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My Perifit Review {2024 Update}

This Perifit Review is the result of an impulse buy my husband made last summer.

My kids love trampolines. There is one of those big trampoline parks near our house and my husband takes the girls as often as he can. 
Normally this is a daddy daughter date that they enjoy together but last winter, I joined one time. 
I was so excited to get on the trampoline with them and show them all the “tricks” I did as a kid.

Perifit Review

I received a free Perifit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links meaning I make a commission if you buy after clicking a link. 

Well, it didn’t go quite as I expected. Despite never noticing any pelvic floor issues before (I run often),  I had to go to the washroom every 5 minutes during our outing. 

I swore off trampoline parks from then on. 

Fast forward to this past summer and my husband decided to buy a backyard trampoline so the girls could go on whenever they wanted.

They use it at least once a day and it was one of the best “toys” we have ever bought them.

They are always begging me to join them on the trampoline but I’ve been to scared to try again.

As I’m now 3 years postpartum, I thought I had missed out on any chance to rectify the situation short of going to a special physiotherapist which seems extreme. 

Luckily, I heard about the  Perifit Pelvic floor trainer that offers an in-home solution you can do yourself! Read on for my honest Perifit Review after 3 weeks of use. 

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My Perifit Review

Read on for details on what exactly Perifit is, where you can buy it and how I found it worked after 1 month of use. 

If you want more information, Amazon has amazing reviews for the Perifit.

What is Perifit?

Strong pelvic floor muscles are essential to prevent incontinence and prolapses.  Many women experience weakened pelvic muscles after giving birth due to the weight of the baby and stretching during labour and delivery. 

Add in the fact that my second baby was 9lbs 6oz, and you can see why Perifit might be useful. 

Even women who did not experience issues after giving birth can benefit from pelvic muscle exercises as they naturally weaken as you get older. 

my perifit review


Perifit is a small bluetooth enabled device that you insert internally and link to the app on a phone or tablet. It is made of medical grade silicone and comes in a range of colours. 

In the picture below you can see the Perifit next to a teaspoon to give you an idea of the size. 

How big is the perifit pelvic trainer - side by side photo of Perifit and a spoon


It is FDA approved, designed by doctors and recommended by physiotherapists. 

Using the Perifit for pelvic floor exercises is easy and you get real time feedback on your performance. The exercises are all computer games (think old school Super Mario games) so they keep you entertained while you exercise. 

My Experience With Perifit

I was really excited to try the Perifit and hopefully get back to trampolining and other fun activities with the kids.

First head to the app store (Android or IPhone) and download the Perifit app. 


Perifit App

Once you have the app on your phone, just follow the set-up instructions to connect your Perifit with the app via bluetooth. 

You are then ready to get started. The app walks you through the whole process so it is easy. 

I found it relatively easy  to get the Perifit in the correct position and then link it with the app. Set up takes just a few minutes and the device comes with batteries ready to go. 

When you start a session, you do a couple of pelvic squeezes to make sure the device is connected to the app.  It also serves to test your current pelvic floor strength. You then start to play a game.

When you first set up the app you choose the training program you want to complete. 


Perifit Training Programs


There is a questionnaire at the beginning that helps you determine the right program for you.

The exercise patterns will vary depending on the training programme.

The first game  you are a butterfly which you move up and down the screen to catch the lotuses by tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles.
At the end of the game it shows you the percentage of flowers you managed to catch.

As you work through the levels, the games change and it gets more challenging. 

As someone who didn’t do many Kegels even when I was pregnant (I know), I find the exercises hard. You have to really maintain the contraction in order to keep the butterfly in the air and it’s tough.

The more I use Perifit the better I get. I have also noticed that the muscles are working better when I am not consciously controlling them.

I need a few more weeks of regular practice before I would dare getting on a trampoline though.

The one thing I have struggled with  when using Perifit is that you really need some alone time in order to be consistent.  As a stay at home mom, I don’t get much time to myself so I am trying to sneak a Perifit session in early morning or at night.

Insert the device and sit or lie with your legs open. That way the transmitter  (the white cords hanging down) aren’t covered.

Also word of advice to moms of toddlers and preschoolers – Don’t leave your Perifit around. My children are obsessed with the candy coloured device and I have had to hide it from them!

Results with the Perifit

The app records your performance so you can look at how you are improving over time. The feedback includes detailed statistics to show the performance of the last training session and progression mapped on a graph for: force, stamina, precision, release and frequency.

You can also create an account which then shows you your ranking against other users.

I definitely think it has helped improve my pelvic floor muscles and I am excited to try the trampoline again with the girls. I’m especially happy that something so simple that takes just a few minutes a day can give me the chance to do something with my kids that I thought would never happen. 

Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or gave birth years ago, I highly recommend giving the Perifit a try if you want to improve your healthy without remembering to do Kegels all the time. 

The main advantage of the Perifit is that the results are permanent meaning you are actually improving your body for the long term by exercising your Kegels with the machine. 

I also like that it comes so highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. 

September 2021 Update

I’m a year out from writing this Perifit review and it’s time for an update. 

I was kind of on and off with using the Perifit but during the lockdown, I took some time and did about 5 minutes a day, sometimes a bit more. I completed a whole program (Intimate Wellbeing) and noticed a huge difference in my Kegel strength. 

There would have been no way I could have done Level 10 at the beginning. Nowadays it is almost too easy.

I am in maintenance mode so I try and do around 5-7 minutes once a week. 

I wish there were even more levels so I could keep improving. 

The battery of the Perifit is still going strong, one tip I have is to make sure you turn on the notifications on your phone so you get a warning if you accidentally forget to switch it off. 

Where Can You Buy Perifit?

You can get the your Perifit from Amazon or from

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Friday 16th of July 2021

You didn't mention in the update whether you got back on the trampoline or not. That is what I want to know!!! How did it go?


Friday 16th of July 2021

Hahaha, yes I guess that it really important! I can confirm that since I completed the program on Perifit I am able to use the trampoline with my kids with no issues at all - totally life-changing as I can now have fun with the kids whenever they want. I do a maintenance program every now and again but for the most part the results seem permanent. Hope that helps!