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25 Original Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

A letter board pregnancy announcement is one of the easiest ways to create a unique pregnancy reveal that is special to you. 

Letter boards are one of the most on trend ways to share your big news with the world. Not only do letter boards make great home decor but they are inexpensive too. 

There are all kinds of letter boards you can use for your pregnancy announcement plus, of course, there are all different things you can actually “write” on your board to announce your pregnancy. 

In this post we will look at some of the cutest ideas plus the best letter boards you can buy. 

pregnancy letter board announcement

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5 Amazing Letter Boards For Your Pregnancy Announcement

Rustic Farmhouse Sign

letter board pregnancy announcement

You can’t go wrong with a classic letter board like this bestseller from Amazon. It comes with a bunch of uppercase letters making it great for your pregnancy announcement. 

Pink Or Blue Letter Board

pink letter board

If you already know what you are having when you make your pregnancy announcement, you can jazz up your letter board by picking a pink or blue color.

The nice thing about a letter board like these ones is that you can use them for your birth announcement and baby milestones.

Rainbow Baby

 rainbow baby pregnancy announcement

This letter board is perfect for a rainbow baby pregnancy announcement! Most letter boards are basic squares but a fun shape can really help make your pregnancy news extra special. 

Skinny Letters

 Rae Dunn style letters for a letter board

If you are a fan of the Rae Dunn style of decor then why not getting some skinny letters for your board? These letters come in a package of 220 different letters and shapes. 

Gray Letter Board With Cursive Letters

letter board pregnancy annoucement

Another fun idea is this gray letterboard that comes with letters in different fonts including cursive and big and small letters. 

Adorable Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Below you will find some really fun ideas for your letter board.

All of the pregnancy announcement ideas below are available on Etsy as digital downloads that you can edit and use yourself on social media.

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Letter Board Pregnancy Announcements – Final Thoughts

A letter board is a really easy way to create your own unique pregnancy announcement no matter what the season. 

You can use props and cute slogans to make an adorable pregnancy reveal that works great for social media and in person pregnancy announcements. 

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Letter board pregnancy announcements

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