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16 Best Cute Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

Are you looking for some creative ways to share your big news this holiday season? You will love these Christmas baby announcement poem ideas that are perfect for your holiday card. 

Whether you want to print out a cute poem and put it in a picture frame or write a fun message on a letter board for social media, these adorable Christmas pregnancy announcement poems are perfect. 

We have so many fun ideas for you here whether you are announcing the birth of your little miracle or you are sharing planning a fun pregnancy announcement. 

Read on for all the cute poems and Merry Christmas! 

16 Best Cute Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

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11 Cute Christmas Pregnancy Poem Ideas

Chirstmas Poems for pregnancy announcement

If you are looking for a cute message to put in this year’s Christmas card, you will love these beautiful holiday poems that announce the arrival of the newest member of the family. 

You can use these Christmas pregnancy announcement poem ideas in a simple photo frame or attach it to a pair of baby shoes or your ultrasound picture. 

They go great with our 60 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas. 

This would make a wonderful Christmas gift idea for grandparents or for announcing your pregnancy to family in person. 

Talking of grandparents, make sure to check out our 12 Grandparent Announcement Poem Ideas too! 

Some of these poems are long, some are only a couple of lines so you can fun the one that best suits your big reveal! 

T’was The Night

Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

‘Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the house

not a creature was stirring

not even a mouse,

The stockings were hung

by the chimney with care.

The gifts were placed neatly under the tree

But now there were gifts not for two, but for three. 

​A special gift you see was soon to arrive

A gift that is impossible to buy

This gift is a miracle, 

a new baby on the way, 

and we are so excited for the big day

​so, we share this good news, 

with much excitement and glee

of the newest member of our family! 

The Best Gifts

Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

The best gifts don’t come under the tree, 

This year our gift is baby number 3! 


The best gifts don’t come under the tree, 

This year we are becoming a family of three!

The Littlest Gift

Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

Your gift this year is rather small, 

The littlest gift of them all, 

With little fingers and little toes, 

​with a love that simply grows and grows

And what better time of year to share the news, 

​that our baby girl is almost due! 

Tissue Paper And Bows

Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

Not every gift can be wrapped with tissue paper and bows, 

some have 10 cute little fingers and a sweet little nose! 

Wonderful Family

Christmas Baby Announcement Poem Ideas

With tiny hands, and little feet, 

there is a brand new baby for you to meet.

So let’s all gather under the Christmas tree

and meet the newest member of this wonderful family!

Candy Canes

Christmas pregnancy Announcement Poem Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time, for candy canes and joy

and sharing news of the arrival of our new baby boy!

The Greatest Gift

Christmas pregnancy Announcement Poem Ideas

The greatest gift at Christmas is easy to see, 

it’s not wrapped in ribbons or under the tree,

That’s because the best gift at Christmas is the news we hold so dear

An adorable new baby is coming next year!

A Christmas Miracle

Christmas pregnancy Announcement Poem Ideas

Christmas is the time for miracles and love

That’s why its been so hard to wait

to share the big news with our loved ones like you

that May next year, is our due date! 

The Blessings Of Christmas

Christmas pregnancy Announcement Poem Ideas

Beyond the blessings of Christmas this year, 

We have some great news for the ones we hold dear, 

Next year there will be even more gifts under the tree

as we are excited to share news of our pregnancy! 

A Mother’s Poem

Christmas baby Announcement Poems

C is for those sweet, soft cheeks 

H is for how happy I am 

R is for the relatives you will get to meet

I is for the irresistible-ness of my baby’s feet!

S is for a Santa hat perched on your head

T is for those tiny sweet toes tucked into bed

M is for mummy, yes that’s my new name

A is for amazing, a miracle came!

S is for special, that’s what you are to me. 

Baby Dreams

Christmas baby Announcement Poems

We wanted to write a little note, 

to let you know our exciting news, 

A new addition is coming soon

A cute new baby will be here by June

So while this present isn’t in a gift box, 

or as practical as a pair of socks, 

This is our Christmas gift to you, 

our baby dreams are coming true! 

Santa’s Sleigh

Christmas baby Announcement Poems

A special gift is on its way

Something Santa’s sleigh cannot carry

A gift that’s filled with  so much joy

We know that whether it’s a boy or a girl

This baby will make us all very merry

Hopes and Prayers

Christmas baby Announcement Poems

We hoped

We Prayed

And now we’re excited to say

Our Christmas miracle is on it’s way!

Jingle Bells

fun Christmas baby Announcement Poems

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.

 Oh, what fun it is to say that a new baby is on its way! 

Deck The Halls

Christmas Poem for pregnancy announcement

Deck The Halls, 

Trim the tree, 

Our family of two is about to be three!

Fun Ideas For Your Baby Reveal This Christmas 

Want to combine your Christmas Baby Announcement Poem with a unique pregnancy reveal idea?

Whether you are expecting your first baby or your third, here are some fun ways to make that Christmas pregnancy announcement extra special: 

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You can download my free printable pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt – its a great way to share your big news. 

​Do a Fun DIY Photo Shoot

If your new baby has older siblings, doing some DIY Christmas pictures can be a fun way to make your baby reveal special. 

Check out these 22 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement With Siblings ideas too. 

Get The Family Pets Involved

Did you know that you can get pregnancy announcement t-shirts and bandanas for dogs

Here are some fun ways to share your baby news and include your pet:

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