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How To Make A DIY Fertility Essential Oil Blend

For years people have used Essential Oils For Fertility.

By using the right blend of oils for your needs, you can balance your hormones, regulate your cycles and ease the stress that comes with infertility. 

Although you can buy expensive kits, it’s actually really easy to make your own DIY fertility essential oil blend with some simple supplies from Amazon. 

Read on for everything you need to know, including which oils are best for you plus 5 great fertility-boosting blends to get you started. 

DIY Fertility-Boosting Essential Oil Blends

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What are essential oils?

Although they may seem like a new craze, essential oils have been around for years. 

They are the natural aromatic compounds found in nature.

They can come from the flowers, stems, bark, or leaves of plant material.

There are many many different oils to choose from and some can really help to balance hormones and improve fertility.

Creating your own DIY Fertility Essential Oil Blend is easy to do and a natural way to improve your wellbeing. 

If you are interested in other ways to improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally, make sure to download this free ebook on restoring fertility naturally. 


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Fertility Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries as a way to alleviate all kind of ailments, from rashes to depression. 

Although it may seem as though essential oils are a new fad, in truth they are merely experiencing a renaissance in popularity. 

Many essentials oils have been used around the World to boost fertility.

Different oils may help with:

  • Balance Hormoneshormone imbalance is a common cause of infertility. 
  • Regulating menstrual cycles – irregular cycles mean less chance of ovulation and a luteal phase optimal for implantation.
  • Increasing libido – many oils, such as Frankincense oil,  have been used as aphrodisiacs for years. 
  • Easing PMS symptoms – the detoxifying traits of some oils can mean less cramps
  • Boosting sperm count and quality – studies have shown that certain essential oils are great for male fertility.
  • Improving certain fertility-related conditions– for example, there are some essential oils to help PCOS

For a run down of all the essential oils that can help fertility, I’ve created a directory  of How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility

Which Essential Oils Are Best For A Fertility Blend?

The essential oils you choose to add to your rollerball or diffuser really depend on your fertility diagnosis. 

You can choose the best ones to suit you here:

How To Use Essential Oils For Fertility

Essential Oils For PCOS

5 Essential Oils For Male Fertility 

Below you will find 5 recipes to help common fertility problems that use the best oils for each one.

DIY Fertility-Boosting Essential Oil Combinations

Once you have decided which essential oils for fertility you want to put in your blend, you can decide how you wish to use them. 

 Oils can be used in different ways which can affect their strength and usage.

Some may be ingested or made into teas (spearmint oil is an obvious one) while others are better used in aromatherapy. 

How To Mix Essential Oils For Fertility

There are two things you need to create the perfect DIY fertility blend. A carrier oil and the essential oils of your choice. 

Most essential oils that you will use for fertility need to be diluted first using a carrier oil.

Diluting your essential oils makes them easier to absorb and also avoids skin reactions from neat (undiluted oil) on sensitive skin.

Why do you dilute essential oils? 

  • Reduce skin sensitivity
  • Help the oil absorb better

NOT all oils need to be diluted. There are gentle oils like Tea Tree, Lavender or Frankincense that can be used neat.

However, there are some essential oils that are hot, for example: Oregano or Cinnamon, and need to be diluted more heavily than others.

There are other oils that can feel icy hot when applied topically such as peppermint.

Choosing A Carrier Oil For Your Fertility Blend

Good carrier oils come from plants and are cold-pressed. You can buy them at health food stores and even your local grocery store. 

The most popular carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil. This one by Plant Therapy is the bestseller on Amazon.

coconut oil for DIY Fertility boosting Essential Oil Blend

Other options include (click the link to view options at different price points)

You might be wondering if the olive oil in your kitchen would make a good carrier oil? 

Olive oil works well as a carrier oil and is extremely moisturizing. It’s also pretty handy to use as most of us have a bottle at home.

The only downside is that olive oil has a strong smell that can interfere with the essential oils you use in your fertility mix. 

Using Your DIY Fertility Essential Oil Blend

Depending on your needs, you can choose to use your essential oil blend in one of 3 ways:


The most common method for using essential oils is a diffuser.

This not only makes your house smell amazing but it allows you to inhale the essential oils easily. I love to have my diffuser running in my home to freshen the air at all times. 

The best-selling diffuser on Amazon is this gorgeous wood-look one.

2. Internal

You can mix your essential oil blend with water for a refreshing drink or place a drop or two under your tongue. As I mentioned above, you can also make a herbal tea for fertility with some oils. 

3. Topical

Using a rollerball you can apply the blend directly onto your wrists or other pressure points. 

This is the most common method of using essential oils to combat infertility as it allows for a more concentrated oil blend than diffusing.

Supplies To Make Your Own Fertility Rollerball

  • Rollerball starter kit – this one from Amazon is under $10 and comes with labels and real glass amber bottles to protect the oils from the sun. 


5 Fertility Essential Oil Blends To Make At Home

 1. Blend to balance hormones

If you need some help balancing your hormones, try this combination: 

I recommend using fractionated coconut oil as your carrier oil for this blend as it can also help balance hormones. 

2.Essential Oil Recipe For Male Fertility

This blend can help naturally boost male fertility.

To increase sperm motility and testosterone levels, you can  make up a roller ball of the following oils and apply them at night or first thing in the morning to the wrists. 

Check out more essential oils for male fertility here.

3. DIY Essential Oil Blend For Regulating Your Cycle

Lavender is the star of the show when it comes to regulating your menstrual cycle.

As irregular cycles are often related to a hormone imbalance, you can alternate this blend with the hormone balancing recipe.

Lavender essential oil for DIY Fertility Essential Oil Blend

4. Fertility Blend For PCOS

If you are struggling with fertility and have been diagnosed with PCOS, there are quite a lot of things you can do to naturally increase your chances of getting pregnant.

The essential oils below can help regulate your testosterone levels and balance out your hormones to boost your fertility. 

Along with following a PCOS diet plan, you can try this essential oil blend:

READ MORE: Essential Oils For PCOS- The Lowdown

5. Essential Oil Recipe For Low Ovarian Reserve

Although no essential oil can give you more eggs, this blend may help to increase your egg quality and improve your chances of implantation by toning the uterus. 

If improving your egg quality is something you are especially worried about, you can download this free ebook on improving your egg quality naturally. 

Now you can make your own DIY fertility essential oil blend!

You can play around with different combinations of the essential oils for fertility to create your own special blends.
As a general rule, use 6 drops of oil for every 1 TB of carrier oil and you will be set!

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