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5 Essential Oils For Male Fertility

You probably use essential oils to make your house smell nice or to create a sense of calm in your home but if you are struggling with infertility, you might want to consider adding essential oils for male fertility to your arsenal. 

You might be surprised to know that male infertility is a factor in up to 50% of couples’ infertility.

We often seem to focus on female infertility but it is just as important to improve sperm count and your partner’s health.

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with male factor infertility, the essential oils below are worth trying. 

essential oils for male fertility

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How Can A Male Increase Their Infertility? 

Most male infertility is cause by lower sperm counts than normal and/or sperm issues such as decreased mobility, vitality and sperm morphology (shape). 

Many of the ways that men can boost their sperm count and improve their fertility are similar to those of women – stress less, stop smoking, eat healthily and take up a gentle type of exercise such as  Fertility Yoga.

You can also consider adding some Fertility Supplements For Men to your daily routine. These are vitamins that may help increase sperm count and quality, completely naturally. 

Essential oils for male fertility are another option that you can try and that doesn’t cost too much.

You can even make your own DIY Fertility Essential Oil Blend and add it in a rollerball that you apply during the day. 

Essential Oils For Male Fertility

Many women use essential oils to improve their fertility but did you know that they can help male infertility too?

While women use essential oils for PCOS or other conditions, men can improve their sperm and overall fertility with the oils below. 

The following are some essential oils that may help to boost your sperm count and improve overall reproductive health in men.

You can blend the oils together with a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil) and apply them directly to the skin or you can use them in a diffuser.

I have this one which I love. 

Oregano Oil

You are familiar with oregano in cooking. In fact a 2019 Study  showed that oregano in essential oil form has proved to be pretty potent at improving sperm vitality and mobility. 

Essential Oils For Male Fertility


Eucalyptus Oil 

I love using eucalyptus oil in my diffuser because it makes my house smell like a spa.

It’s also great for warding off mosquitos naturally. 

The same study mentioned above also found that after oregano oil, eucalyptus oil significantly improves the mobility and vitality of the spermatozoa.

For this reason, it should be a mainstay in your blend of essential oils for male fertility. 

Essential Oils For Male Fertility


Sage Oil

The study found that sage oil didn’t do much for the mobility of sperm but it was drastically improved sperm vitality.

You should consider including it in diffuser blends for this reason. 

Essential Oils For Male Fertility


Frankincense Oil 

Frankincense is an all round oil that may help improve sex drive and testosterone levels.

It’s great for adding into DIY fertility blends like the one in this article.

Essential Oils For Male Fertility

Clary Sage 

Don’t confuse clary sage with the regular sage essential oil mentioned above.

Clary sage is one of the most commonly used essential oils for male fertility because it is a good all rounder. 

Clary sage is an anti-depressant. I mention this because we often overlook the toll that infertility can have on a man’s mental health.

Women in general are more vocal about their struggles and look for support in person and online while men tend to keep things to themselves. 

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Essential Oils For Male Fertility

Where To Apply Essential Oils For Fertility

As I mentioned above, you can create your own blend of essential oils and put them in a diffuser.

Alternatively you can add a carrier oil and put your blend into a rollerball (you can buy them on Amazon.). 

If you choose to go the rollerball bottle route, you can dab the essential oils on your wrists or massage a little on your stomach.

Pulse points are normally the best places to apply essential oils so that the warmth of your skin diffuses them during the day.

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