because likely they are offering it to Canadians too.

Free Baby Stuff By Mail

You can get free baby gear by mail by either emailing companies or filling out forms online. It’s simple and easy. I advise you to join these free programs as soon as possible as they do tailor the freebies to the age of your baby. 

Even if you don’t plan on using formula, you can still benefit from these freebies as they include other baby samples like free diaper bags, free change pads and also coupons for free baby food as your baby grows.

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Free Formula Samples for Canadians

From a purely cost-saving point of view, breastmilk is your best option. It’s free and you don’t need much extra stuff like bottles and sterilizers.

If you want to get a nice nursing cover, you can get a free one at using code SEASIDE100

If you need a breast pump, make sure to check with your insurance before shelling out for one, I got 80% of my wonderful Medela Freestyle Breast Pump covered by providing a doctor’s note. (and yes, you can buy it from Amazon using your 10% baby registry discount.)

If do want to pump or even are considering exclusive pumping, you can get a ton of tips here. I exclusively pumped for 6 months with my second daughter and it saved me a TON in formula costs. 

Here are some breast pumping tips to maximize your milk supply.

If you decide to formula feed, these freebies could save you a ton of money over your baby’s first year.

Below you will find the sign ups for the big 3 formula companies in Canada.

These 3 programs are worth joining for the free samples they send to Canadian moms, two years in and I am still getting coupons in the mail for snack foods and things like Pediasure.

4. Similac Club

Sign up for the Similac Club while you are pregnant and you will get a $10 cheque for Similac Mom drink, a sample pack of formula and coupons and then a $5 cheque every few months for your baby’s first year.

Sign up for the Similac Club here.

5. Enfamil Family Beginnings

You have two options when you sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings – you can either get coupons for free stuff that you redeem in store or they will send you some sample packs.

Bang for your buck and the environment is the coupon option – you will get to redeem them for free full-size products in the store of your choice. 

Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings here.

6. Nestle Baby Program 

Sign up for the Nestle baby program and you will get free formula sample cans, a free diaper bag, diaper pad and other goodies plus more coupons for baby food when your baby turns 5 or 6 months.

Sign up for Nestle Baby

In Store Canadian Baby Freebies

Even if you are planning to use your registry at, it is totally worth creating a second baby registry at another store because you can get discounts and freebies just for signing up! 

23. Thyme Maternity – Bump Benefits

 Sign up for the Bump Benefits plan and you can get discounts and free baby samples. (You can sign up in store or on the Thyme website).

24. Sobeys Baby Be Healthy

Sobeys Pharmacy (within Sobey’s grocery stores) has a great program that will give you a goody bag when you sign up and free prenatal vitamins for up to 2 years. 

Get more details here.

25. London Drugs Baby Welcome Package  

This is one baby freebie that is only available for those of you who live out West. Sign up for the London Drugs Welcome package which includes free baby samples. You can also redeem the coupon online when you make an online order. 

Sign up for the Welcome Baby package here.

Online Canadian Baby Freebies 

For more free stuff for new moms, Canada- specific websites of big brands are worth checking out as well as online only freebies.

26. Baby Prep Bundle (Free Prenatal Class)

If you want more tips for prepping for birth and baby, I highly recommend this free baby prep bundle. It was created by a labour and delivery nurse and is packed with tons of tips. 

free baby prep bundle course

You can download the free baby prep bundle here. 

27. Pampers Rewards 

You can redeem codes on diapers and wipes packs for free gift cards, toys, and Shutterfly photo products.  Make sure to “like” their Facebook page as they sometimes give out free codes.

28. FamilyOne 

Baby Box Canada has rebranded as Family One. The free baby box is gone (they offer something similar for a fee) but it’s worth signing up to take advantage of other freebies and offers from their partners.

29. Moms Meet 

Moms Meet has just been launched in Canada and is a new program that allows you to get baby freebies in a couple of different ways – sign up as a Mom Ambassador and get sent free baby samples to try with your mom friends.

You then submit an online survey and photos with your feedback on the product.

Moms Meet also has a rewards program that runs along side the sampling portion, you can earn rewards for answering questions, going on the website etc and then redeem your points for gifts.

30. MAM Baby Club

Aside from making the best pacifiers money can buy (my daughter wouldn’t take any other ones and I have heard the same from tons of new moms), MAM offers a great club with a free pregnancy calendar and free product testing opportunities.

31. Huggies Rewards

Recently revamped, download the app and upload your grocery store receipts to earn points for gift cards and free baby stuff including coupons for diapers. 

Also make sure to sign up for the No Baby Unhugged program from Huggies. 

They will send you a free pack of newborn diapers by signing up. Valid in the US & Canada.

32. Best Buy Baby Samplers Club

Did you know that Best Buy sells baby items? I actually bought an awesome maternity swimsuit there – worth checking out as an alternative to the usual maternity store. 

Apply online for the Best Buy Baby samplers club and you may get selected to receive free samples. I don’t love this one as it is not guaranteed but it is still worth signing up for. 

Apply online for the Best Buy Club here.

33. Cetaphil Parents Club

Cetaphil is a brand of baby body care items and they have a club that you can sign up for online. You’ll get a $5 coupon for signing up plus other offers and coupons as time goes on. 

Join the Cetaphil Parents Club now

Even More Canadian Baby Freebies

34. Baby Shows

If you live near a large urban centre, make sure you hit up the baby shows! Check Groupon or Wagjag to save on the entrance fees or sign up on the show’s website for early VIP deals.

Bear in mind that many of them might not be in person this year but they will likely be held virtually and you can probably still get a bunch of swag if you sigh up. 

I find I always get enough free samples of baby products to make up for the entrance fee and more! There are also lots of contests to enter at the shows. I even won a $200 car seat at one of the Toronto shows when I was pregnant!

The major baby shows in Canada include:

The Baby Show – Toronto/Mississauga every April & November

Bump, Baby & Toddler Show – Hamilton, ON – Spring & Fall

Baby & Tot Show, Calgary –  Spring and early Fall.

Baby & Family Fair , Vancouver & Victoria, every fall

Mom, Pop & Tots Fair  – Edmonton, Spring

Parent & Kids Fair – Montreal & Quebec City, Spring

This is not an exhaustive list so it’s worth googling to see what baby fairs are in your area. I have also found that the smaller fairs sometimes have the best free stuff and samples on offer!

35. Welcome Wagon Family Events

Register for events in your area and get a free gift bag plus meet vendors, at the one I attended there were games and even shower cake!

Aside from all the great Canadian baby freebies for expecting moms that I’ve mentioned above, Canada also has awesome public health programs that you can join when you are pregnant and once your baby is born.

You can access freebies in person such as prenatal classes, home visits from a nurse and free lactation consultants at the hospital or region.

Free car seat clinics are also help by most local municipalities and also St John’s Ambulance but make sure to sign up asap as they book up fast. 

For more information on these freebies, contact your local health region or family doctor (they should have a website!). 

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baby freebies for Canadians

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I'm pregnant and living with my daughter I need Free stuff for my new coming baby girl


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Thursday 1st of November 2018

Baby box Canada is now FamilyOne and no longer offers the free baby box but does have other freebies, perks and contests


Monday 5th of November 2018

Hi Madeline, thanks for your comment - I've updated the post and also added in The Baby Box Co which does still offer free baby boxes to select areas in Canada. I know some of my friends got a free baby box from them and were really impressed as the box is actually suitable to use as a bassinet for the first few weeks.


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pretty sure the BIG doesn't exist anymore


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