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Pregnancy Announcement With Cats (11 Cat Themed Baby Announcements)

Are you looking for a fun way to reveal your pregnancy and include your furry friend? You’ll love these ideas for the perfect pregnancy announcement with cats!

Involve your kitty in your exciting news with a cat-themed pregnancy announcement like the ones below.  You are sure to surprise everyone. 

In this post, we have some really cute cat pregnancy announcements that you can recreate for your own fur baby.

Just pick the one that speaks to you and get ready to share your pregnancy with friends and family. 

cat baby announcement

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The Best Cat Pregnancy Announcements

Below you find some really fun ways to do a pregnancy announcement with cats!

Whether you are looking for a cute photo op for Insta or you want to announce your pregnancy to family in person, there are lots of fun feline-friendly ideas.

After you have made your amazing announcement, make sure to curl up on the couch with your cat to watch one of these 51 amazing movies about getting pregnant.

cat themed pregnancy announcement

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